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Stephen Jenkinson On Death, Community, and Elders

In this episode of Resistance Radio Derrick Jensen interviews Stephen Jenkinson. They discuss grief, trauma, history, death, community, living well and everything in between.   Stephen Jenkinson is a culture activist, teacher, author and ceremonialist. He is the author of numerous books, including Come of Age: The Case for Elderhood in a Time of Trouble and … Continue reading Stephen Jenkinson On Death, Community, and Elders

“Wild Mind” Program for Activists & Revolutionaries

This Wild Mind Intensive program is offered by the Animas Valley Institute to Deep Green Resistance organizers, allies, and supporters. It will be held near Portland, Oregon in the United States. “Wild Mind” Intensive for Activists & Revolutionaries Those who confront oppression and destruction often struggle with profound stress and disconnection. This intensive aims to … Continue reading “Wild Mind” Program for Activists & Revolutionaries

“They Need Not Dominate Our Minds.” On Existential Fear.

In this short excerpt from the last episode of The Green Flame podcast, Derrick Jensen and Lierre Keith offer a poetic reading from a piece by C.S. Lewis, originally written in 1948, in which the author speaks of the threat of nuclear war and how to live in an age of existential threats. “In one … Continue reading “They Need Not Dominate Our Minds.” On Existential Fear.

How Does Coronavirus Kill People?

Coronavirus rarely kills people directly—so why are people dying? This piece from Paul Feather, animist farmer and writer, challenges simplistic, reductionist thinking, and proposes a synthesis approach to understanding the current crisis. Cause of Death: Civilization By Paul Feather Sixty five thousand, six hundred and fifty two. As of this writing, John Hopkins reports this … Continue reading How Does Coronavirus Kill People?

Against Conspiracy Theories: Why Our Activism Must Be Based In Reality

Editor’s Note: There if no doubt that the ruling class lies regularly. For examples we must only look at the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the claims about weapons of mass destruction in the lead-up to the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Project TP-Ajax, or the aborted Operation Northwoods. Lying is the modus operandi for governments, politicians, … Continue reading Against Conspiracy Theories: Why Our Activism Must Be Based In Reality

The Balance of Rage and Tenderness

By Aimee Wild I went to sleep thinking about righteous anger towards systems that are destroying Mother Earth. This anger is different from the toxic hatred that I have witnessed in recent years. I woke up from a dream with absolute clarity and a message: “There is a tenderness in letting go that will hold … Continue reading The Balance of Rage and Tenderness

Forget Climate Change

by Joey Moncarz Let’s forget about climate change, because it’s a distraction. Of course it’s real, it’s devastating and it will wipe out most life on the planet, but let’s move on. The reason we can move on is that we really shouldn’t really need climate change to get us off our asses and do … Continue reading Forget Climate Change

Screens: Everyone’s an Addict

Written by a student of the Deep Green Bush-School. The DGBS is a participatory, technology-free, evolutionary and revolutionary school located in Aotearoa (colonized name New Zealand) for ages 5-18 designed to raise intelligent, healthy, mature, responsible young adults who can think for themselves, meet their needs, live a meaningful life and challenge the current system … Continue reading Screens: Everyone’s an Addict

Overcoming the Spiral of Silence

by Liam Campbell Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann was born in 1916 in Berlin, which was ruled by the Weimar Republic and in the middle of World War I. She was an exceptionally bright youth and demonstrated an early aptitude for academia. As a student she had a chance encounter with Adolf Hitler, which she described as “one … Continue reading Overcoming the Spiral of Silence

Is Hyperreality Consuming Nature?

by Liam Campbell “Disneyland is presented as imaginary in order to make us believe that the rest is real, whereas all of Los Angeles and the America that surrounds it are no longer real, but belong to the hyperreal order and to the order of simulation.” — Jean Baudrillard, Simulacra and Simulation Reality prevailed on … Continue reading Is Hyperreality Consuming Nature?