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Racism and Feminism: The Issue Of Accountability by bell hooks

In this excerpt from Ain’t I Woman: Black Women and Feminism, author bell hooks describes the insidious nature of racism and sexism and the links between patriarchy and white supremacy. Understanding this type of analysis is critical to understanding how oppression functions within civilization as a tool of social control. While hooks uses the term … Continue reading Racism and Feminism: The Issue Of Accountability by bell hooks

The Urge to Master Death

Fear of death is a motivation that has driven man to attempt to control death by controlling the world. In this piece, Aurora Linnea explores the patriarchal root behind the unending drive to control and ward off death. Patriarchal Terror in the Era of Covid-19 By Aurora Linnea Man is afraid to die. In his … Continue reading The Urge to Master Death

Silencing Women and Girls

Under patriarchy, females are expected to be silent and to serve male interests, desires, and expectations. In this piece, Aimee Wild describes how women are socialised into silence, and how systematic subjugation of women and girls deepens and maintains the harm this causes.  Silencing Women and Girls By Aimee Wild Humans are deeply influenced by … Continue reading Silencing Women and Girls

How Patriarchy Works: The Power of Naming

Andrea Dworkin (1946-2005) was a radical feminist theorist, writer, and campaigner. In this excerpt from her book Pornography: Men Possessing Women, Dworkin discusses the power of naming. In her analysis, the development of the culture of patriarchy has empowered men with almost sole access to the power to define language. This control over language allows … Continue reading How Patriarchy Works: The Power of Naming

Shahidah Janjua: The Green Flame Podcast

On this episode of the Green Flame, we interviewed Shahidah Janjua about women, writing, activism and the creation of a Women’s Centre in Kerry. Shahidah read one of her soon-to-be-published poems. This episode is also dedicated to the memory of our beloved sister. We share this memorial she wrote on the passing of Andrea Dworkin, whom … Continue reading Shahidah Janjua: The Green Flame Podcast

Culture of Resistance: A Pornographic Culture

This excerpt from Chapter 4 of the book Deep Green Resistance: Strategy to Save the Planet was written by Lierre Keith. Click the link above to purchase the book or read online for free. This is part 4 of this chapter. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 While the alternative culture “celebrates political disengagement,” what … Continue reading Culture of Resistance: A Pornographic Culture

Radical Dreamwork

By Rebecca Wildbear Cottonwood trees shaded the little river, while the rising sun brightened the blue sky and lit up the expansive slopes of the Sonoran Desert, dotted with prickly pear, saguaro, and cholla cactuses. I was in Aravaipa Canyon, a gorge in the Pinal Mountains of Southern Arizona, where I would prepare thirteen people … Continue reading Radical Dreamwork

The Creation of Patriarchy

Editors note: Gerda Lerner (1920-2013) was a historian, author and teacher. She was a professor emeritus of history at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and a visiting scholar at Duke University. Lerner was one of the founders of the field of women’s history, and was a former president of the Organization of American Historians. She taught … Continue reading The Creation of Patriarchy

Pornography and Patriarchy: An Interview with Gail Dines

Dr. Gail Dines is Professor Emerita of Sociology at Wheelock College in Boston. She’s the author of multiple books and articles, and has been described as the world’s leading expert on the effects of pornography. She’s the author of the highly acclaimed Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality (Beacon Press); and co-editor of Gender, … Continue reading Pornography and Patriarchy: An Interview with Gail Dines

Patriarchy is an Environmental Issue

Editors Note: This essay by Deep Green Resistance co-founder Lierre Keith was originally published on the DGR News Service in August 2015 under the title, “The Girls and the Grasses.” We think it an exceptional piece, and would like to share it again. [Photo by Max Wilbert, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.] by Lierre  Keith Captured in … Continue reading Patriarchy is an Environmental Issue