In order to reach understanding one must feel understood

by Aimee Georgeson Our beliefs and assumptions about how the world is made up and the nature of things have a complex history; hundreds, thousands of years of history on each continent, in every country, town and village. Personal, social, cultural history. Our family history is not created separately from this, however special or unpleasant … Continue reading In order to reach understanding one must feel understood

Patriarchy is an Environmental Issue

Editors Note: This essay by Deep Green Resistance co-founder Lierre Keith was originally published on the DGR News Service in August 2015 under the title, “The Girls and the Grasses.” We think it an exceptional piece, and would like to share it again. [Photo by Max Wilbert, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.] by Lierre  Keith Captured in … Continue reading Patriarchy is an Environmental Issue

Morality, Collapse, and Revolution

In this series of videos, DGR cadre Will Falk and Max Wilbert discuss the moral issues surrounding the Deep Green Resistance strategy, which calls for dismantling the global industrial economy by any means necessary, as rapidly as possible. This strategy is known as Decisive Ecological Warfare, or DEW. You can learn more about DEW here: … Continue reading Morality, Collapse, and Revolution

Strategic Analysis: “Spiral Theory”

Editor’s note: this article is republished from an internal DGR community discussion.  by a DGR member Definition: “Spiral theory” is a strategic approach adopted by some revolutionary movements in which violent acts are undertaken against state targets with the intention of provoking an indiscriminate repressive response against an associated social group that is relatively uninvolved with … Continue reading Strategic Analysis: “Spiral Theory”

Response to Armed Attack on ICE Facility

In mid-July, an armed attack on ICE facilities in Tacoma, Washington took place. Here’s a  brief summary of what happened: Will Van Spronsen… was killed [on July 13th] while carrying out a raid against a migrant concentration camp in Tacoma, Washington State. Van Spronsen is thought to be the first person killed attempting to take … Continue reading Response to Armed Attack on ICE Facility

Secret Forest Society Plans to Kill Bolsonaro

Editor’s note: DGR is not affiliated with the Secret Forest Society (Sociedade Secreta Silvestre) and does not endorse their statements or actions. This article is only for informational purposes. Some content in this article was sourced from the Rio Times Online. by Liam Campbell Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s openly fascist President, is loathed by groups who … Continue reading Secret Forest Society Plans to Kill Bolsonaro

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