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Planet of the Humans & Bright Green Lies

Planet of the Humans, an outstanding documentary by Jeff Gibbs and Michael Moore, drew a lot of attention when it was originally published on YouTube for free. But a coordinated censorship campaign lead to it being taken down from YouTube where it had been viewed 8.3 million times. As Michael Moore wrote on his Facebook … Continue reading Planet of the Humans & Bright Green Lies

On the Proposed Mining of “Thacker Pass, Nevada” [Dispatches from Thacker Pass]

Upon the Proposed Mining of “Thacker Pass, Nevada”. A poem by Sarah Gar, a visitor to the land of the Paiute and Shoshone people and the sagebrush creatures. It’s quiet here. And I’m not talking about experimental silence, American guru silence, or any sleek human site that seeks inner peace (and other noise) to drown … Continue reading On the Proposed Mining of “Thacker Pass, Nevada” [Dispatches from Thacker Pass]

Green Flame: Poetry Celebration

In this final Green Flame episode of 2020, we listen to a discussion between Jennifer Murnan and Trinity La Fey about the love and support of women, resistance, writing, reminders of beauty, performance and people. We are blessed with Trinity’s performances of poetry. Their discussion is woven into a chorus of other poets. With a … Continue reading Green Flame: Poetry Celebration

Thank You Mother Earth

Jack D. Forbes (Powhatan-Renapé and Lenape) was the author of  Columbus and Other Cannibals, one of the most important books ever written. In this writing Jack Forbes offers thanks to those living with awareness of the interconnectedness of all life.  Thank you mother earth, for holding me on your breast. You always love me no … Continue reading Thank You Mother Earth

The Day We Locked Ourselves In

Originally published at Medium. The coronavirus is a disaster for many. As usual in this morally-backward global empire, the poorest and most vulnerable among us suffer the most. In the midst of this tragedy there are lessons worth learning. This poem from Kim Hill invites us to consider what society and our communities may learn from … Continue reading The Day We Locked Ourselves In

Decolonization and Resistance: A Conversation with Sakej Ward

In this episode of The Green Flame podcast, we speak with Sakej Ward. Sakej (James Ward) belongs to the wolf clan. He is Mi’kmaw (Mi’kmaq Nation) from the community of Esgenoopetitj (Burnt Church First Nation, New Brunswick). He is the father of nine children, four grandchildren and a caregiver for one. Sakej is a veteran … Continue reading Decolonization and Resistance: A Conversation with Sakej Ward

Keepers Of The Flame

Featured image: Resistance. Acrylic on canvas. 2008. By Travis London. “With the successful devastation of the Washougal River watershed through intense logging and mineral extraction, there was only one thing left to do: install hydroelectric dams. In the early 1920s, construction of a third dam began down river from the outlet of Cougar Creek. The … Continue reading Keepers Of The Flame