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The Plastic Bag Distraction

By Joey Moncarz / Deep Green  Bush-School The banning of single-use plastic bags is the latest in a never-ending parade of distractions meant tolull us into thinking that modern civilisation is becoming more “environmentally friendly” and that the elite, corporations and their bureaucrat servants are capable of doing the right thing. It’s also meant to … Continue reading The Plastic Bag Distraction

Activists fighting for their lands swept up in Philippines crackdown

by A security crackdown in the Philippines targeting an armed communist insurgency has swept up environmental and land defenders in a raid on Oct. 31. International humanitarian and church groups have also been included in the military’s list of “legal front groups” of the outlawed New People’s Army and tied to terror financing. Security … Continue reading Activists fighting for their lands swept up in Philippines crackdown

Talinis Ultramarathon Met With Protest

Editors note: this piece comes from allies in the Arkipelago (decolonized term for the Philippines) who are engaged in ecological struggles and wish to highlight the detrimental effects of mass culture in outdoor recreation. By Aidalyn IAmMoutara This is what happened during the #TalinisUltramarathon this morning, October 6. Protesters blocked the entrance of Apolong trail … Continue reading Talinis Ultramarathon Met With Protest

How to Browse the Internet Anonymously

Anytime you browse the internet, your ISP (Internet Service Provider), government agencies such as the NSA and GCHQ, and most of the websites you visit are tracking everything you do. This data is often used to generate profiles of individuals preferences, purchasing behavior, travel, habits, etc, then packaged and sold to marketing companies, political advertisers, … Continue reading How to Browse the Internet Anonymously

1.7 Million Acres in Nevada Open for Fracking

Written and photographed by Justin McAffee On a warm late-summer day, an old friend and I drove down some 50 miles of gravel road through a remote part of Nevada’s Tule Desert. We spotted a flock of golden eagles, and one even landed on a nearby Joshua Tree. The moment was magical. Yet the moment … Continue reading 1.7 Million Acres in Nevada Open for Fracking

The Legal System Will Not Save the Planet

By Max Wilbert As the world moves further into a state of climate crisis, it’s imperative that we study and critique the strategies being proposed to address greenhouse gas emissions, and develop our own strategies based on rigorous assessment of their effectiveness. Many of the strategies currently being pursued by the mainstream environmental movement hinge … Continue reading The Legal System Will Not Save the Planet

Forget Climate Change

by Joey Moncarz Let’s forget about climate change, because it’s a distraction. Of course it’s real, it’s devastating and it will wipe out most life on the planet, but let’s move on. The reason we can move on is that we really shouldn’t really need climate change to get us off our asses and do … Continue reading Forget Climate Change

Screens: Everyone’s an Addict

Written by a student of the Deep Green Bush-School. The DGBS is a participatory, technology-free, evolutionary and revolutionary school located in Aotearoa (colonized name New Zealand) for ages 5-18 designed to raise intelligent, healthy, mature, responsible young adults who can think for themselves, meet their needs, live a meaningful life and challenge the current system … Continue reading Screens: Everyone’s an Addict

The Creation of Patriarchy

Editors note: Gerda Lerner (1920-2013) was a historian, author and teacher. She was a professor emeritus of history at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and a visiting scholar at Duke University. Lerner was one of the founders of the field of women’s history, and was a former president of the Organization of American Historians. She taught … Continue reading The Creation of Patriarchy

Overcoming the Spiral of Silence

by Liam Campbell Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann was born in 1916 in Berlin, which was ruled by the Weimar Republic and in the middle of World War I. She was an exceptionally bright youth and demonstrated an early aptitude for academia. As a student she had a chance encounter with Adolf Hitler, which she described as “one … Continue reading Overcoming the Spiral of Silence