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Vishakhapatnam Gas Leak: Who Do We Hold Accountable?

In this piece, Salonika explains how this culture prioritizes economic gains over human and natural welfare. She describes how series of toxic accidents in India (of which the Vishakhapatnam gas leak is one example) lays testimony to this fact. In such a culture, is it possible to hold the responsible actors accountable for their actions? … Continue reading Vishakhapatnam Gas Leak: Who Do We Hold Accountable?

Green Technology Is Not Good For the Earth

Grassroots activist Suzanna Jones challenges the idea that green energy is good and rebukes the corporations and ideologically-captured organizations who promote it. By Suzanna Jones The recently released documentary Planet of the Humans takes direct aim at the major threat to the Earth. It does this by asking fundamental questions: can Nature withstand continued industrial extraction; can … Continue reading Green Technology Is Not Good For the Earth

Racism and Feminism: The Issue Of Accountability by bell hooks

In this excerpt from Ain’t I Woman: Black Women and Feminism, author bell hooks describes the insidious nature of racism and sexism and the links between patriarchy and white supremacy. Understanding this type of analysis is critical to understanding how oppression functions within civilization as a tool of social control. While hooks uses the term … Continue reading Racism and Feminism: The Issue Of Accountability by bell hooks

Authoritarian vs. Democratic Technology

In this 1965 thesis, Lewis Mumford describes the organizational structure and functioning of industrial civilization. Mumford warns that the modern systems of technology (technics) ultimately undermine human freedom and the biological integrity of life on Earth. Authoritarian and Democratic Technics. by  Lewis Mumford “DEMOCRACY” is a term now confused and sophisticated by indiscriminate use, and … Continue reading Authoritarian vs. Democratic Technology

Esther Figueroa, Jamaican Ecofeminist, on Aluminum Mining in Cockpit Country

Our guest for this show is Esther Figueroa. Esther is a Jamaican filmmaker, writer and advocate who in 2006 returned home to live in Jamaica after being based in Hawa’ii for 25 years. She has a long history of filmmaking, art, and community engagement to protect traditional cultures and the land. Dr. Figueroa has a … Continue reading Esther Figueroa, Jamaican Ecofeminist, on Aluminum Mining in Cockpit Country

The Urge to Master Death

Fear of death is a motivation that has driven man to attempt to control death by controlling the world. In this piece, Aurora Linnea explores the patriarchal root behind the unending drive to control and ward off death. Patriarchal Terror in the Era of Covid-19 By Aurora Linnea Man is afraid to die. In his … Continue reading The Urge to Master Death

Are Indigenous People Backwards?

Are indigenous people backwards? Do they really need to be ‘rescued’ from their primitive way of life and introduced to this wonder of human civilization? Or is this a racist simplification? In this piece Chris challenges the notion that civilization is the ultimate way of life — a notion that has been used to justify … Continue reading Are Indigenous People Backwards?

Silencing Women and Girls

Under patriarchy, females are expected to be silent and to serve male interests, desires, and expectations. In this piece, Aimee Wild describes how women are socialised into silence, and how systematic subjugation of women and girls deepens and maintains the harm this causes.  Silencing Women and Girls By Aimee Wild Humans are deeply influenced by … Continue reading Silencing Women and Girls

The Impact of ‘Civilization’ on Endemic Communities.

In this piece, Suresh discusses the impact of civilization on endemic communities and their right to live in isolation. Suresh tells us how these indigenous people have had their land, rights and identities stripped by encroaching industrial civilization. The Impact of Civilization on Endemic Communities By Suresh Balraj In a world characterised by information, there … Continue reading The Impact of ‘Civilization’ on Endemic Communities.

Patterns of Civilization Collapse

An unsustainable way of life is bound to end in collapse. Numerous civilizations and empires have met the same end. In this piece, Kara Huntermoon discusses patterns of civilization collapse. For further reading, check out John Michael Greer on the onset of collapse, Jared Diamond’s book “Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed,” the … Continue reading Patterns of Civilization Collapse