The Woman Who Hunts Poachers

Photo credit: Kinessa Johnson and True Activist Editor’s Note: DGR does not endorse Kinessa Johnson or VETPAW, and views significant parts of their work as problematic (e.g. pervasive use of nationalistic propaganda, an implicit white saviour narrative, and echoes of imperialism). However, this phenomenon is interesting and worth discussing. by Liam Campbell Kinessa Johnson is … Continue reading The Woman Who Hunts Poachers

Resistance Profile: Earth Liberation Front

Editors note: this material is excerpted from a Deep Green Resistance  database called “Resistance Profiles,” which explores various movements, their strategies and tactics, and their effectiveness. We encourage you to study all social movements to learn from their successes and failures. Goal Stop the exploitation and destruction of the environment. Strategy Stop environmentally destructive businesses … Continue reading Resistance Profile: Earth Liberation Front

The Ecosabotage We DON’T Hear About

by Deep Green Resistance UK We’ve listed the underground actions in the UK that are in the public domain, but what about those we don’t hear about? There’s a rich and continuous stream of resistance that never sees the light of day, never seeks the media feeds or the spotlight. A conversation with a friend … Continue reading The Ecosabotage We DON’T Hear About

Industrialism: Addressing Humanity’s Addiction

by Liam Campbell How bad is our current trajectory? Looking back through geologic history, there are a handful of examples of abrupt climate change and ecosystem collapse, periods when runaway feedback systems changed the planet so suddenly that biomes didn’t have time to adapt. These events were always accompanied by mass death. About 55 million … Continue reading Industrialism: Addressing Humanity’s Addiction

The Plastic Bag Distraction

By Joey Moncarz / Deep Green  Bush-School The banning of single-use plastic bags is the latest in a never-ending parade of distractions meant tolull us into thinking that modern civilisation is becoming more “environmentally friendly” and that the elite, corporations and their bureaucrat servants are capable of doing the right thing. It’s also meant to … Continue reading The Plastic Bag Distraction

Activists fighting for their lands swept up in Philippines crackdown

by A security crackdown in the Philippines targeting an armed communist insurgency has swept up environmental and land defenders in a raid on Oct. 31. International humanitarian and church groups have also been included in the military’s list of “legal front groups” of the outlawed New People’s Army and tied to terror financing. Security … Continue reading Activists fighting for their lands swept up in Philippines crackdown

The Wisdom of the Toads

By Boris Forkel / Deep Green Resistance Germany I want to tell you a story. A story about permaculture, food chains, friendship, love and death. People are storytellers. We transport information through stories, or narratives, to use the more sophisticated term. Actually I wanted to go with my good friend Cengiz to a political event, … Continue reading The Wisdom of the Toads

The Moral Argument for Ecological Revolution

Written and photographed by Max Wilbert In 1941, as World War II thundered across half the planet, my grandfather was drafted into the United States military. Faced with the prospect of being sent overseas to kill other young men in World War II, his morality rebelled. He refused to join the military and applied for … Continue reading The Moral Argument for Ecological Revolution

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