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U.S. Court Rejects “Our Children’s Trust” Youth Climate Lawsuit

🌏🔥 I'm glad anytime youth speak out and organize, but the U.S. Court rejection of the #YouthvGov #JulianavUS climate lawsuit is predictable. Courts can be an important defensive battleground, but are fundamentally colonial + corporate institutions. — Max Wilbert (@MaxWilbert) January 19, 2020 via Common Dreams: “In a ruling taken as a devastating blow for … Continue reading U.S. Court Rejects “Our Children’s Trust” Youth Climate Lawsuit

Against Imperialist War

Following the U.S. assassination of prominent Iranian General Qassem Soleimani last Friday, Iran has launched a missile strike against U.S. military bases in Iraq. It is unclear what will happen from here, but there is a possibility of escalation and the potential of a major war. This would be a disaster for the people of … Continue reading Against Imperialist War

Colonialism — The Green Flame Podcast

This episode of The Green Flame focuses on colonization and has three interviews: the first with Anne Keala Kelly, a native Hawaiian organizer, journalist, and award-winning filmmaker; the second with Mari Boine, a world-reknowned Sami indigenous musician; and the third with a river. We discuss colonization, history, tourism, the TMT telescope project on Mauna Kea, … Continue reading Colonialism — The Green Flame Podcast

What Does The UK Election Mean?

by Ben Warner The result of last week’s election was both unsurprising and, oddly helpful. It demonstrated what many of us already know; that most of the electorate are ill-informed, and incapable of making even a basic, reasonable decision. We know that the media is corporately controlled and designed to protect corporate interests. We know … Continue reading What Does The UK Election Mean?

Rights for Lake Erie? Why Corporate Rights and Preemption Must Go

by Sean Butler and Will Falk / Featured image: an aerial photograph showing harmful algae blooms in Lake Erie in August of 2017. These are believed to be caused by the effluent runoff from factory farms in the watershed. Public domain photo by NOAA. Rights of nature advocates often repeat the words, “The structure of … Continue reading Rights for Lake Erie? Why Corporate Rights and Preemption Must Go

Civilization on the March

A series of headlines from around the world, compiled by Max Wilbert and Mark Behrend. Featured image by Max Wilbert. 2019 Was the 2nd Hottest Year on Record Global average temperature reached the 2nd highest annual level ever recorded, according to preliminary data for 2019. While the data is not yet finalized, it’s almost certain … Continue reading Civilization on the March

Thinking Outside the Grid

Editor’s note: we do not agree with every point in this essay, but it’s a worthwhile read and basic introduction to degrowth. For more on this topic, we recommend Derrick Jensen’s essay,  Forget Shorter Showers. by Steven Gorelick Originally published on Local Futures’ Economics of Happiness Blog. Thirty years ago, a friend of mine published a … Continue reading Thinking Outside the Grid

An Open Letter to Climate Activists in the Northwoods…and Beyond

Aimee Cree Dunn / Counterpunch From a talk delivered November 1, 2019.  Northern Michigan University Sonderegger Symposium:  Anishinaabek: East, South, West, North.  Marquette, MI.  Featured image: American Progress by John Gast, ca. 1872. Overview I’m going to cut straight to the point:  averting climate change is not going stop the global collapse of the planet … Continue reading An Open Letter to Climate Activists in the Northwoods…and Beyond

The Plastic Bag Distraction

By Joey Moncarz / Deep Green  Bush-School The banning of single-use plastic bags is the latest in a never-ending parade of distractions meant tolull us into thinking that modern civilisation is becoming more “environmentally friendly” and that the elite, corporations and their bureaucrat servants are capable of doing the right thing. It’s also meant to … Continue reading The Plastic Bag Distraction