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Cultures of Resistance

The book Deep Green Resistance studies the American Civil Rights Movement, the British Women’s Social and Political Union, and the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta. All these “cultures of resistance” provide loyal support for their members, so they may do the difficult work of demanding social and political change. I’ve looked into … Continue reading Cultures of Resistance

Unsustainable Sustainability

The following piece was written by DGR Orlando member Chris Byron and appears in the February 2012 issue of  “Sounds of a Democratic Society.” It is the first submission of what will be regular (monthly) submissions to the local zine by DGR Orlando members. The mainstream media has an innate modus operandi of only reporting what … Continue reading Unsustainable Sustainability

No Justice – Or Future – in an Industrial Economy

This essay first appeared on theplanetfeedsus. an open letter to the national Occupy Wall Street movement, from Aidan Ponyboy Kriese, DGR Austin Dearest Occupy :: I write y’all with the greatest admiration, excitement, hope, and humility. I write with the intention to contribute to the conversations that people are having nationally – and internationally – … Continue reading No Justice – Or Future – in an Industrial Economy