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Prostitution Legislation Must Include Women in the Porn Industry

Featured image: From left to right: Cherie Jiminez, Per-Anders Sunesson, Gail Dines, Julie Bindel, Clara Berglund. By Gail Dines/Facebook)      by Susan Cox / Feminist Current I remember when I was first struck by the question: If prostitution is against the law in the US, why isn’t porn? A friend of mine was telling me … Continue reading Prostitution Legislation Must Include Women in the Porn Industry

Counting Dead Women 2016

by Karen Ingala Smith In 2016, at least 117 UK women killed by men, or where a man is the principal suspect. 117 women in 365 days is one woman dead every 3.1 days. 7 January 2016: Katrina O’Hara, 44, was stabbed to death by her ex-partner, Stuart Thomas, 49. 13 January 2016: Georgina Symonds, … Continue reading Counting Dead Women 2016

Can we please stop talking about rape like it’s an accident?

by Alicen Grey / The Fifth Column Washington, DC (TFC) – A topless female at a Slutwalk with Still not asking for it scrawled on her skin. Facebook-ready memes that declare, My little black dress does not mean yes! A never-ending array of fun slogans like, “Consent is sexy!” “Ask first!” and “Fuck rape!” Ladies and gentlemen, … Continue reading Can we please stop talking about rape like it’s an accident?

What is the Nordic Model?

by Nordic Model Now! What is the Nordic Model? The Nordic Model approach to prostitution (also known as the Sex Buyer Law) decriminalises all those who are prostituted, provides support services to help them exit, and makes buying people for sex a criminal offence, in order to reduce the demand that drives sex trafficking. How did this approach … Continue reading What is the Nordic Model?

Deconstructing The Patrix

by Madam Nomad This post is made up of a few relevant entries from Madam Nomad’s personal journal. OCTOBER 17TH, 2016 Feeling comfortably detached as I wait here for the end of the world. I’m in an odd place because I left behind all the guideposts I used to rely on the explain the world and shape … Continue reading Deconstructing The Patrix

But What About Feminist Porn?

Rebecca Whisnant / Sexualization, Media, & Society For over two decades now, I have taught, written, and spoken publicly about pornography from a feminist perspective. In the 1990s, the most common critical questions I received involved censorship and the law. In recent years, the focus has changed: when there are critical questions, they most often concern … Continue reading But What About Feminist Porn?

No space for women

by Purple Sage A friend of mine went to an event recently and found the washrooms like this: The women’s washroom has been turned into a gender neutral washroom, and a sign on the door indicates women, men and in-between. The men’s washroom remains unchanged. Note: these are not single stall washrooms, they are group … Continue reading No space for women

When a Man Kills a Woman

Across everything that divides societies, we share in common that men’s violence against women is normalised, tolerated, justified - and hidden in plain sight. Since 25 November last year, at least 118 women and girls in the UK aged over 13 have been killed by men, or a man has been the primary suspect. An average of one woman dead at the hands of a man every 3 days. ... Continue reading →

Professor Watchlist fails in reasoned argument

     by Robert Jensen From a “critique” of my work on the latest Professor Watchlist, I learned that I’m a threat to my students for contending that we won’t end men’s violence against women “if we do not address the toxic notions about masculinity in patriarchy … rooted in control, conquest, aggression.” That quote … Continue reading Professor Watchlist fails in reasoned argument