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To The Grandchildren

by The Invisible Warrior / Illahee Spirit Runners I have been asked to write a letter to someones grandchildren for the solstice. I think this fitting since i have no children. Sometimes i think of the movement as my children and is certainly a consideration when devoting to this path. 7 generations. To all the grandchildren … Continue reading To The Grandchildren

‘Great concern’ as study finds microplastics in human placentas

By Elizabeth Claire Alberts / Mongabay A new study has found microplastics present inside human placentas, which could potentially affect fetal health and development. The microplastics probably entered the women’s bodies through ingestion and inhalation, and then translocated to the placentas, the study suggests. While further research needs to be done on the subject, it … Continue reading ‘Great concern’ as study finds microplastics in human placentas

Green Flame: Poetry Celebration

In this final Green Flame episode of 2020, we listen to a discussion between Jennifer Murnan and Trinity La Fey about the love and support of women, resistance, writing, reminders of beauty, performance and people. We are blessed with Trinity’s performances of poetry. Their discussion is woven into a chorus of other poets. With a … Continue reading Green Flame: Poetry Celebration

Radical Resolutions 2021

This list of radical new years resolutions comes from Deep Green Resistance volunteers and organizers. Learn survival skills. Learn about the edible wild plants in your area. Build your own home. If the past year has demonstrated anything,  it is that the industrial civilization and global supply chain cannot be relied upon. Practice farming. Go … Continue reading Radical Resolutions 2021

The Doomer Mentality Dooms Us to Failure

Max Wilbert responds to the statement “we are all doomed.” by Max Wilbert Anyone who is honest about the present state of affairs on this planet knows that things are very bad. The oceans are dying. Coral reefs are collapsing. We’re living through a 6th mass extinction event; around 200 species are driven extinct every … Continue reading The Doomer Mentality Dooms Us to Failure

From Reform to Devolution: Jem Bendell’s Deep Adaptation

In this article published originally on Stop Fossil Fuels you are offered an overview of Jem bendell’s work and suggestions of how you can contribute to resilience.  Environmentalists advocate reduce, reuse, and recycle as the 3 R’s of sustainability—good practices, but incommensurate with the scope of our emergency. To better mitigate the looming ecological and social crises, we … Continue reading From Reform to Devolution: Jem Bendell’s Deep Adaptation

The Rules: Animal Testing and the SHAC 7

Trinity writes about The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the seven ‘Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty’ (SHAC 7) members who were originally charged with violating the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. Trinity La Fey is clear in her writing: we all need to act as one to stop the destruction. The Rules by Trinity La Fey Josh … Continue reading The Rules: Animal Testing and the SHAC 7

Reconnecting With The Land 101

In this piece, the author describes how to build relationship with a local species of plant to reconnect with ancient traditions and rejuvenate yourself in these challenging times. All of the images in this post were taken by the author. by a resident of the Willamette Valley I live in the Willamette Valley, Oregon, my … Continue reading Reconnecting With The Land 101

Why A “Re-Indigenization” Of Society Makes Sense

This article by J.P. Linstroth contains some helpful wisdom regarding respectful ways of relating to each other and Earth. We do not agree with the author that so-called ‘green’ energy technologies are solutions to the climate crisis. However, the article raises important points regarding human separation from the natural world, soil degradation, indigenous rights, continued … Continue reading Why A “Re-Indigenization” Of Society Makes Sense

Leadership and Listening for Liberation

by Kara Huntermoon Liberation Listening is a radical community healing method designed to increase the effectiveness of change-making organizations in the face of systems of oppression and a collapsing society.  A major focus of our work is in developing and supporting leadership.  Although readers of this article may be unfamiliar with the practices of Liberation … Continue reading Leadership and Listening for Liberation