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17 thoughts on “Contact Deep Green Resistance News Service”

  1. Thank you for this article. I submitted your article to facebook they then shut down my account. Same thing happened with twitter. Who owns those companies. The media is making a serious effort to suppress this information.

  2. Dear Allies in Deep Green Resistance

    A conference of feminists and feminist groups held in Vancouver, BC on June 22 write in support of your work. We have learned through Counterpunch of the attacks your organizers recently experienced and we urge you to keep organizing.

    We, gathered as feminist allies fighting to end all male violence against women, passed a motion from the floor to stand as allies with Deep Green Resistance. We are aware of the attacks on Deep Green Resistance for your position on women-only organizing and for your strong feminist positions. We stand in solidarity with all victims of patriarchal, male-pattern violence, including with the women who were subjected to this violence at the Law and Disorder conference.


    Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter; Coalition Against Trafficking In Women, EVE (formerly Exploited Voices Educating – for the abolition of prostitution); Indigenous Women Against the Sex Industry; the Feminist Current; Committee for Domestic Workers and Caregivers Rights; the University Women’s Club of Vancouver; Asian Womens Coalition Ending Prostitution; Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners program; individual women of diverse race, age, and class who are survivors of sexualized violence, and volunteers to the conference.

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  4. The article “Derrick Jensen: Forget Shorter Showers” hits the nail on the head, but pretty well the rest of the DGR site is full of people missing the point. Go Vegan, but take a factory made B12 supplement produced by big pharma. Blow up something (which then gets replaced by a new thing, consuming more resources and putting up insurance costs) and then go back to living like the norms until you do your next action. Have a logging protest, and pick up the food from the supermarket on the way.
    If every person reading the DGR site sold up and joined forces with other believers, bought or homesteaded land and lived simple lives under a fair paradigm we might start to get somewhere. But you won’t, will you dear reader? You’ll sit in front of an electronic screen crying in to your soy latte about the world’s injustice.
    Don’t break things, create new things. And survive whatever is coming, because we have proved we can’t stop it no matter how many resources we waste trying.

  5. Stop Faxing me at 941-964-1788

    You have Faxed me over a reem of paper. How is that saving the trees and planet?????????

    1. I’m very
      sorry, but it’s not us at all, it’s someone impersonating us; there have
      been many complaints from around the US. It seems to be related to a
      larger wave of forced printings currently affecting unsecured printers

      Here is the official recommendation on how to secure your printers
      against this type of attack; it should apply to faxes as well: “Network
      administrators should never leave their printers accessible from the
      Internet and disable raw port 9100/tcp printing if not required”

      Again, we’re very sorry this happened. I hope you’re able to resolve it.

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