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The U.S. Has Always Been A Police State

What has changed in the last 400 years? Slavery is no more, segregation is illegal, and the Voting Rights Act is law. And yet poverty is everywhere in the Black community, white supremacy is ascendant, policing is murderous, and yet people call for peace. In this piece, Assata Shakur looks for peace in the status … Continue reading The U.S. Has Always Been A Police State

Review of Assata: An Autobiography

I grew up in the same country as Assata Shakur, but as a poor black woman, her autobiography reveals an experience a world apart from my own middle class, white male upbringing. She ably captures these differences in a series of anecdotes revealing that she did in fact grow up in a different country: "amerika", while I enjoyed the facades of democracy, peace, and justice in America. ... Continue reading →