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Speaking out for Tenants’ Rights in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is in a housing crisis, like many other cities in the United States. However, conditions are unique here because Santa Barbara is a popular vacation destination for people from all over the world, and it operates under a controlled growth scheme that puts a strain on the housing market, particularly on renters, who make up 60.2% of the residential population. Furthermore, the gross lack of regulation and accountability of rental property owners and minimal protections for tenants allows for the exploitation and manipulation of renters, particularly non-white families with children ... Continue reading →

Trump’s Populist Deceit

     by Alex Jensen / Local Futures While misogyny, racism, and ethnic taunts were conspicuous signposts on Donald Trump’s path to the White House, much of that road was paved with “populist”, “anti-establishment” and “anti-globalization” rhetoric. Trump’s inaugural address featured numerous populist lines (e.g. “What truly matters is not which party controls our government, but … Continue reading Trump’s Populist Deceit

Racism in the UK

The UK has never stopped being a racist country, but the vote to leave the EU has given more confidence to many racists. Racist attacks are on the rise. Now more than ever, “white people” like me need to use our privileges to support groups like Black Lives Matter. ... Continue reading →

PIELC 2016: This War Has Two Sides

Deep Green Resistance members Jonah Mix and Dillon Thomson speak on the failure of the contemporary environmental movement to meaningfully stop the destruction of the planet. Using examples from past and current resistance movements, Mix and Thomson chart a more serious, strategic path forward that takes into account the urgency and direness of the ecological … Continue reading PIELC 2016: This War Has Two Sides

Is the Left Prepared for the Right’s Terrorism?

Editors Note: this article is written by our good friend Vincent Emanuele, an Iraq-war veteran who testified during the Winter Soldier hearings and has been at the forefront of radical resistance to U.S. imperialism. He brings a powerful, unique perspective on the violence of this culture. We invite you to consider his words.   By … Continue reading Is the Left Prepared for the Right’s Terrorism?

Gentrification in Seattle

Over the past 10 years, development and increased population in Seattle has been sparked by a huge influx of high-paid, mostly white, mostly tech-sector employees into the city. is a large driver of this change. Because of this influx (about 14,000 new residents per year), rent has skyrocketed, house availability has declined greatly, and … Continue reading Gentrification in Seattle

Dominique Christina: Culturalized Brutality In Four Part (Dis)Harmony

Thoughts on Dylan Roof, The Charleston Shooting, The Spectacle of Death, & The Roanoke Killings by Dominique Christina / Deep Green Resistance I hate writing about this stuff… But today in Roanoke Virginia, a black man gunned down three people on live television, killing two of them. He even held a camera phone up to … Continue reading Dominique Christina: Culturalized Brutality In Four Part (Dis)Harmony

Liberalism’s Game: the Failure of Settler Solidarity in Hawai’i

Editor’s Note: For further analysis of effective resistance movements, please visit the Deep Green Resistance Book, and read about our strategy: Decisive Ecological Warfare. By Will Falk / Deep Green Resistance When I am in Hawai’i, I ask everyone I meet if the United States will ever voluntarily de-occupy the Islands. No one ever says yes. … Continue reading Liberalism’s Game: the Failure of Settler Solidarity in Hawai’i