From Human Bodies to Digital Identities – Transgenderism, Transhumanism & 4th Industrial Revolution

In this short but very dense talk, Kat Lillian Hellwoman is explaining the connection between transgenderism, transhumanism and the 4th industrial revolution and the scary future vision that lies behind the relentless push of transgenderism by rich technocrats, governments and institutions.

9 thoughts on “From Human Bodies to Digital Identities – Transgenderism, Transhumanism & 4th Industrial Revolution”

  1. They are out to create at least two different humans. Then the vaccinated and unvaccinated will become a “racist” strategy to marginalize the unvaccinated. The vaccinated ones have begged to become guinea pigs as have the pre teens whowant to be oh so trendy and take harmones and get surgeries to change sex. So let them mess themselves up and they will and as they age they will become aware of what they were sold. Too bad. Let them do it.

  2. I managed to watch about 2 minutes before I felt the gag reflex coming on. Why not call “radical feminism” what it really is, which is radical lesbianism? The male hairdos and clothes are really all you need to see. If that isn’t “transgenderism,” what is?

    Just before I tuened it off, I had a flashback to the televized wedding Gavin Newsom performed as mayor of San Francisco: two women — one in a bridal gown, one in a black tux — who walked away calling each other “wife” and “wife.”

    Fifty years of the “gay rights” movement, and it all comes down to gays and lesbians pretending to be straight. Pathetic!

    1. But if you only listened for two minutes, that’s possibly going to lead to an inconclusive and biased conclusion. And it seems very unkind and illogical to judge a person on their choice of hairstyle… I think her hair is nice and I know many women with short hair… Sinead O’Connor, Jamie Lee Curtis etc.

    2. Dear Mark,
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  3. As for vaccines, the leading “inactive ingredient” in both Pfizer and Moderna is polypropylene glycol, which is plastic, and a known carcinogen. (Not a conspiracy theory. Look up vaccine ingredients and side effects. Then look up polypropylene glycol, also known as “PEGs.”)

    1. Wtf … In the biological reality we live in women have vaginas & men have penises … This biological reality of gender in the living world. Emotion does not have anything to do with the gender you have.

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