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Susan Hyatt & Michael Carter: Restoring Sanity, Part 3: Medicating

By Susan Hyatt and Michael Carter, DGR Southwest Coalition This article is the third part of a series on mental health. You can read the first piece here and the second here. What was my drink My delicious addiction That led to my oppression? My drug of choice I held in my hand Was a […]

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Kim Hill: It Is Up to Us to Act

By Kim Hill / Deep Green Resistance Australia Life itself has been stolen from us. Genes, the very basis of life, no longer belong to the living beings who embody them, but to institutions that convert life into profit. Our basic needs, of food and water, no longer come from the land where we live, […]

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Poster - Spring 2014 SNWA Tour

“Sacred Water Tour” Opposes the SNWA Groundwater Project

By Max Wilbert / DGR Great Basin Ely, Nev. – A camping tour of the region that will be affected by the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) groundwater development project is taking place over memorial day weekend – and you’re invited. The trip, which will take place from May 24th to 26th, will begin at […]

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Susan Hyatt & Michael Carter: Restoring Sanity, Part 2: Mental Illness as a Social Construct

By Susan Hyatt and Michael Carter, DGR Southwest Coalition This article is the second part of a series on mental health. You can read the first piece here and the third piece here. In 2004 the World Health Organization ranked Major Depressive Disorder as the leading cause of disability in the US among people aged […]

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Image by Owen Lloyd

Ben Barker: The Gods of a Radical

By Ben Barker / Deep Green Resistance Wisconsin Without gods or masters, how do we live?  Who do we live for? One of my earliest acts of rebellion was leaving behind the religion of my parents. There was no legitimate authority in my eyes; neither natural nor supernatural. Religion seemed an obvious enemy: clearly corrupt, […]

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Susan Hyatt & Michael Carter: Restoring Sanity, Part 1: An Inhuman System

By Susan Hyatt and Michael Carter / DGR Southwest Coalition This article is the first part of a series on mental health. You can read the next piece in this series here. The environmental crisis consists of the deterioration and outright destruction of micro and macro ecosystems worldwide, entailing the elimination of countless numbers of […]

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Image by AP

Norris Thomlinson: A Response to Holmgren’s “Crash on Demand”

By Norris Thomlinson / Deep Green Resistance The situation in many third world countries could actually improve because of the global economic collapse. First world countries would no longer enforce crushing debt repayment and structural adjustment programs, nor would CIA goons be able to prop up “friendly” dictatorships. The decline of export-based economies would have […]

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After four month blockade, Argentine activists win construction stoppage at Monsanto plant

By Inter Press Service Residents of a town in Argentina have won the first victory in their fight against biotech giant Monsanto, but they are still at battle stations, aware that winning the war is still a long way off. For four months, activists in Malvinas Argentinas, a town in the central province of Cordoba, […]

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Rachel Ivey: The Reality of Roe

By Rachel Ivey / Deep Green Resistance Eugene Yesterday was the 41st anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that made it illegal for federal and state governments to make blanket, outright bans on abortion. For those who fight for women’s ability to exercise full autonomy and human rights, January 22nd is treated as a day […]

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Coal-processing chemicals spill into West Virginia river, polluting drinking water for 200,000 people

By Ashley Southall and Timothy Williams / New York Times Nearly 200,000 people in Charleston, W.Va., and nine surrounding counties were without drinking water on Friday after a chemical spill contaminated supplies, the West Virginia governor’s office said. Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin said early Friday in a statement that the federal government had approved a […]

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