Culture of Resistance: A Pornographic Culture

This excerpt from Chapter 4 of the book Deep Green Resistance: Strategy to Save the Planet was written by Lierre Keith. Click the link above to purchase the book or read online for free. This is part 4 of this chapter. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 While the alternative culture “celebrates political disengagement,” what … Continue reading Culture of Resistance: A Pornographic Culture

Signal For Beginners

Editor’s note: Signal provides good protection against dragnet surveillance, but the capabilities of state agencies and large corporations probably allow them to bypass the security provided by apps like this in targeted cases. In other words, Signal is not bulletproof. If your device is compromised, your message are compromised. We recommend Signal and other end-to-end … Continue reading Signal For Beginners

Radical Dreamwork

By Rebecca Wildbear Cottonwood trees shaded the little river, while the rising sun brightened the blue sky and lit up the expansive slopes of the Sonoran Desert, dotted with prickly pear, saguaro, and cholla cactuses. I was in Aravaipa Canyon, a gorge in the Pinal Mountains of Southern Arizona, where I would prepare thirteen people … Continue reading Radical Dreamwork

The “Just World” Hypothesis

Belief in a Just World – And What it Means for Resistance By Salonika Many people hold a strong belief that justice is an inalienable right of every individual, and that the current social, economic and political systems ensure that justice is delivered. The belief that actions and conditions have predictable and just consequences is … Continue reading The “Just World” Hypothesis

Keepers Of The Flame

Featured image: Resistance. Acrylic on canvas. 2008. By Travis London. “With the successful devastation of the Washougal River watershed through intense logging and mineral extraction, there was only one thing left to do: install hydroelectric dams. In the early 1920s, construction of a third dam began down river from the outlet of Cougar Creek. The … Continue reading Keepers Of The Flame

Recruit Training and Enculturation

From the book Deep Green Resistance, p. 325, “Recruit Training and Enculturation.” New recruits need two kinds of training. On one hand, they need cultural training, that is, they need to develop a shared culture with the other members of their group so that everyone can work together smoothly. On the other hand, they need … Continue reading Recruit Training and Enculturation

Bushfires and Disaster Capitalism in Australia — The Green Flame Podcast

This episode of the Green Flame is an interview with Kim Hill, a permaculture design teacher based on the South East coast of New South Wales, and Joanna Pinkiewicz, a women’s rights activist and environmental activist, based in Tasmania. We discuss the Australian bush fires, the role of fire in the landscape, indigenous land management … Continue reading Bushfires and Disaster Capitalism in Australia — The Green Flame Podcast

Lake Erie Bill of Rights: Time for Direct Action

By Will Falk Featured image: Harmful algae blooms in Lake Erie in 2017. Public domain photo via NASA. On Tuesday, January 28, at 10 AM, a hearing will be held in the United States District Courthouse in Toledo, OH in the case Drewes Farms Partnership v. City of Toledo. At stake in this case is … Continue reading Lake Erie Bill of Rights: Time for Direct Action

U.S. Court Rejects “Our Children’s Trust” Youth Climate Lawsuit

🌏🔥 I'm glad anytime youth speak out and organize, but the U.S. Court rejection of the #YouthvGov #JulianavUS climate lawsuit is predictable. Courts can be an important defensive battleground, but are fundamentally colonial + corporate institutions. — Max Wilbert (@MaxWilbert) January 19, 2020 via Common Dreams: “In a ruling taken as a devastating blow for … Continue reading U.S. Court Rejects “Our Children’s Trust” Youth Climate Lawsuit

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