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Fighting Pipelines Is Now Dangerous

Pipeline Resistance Dangers and Quashing Dissent in Florida–Why We Must Stop Sabal Trail Anita Stewart / Deep Green Resistance Florida The pipeline broke ground the first week of September 2016. Despite recent articles making it sound like they just began construction, according to some accounts the pipeline is 90-95% complete. The plans for this pipeline … Continue reading Fighting Pipelines Is Now Dangerous

Yellowstone Buffaloes’ Last Stand

Featured image by David Mattson       by Louisa Willcox / Grizzly Times Last Tuesday, in the shadow of Yellowstone’s Electric Peak, I watched National Park Service employees herd, prod, shock, immobilize, poke, and corral bison that had only shortly before spent their lives roaming wild. That day, 45 animals were shipped for slaughter and 62 … Continue reading Yellowstone Buffaloes’ Last Stand

Fighting Environmental Destruction

     by Charlie Mountain / Deep Green Resistance Santa Barbara The Environmental Status Quo Mainstream environmental organizations have largely praised the Obama administration as environmentally friendly.  Ed Chen, the national communications director for the National Resources Defense Council, described Obama as “the greatest climate change-fighting president in history.”  The Environmental Defense Fund hailed Obama … Continue reading Fighting Environmental Destruction

2.7 Million Animals Killed by Federal Wildlife-destruction Program in 2016

     by Center for Biological Diversity WASHINGTON— The highly secretive arm of the U.S. Department of Agriculture known as Wildlife Services killed more than 2.7 million animals during 2016, according to new data from the agency. The multimillion-dollar federal program targets wolves, cougars, birds and other wild animals for destruction — primarily to benefit … Continue reading 2.7 Million Animals Killed by Federal Wildlife-destruction Program in 2016

What If This Is a War? | Pray for Calamity

     by Pray for Calamity The road to my land is one lane. It is gravel coated and there are no street lights, so in the late evening when I am driving home from a day in town, I cruise slowly, casually avoiding the potholes that have opened up with this winter’s heavy rains. In the … Continue reading What If This Is a War? | Pray for Calamity

Waiting For Death: Ecopsychology as Human Supremacism

So many indigenous people have told me that the levels of sustainability their traditional cultures achieved prior to the arrival of colonizers were based on lessons learned from non-humans. Implicit in these lessons is the truth that humans depend on non-humans. This dependence is not limited to the air we breathe, the water we drink, or the food we eat. This dependence sinks into our very souls. ... Continue reading →

Soy Invasion Poses Imminent Threat to Amazon

Featured image: Archer Daniels Midland soy silos in Mato Grosso. On the side of the BR-163 highway, where Amazon rainforest once dominated, one sees little except soybeans and the large silos owned by transnational commodities companies. Photo by Thaís Borges      by Sue Branford and Maurício Torres / Mongabay Over the last 40 years the north of the … Continue reading Soy Invasion Poses Imminent Threat to Amazon

Letter From the Shuar Arutam People to the Country and The World

To my Shuar brothers and sisters, to the indigenous peoples of the Amazon and Andes, to the men and women of Ecuador and the World.

As many of you know,recent days have been very dangerous for our people. These days have not yet ended and are, indeed, probably only the beginning of a great territorial dispute initiated by the National Government against the Shuar Arutam People. ... Continue reading →

By Blood and Fire: Mining and Militarization in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Before dawn on Dec. 21, 2016, dozens of police raided the headquarters of the Shuar Federation (FISCH) in the Ecuadorian Amazon and arbitrarily detained its president, Agustin Wachapá. The indigenous leader was thrown to the ground and repeatedly stamped on and ridiculed beneath the boots of police in front of his wife. The police then razed the Shuar Federation’s office—turning over furniture and carrying away computers. According to the indigenous leader's wife, her husband was taken away without any kind of explanation. An arrest warrant for Wachapá was never presented. ... Continue reading →