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Indigenous Communities Bring Guatemala to a Standstill

Featured image: Protesters gathered at Los Encuentros, by Anna Watts    by Anna Watts / Intercontinental Cry Indigenous communities across Guatemala have brought the country to a standstill for the second day in a row. Blockading major crossroads and highways, the nationwide peaceful demonstrations are protesting against the Guatemalan congress’s rejection of a constitutional reform … Continue reading Indigenous Communities Bring Guatemala to a Standstill

Women’s March 2017: Power Concedes Nothing Without A Demand

The Women’s March took place on January 21st, the day after Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration, in Washington, D.C.  Upwards of 500,000 participated in the march, over twice the anticipated 200,000 and three times the estimated 160,000 in attendance at the inauguration. Sister marches also occurred throughout the U.S. and across all seven continents; a total of 673 … Continue reading Women’s March 2017: Power Concedes Nothing Without A Demand

Nicaragua: Police Fire Rubber Bullets, Tear Gas at Yatama Supporters Amid Charges of Electoral Fraud

The day after Nicaragua’s primary elections, supporters of the Miskito indigenous party, Yapti Tasba Masraka Nanih Aslatakanka, or Sons of Mother Earth (YATAMA), took to the streets of Puerto Cabezas to celebrate a regional victory for Indigenous Peoples. It had just been announced that Brooklyn Rivera, the leader of YATAMA, had won political office. ... Continue reading →

The Mission to Stop the Sabal Trail Pipeline

In the early morning hours of Saturday, November 5th, water protectors from several different camps throughout Florida converged at an “action camp” to begin direct actions and multiple blockades to halt construction of the Sabal Trail Pipeline in Gilchrist County. They stopped the workers for a short time at the Santa Fe River near Gainesville by obstructing the path of trucks driving to the construction site. The pipeline workers, all from out of state were getting ready to bore a hole underneath the Santa Fe River to extend the pipeline to the opposite bank of the river. The blockade culminated in a police presence at the work site, but there were no arrests. At one point the water protectors marched onto the work site with signs. This direct action was planned by local landowners, members of the American Indian Movement, Our Santa Fe River, Earth First! and other groups. ... Continue reading →

Fifteen Arrested at Senator Charles Schumer’s Office to Stop the Spectra AIM Pipeline

New Yorkers rallied today to demand action from Senator Charles Schumer to stop the construction of a high pressure, fracked-gas pipeline that poses a major threat to more than 20 million people. Two hundred and fifty people gathered and heard from health professionals, indigenous leaders and residents of the Hudson Valley where the pipeline is being built. Fifteen people were arrested after refusing to leave unless Senator Schumer took action. Allied organizations held solidarity actions at Senator Schumer’s offices in Peekskill, Rochester, Binghamton, Albany, Long Island, Buffalo, Syracuse, and Washington DC. Groups in Massachusetts, where the pipeline is also being built, gathered to pressure Senators Markey and Warren. ... Continue reading →

Resisting Pipelines from Standing Rock to Bagua

Resistance against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) at Standing Rock has gained unprecedented coverage. At the center of the story is a thousand-plus miles long pipeline that would transport some 500,000 barrels of oil per day from North Dakota to Illinois. The pipeline is backed by Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners. And It faces a huge line of Indigenous nations who’ve come together to say “No." ... Continue reading →

Twenty Arrested at Utah Tar Sands Mine

By Canyon Country Rising Tide SUNDAY JUNE 19, PR SPRINGS, UT: Thirty people walked onto the country’s first tar sands mine and sowed seeds to regrow land destroyed by tar sands – a fossil fuel more polluting than coal and oil. With butterfly puppets, songs, and banners, protesters trespassed onto the mine site and took … Continue reading Twenty Arrested at Utah Tar Sands Mine

33 Days on Twin #66: Walking the Enbridge Pipeline

By Sacred Water Sacred Land Sacred Water Sacred Land is sponsoring a tar sands awareness walk through Wisconsin along Enbridge’s proposed Twin Line #66 starting with a kick-off event in Delevan or Walworth on June 8th. 33 Days on Twin #66, a Sacred Water Sacred Land sponsored walk, begins at the entry point of the … Continue reading 33 Days on Twin #66: Walking the Enbridge Pipeline

March Against Monsanto this Saturday

Anita Stewart / Deep Green Resistance Florida The latest news reports on glyphosate, the active ingredient in the popular weed-killer Roundup, indicate that it is present in California wines, Quaker Oats and even in the urine of elected officials in Europe. Roundup is manufactured by Monsanto ― the same Monsanto that produced Agent Orange (notoriously … Continue reading March Against Monsanto this Saturday

 Youth Running 500 Miles In Opposition of Dakota Access Pipeline

In solidarity with the ongoing fight against the Dakota Access pipeline, a group of Native and Non-native youth have organized a 500-mile spiritual relay run from Cannonball, ND to the district office of the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in Omaha, NE. The run is titled “Run For Your Life: No DAPL.” ... Continue reading →