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Oil Company Pulls out of Uncontacted Tribes’ Land

Featured image: Salomon Dunu, a Matsés man who survived the trauma of first contact, speaks to a Survival campaigner about the threat of oil exploration to his people.  © Survival International      by Survival International A Canadian oil company has told Survival International it will withdraw from the territory of several uncontacted tribes in … Continue reading Oil Company Pulls out of Uncontacted Tribes’ Land

Organizations Denounce Peru’s Failure to Protect Uncontacted Tribes

Featured image: The Matsés have denounced oil exploration in the proposed Yavarí Tapiche reserve, which is part of their ancestral lands. © Survival International      by Survival International In an open letter to the Peruvian authorities, Survival International, Rainforest Foundation Norway and Peruvian indigenous organization ORPIO have denounced the Peruvian government’s failure to protect … Continue reading Organizations Denounce Peru’s Failure to Protect Uncontacted Tribes

Indigenous Communities Bring Guatemala to a Standstill

Featured image: Protesters gathered at Los Encuentros, by Anna Watts    by Anna Watts / Intercontinental Cry Indigenous communities across Guatemala have brought the country to a standstill for the second day in a row. Blockading major crossroads and highways, the nationwide peaceful demonstrations are protesting against the Guatemalan congress’s rejection of a constitutional reform … Continue reading Indigenous Communities Bring Guatemala to a Standstill

Eugene NVDA Training

       by Erin Moberg / Deep Green Resistance Eugene On Saturday, February 4th, several members of DGR Oregon attended a day-long NVDA training in Eugene, Oregon. The event was organized by local and regional activists. Over 200 people attended, including local activists, community members new to direct action, college students, youth, retired people, … Continue reading Eugene NVDA Training

Radical Feminist Group Joins Christian Conservative Group in Amicus Brief

     by Women’s Liberation Front NEW YORK, NY.: The Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) announced today that it will be partnering with the Christian group Family Policy Alliance (FPA) in submitting a friend-of-the-court brief in the Supreme Court challenging President Obama’s Title IX “bathroom mandate.” The joint brief argues that allowing males who self-identify as … Continue reading Radical Feminist Group Joins Christian Conservative Group in Amicus Brief

Costa Rica’s Supreme Court Stops Hydro Project for Failing to Consult Indigenous Peoples

On November 1, 2016, the Constitutional Chamber of Costa Rica’s Supreme Court provided some good news to a Terraba (Teribe) Indigenous territory when it stopped the state-run Costa Rica Electricity Institute (ICE by its Spanish acronym) from going forward with the Diquis hydroelectric project for failing to consult Indigenous communities who would see part of their lands flooded. ... Continue reading →

IIPFCC in solidarity with Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

"We call upon all member states, to condemn the destruction of our sacred places and to support our nation’s efforts to ensure that our sovereign rights are respected. We ask that you call upon all parties to stop the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline and to protect the environment, our nation’s future, our culture and our way of life." - Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman Dave Archambault II ... Continue reading →

Nicaragua: Police Fire Rubber Bullets, Tear Gas at Yatama Supporters Amid Charges of Electoral Fraud

The day after Nicaragua’s primary elections, supporters of the Miskito indigenous party, Yapti Tasba Masraka Nanih Aslatakanka, or Sons of Mother Earth (YATAMA), took to the streets of Puerto Cabezas to celebrate a regional victory for Indigenous Peoples. It had just been announced that Brooklyn Rivera, the leader of YATAMA, had won political office. ... Continue reading →

The Mission to Stop the Sabal Trail Pipeline

In the early morning hours of Saturday, November 5th, water protectors from several different camps throughout Florida converged at an “action camp” to begin direct actions and multiple blockades to halt construction of the Sabal Trail Pipeline in Gilchrist County. They stopped the workers for a short time at the Santa Fe River near Gainesville by obstructing the path of trucks driving to the construction site. The pipeline workers, all from out of state were getting ready to bore a hole underneath the Santa Fe River to extend the pipeline to the opposite bank of the river. The blockade culminated in a police presence at the work site, but there were no arrests. At one point the water protectors marched onto the work site with signs. This direct action was planned by local landowners, members of the American Indian Movement, Our Santa Fe River, Earth First! and other groups. ... Continue reading →