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Technology and Its Discontents

Featured image: JD Lasica, Flickr, c.c. 2.0      by Steven Gorelick / Local Futures Tucked within the pages of the January issue of the Agriview, a monthly farm publication published by the State of Vermont, was a short survey from the Department of Public Service (DPS). Described as an aid to the Department in drafting … Continue reading Technology and Its Discontents

Livin’ the Screen Life: #productsmakemehappy

  John Savage / Local Futures Important official legal disclaimer: This is a short work of fiction. Any resemblances to real people, people you may know, people you think you may know, etc., is entirely deliberate. When I’m at work I’m staring at a screen. When I’m not at work I’m staring at screens. Checking social … Continue reading Livin’ the Screen Life: #productsmakemehappy

Is the School System Redeemable? No.

     by Max Wilbert / Deep Green Resistance Last night, I dreamt that I was trapped in a box. I was in high school again, sitting at an antique desk with a wraparound writing surface (right-handed of course, for a left-handed child) and I was more bored than any person should ever be. As … Continue reading Is the School System Redeemable? No.

Out of the Ashes: An interview with Judith Herman

Violence and Its Aftermath      by Derrick Jensen A different version of this interview appeared in A Language Older Than Words Derrick Jensen: What is the relationship between atrocity and silence? Judith Herman: Atrocities are actions so horrifying they go beyond words. For people who witness or experience atrocities, there is a kind of silencing that … Continue reading Out of the Ashes: An interview with Judith Herman

Fight Back: An Ecopsychological Understanding of Depression

One human language is much too small to convey the ever unfolding meanings at play in the world.      by Will Falk / Deep Green Resistance I am an environmental activist. I have depression. To be an activist with depression places me squarely in an irreconcilable dilemma: The destruction of the natural world creates … Continue reading Fight Back: An Ecopsychological Understanding of Depression

An Economy of Meaning – or Bust

     by John Boik, PhD / Local Futures It’s not often that a scientist gets to use the words love, creativity, and wisdom in a paper, especially when writing about economics. Perhaps that’s because economics, the dismal science, is obsessed with dismal systems – make that abysmal systems, relative to need. To be clear, I’m not … Continue reading An Economy of Meaning – or Bust

Waiting For Death: Ecopsychology as Human Supremacism

So many indigenous people have told me that the levels of sustainability their traditional cultures achieved prior to the arrival of colonizers were based on lessons learned from non-humans. Implicit in these lessons is the truth that humans depend on non-humans. This dependence is not limited to the air we breathe, the water we drink, or the food we eat. This dependence sinks into our very souls. ... Continue reading →