To end the year, we would like to share our top ten read articles from 2017.

  1. Consuming Hawaiʻi: Anne Keala Kelly on the Appropriation of Hawaiian Culture
  2. Sustainability is Destroying the Earth: The Green Economy vs. The Planet
  3. Bitcoin = Death Processors
  4. Lierre Keith: The Girls and the Grasses
  5. Chief John Moreno Jailed in Mexico
  6. Study finds climate change denial due to cognitive dissonance rather than scientific illiteracy
  7. Derrick Jensen: The Man Box and the Cult of Masculinity
  8. Kim Hill: What’s Wrong with Renewable Energy?
  9. Derrick Jensen: Forget Shorter Showers
  10. Derrick Jensen: Against Forgetting

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Other topics covered were cultural appropriation, greenwashing, male violence, reproductive freedom, climate change, biodiversity, and habit destruction.

What were your favorites articles? What topics would you like to see us cover in 2018?

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