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What Zoos Really Teach Our Children

From Zoos to Concentration Camps, A Culture of Cages From chattel slavery to modern immigrant concentration camps to zoos and aquariums to private prisons, we live in a culture of cages. Understanding this system, and the ideology behind it, is essential to fighting it. This statement on zoos and aquariums comes from the Deep Green … Continue reading What Zoos Really Teach Our Children

Radical Dreamwork

By Rebecca Wildbear Cottonwood trees shaded the little river, while the rising sun brightened the blue sky and lit up the expansive slopes of the Sonoran Desert, dotted with prickly pear, saguaro, and cholla cactuses. I was in Aravaipa Canyon, a gorge in the Pinal Mountains of Southern Arizona, where I would prepare thirteen people … Continue reading Radical Dreamwork

Bushfires and Disaster Capitalism in Australia — The Green Flame Podcast

This episode of the Green Flame is an interview with Kim Hill, a permaculture design teacher based on the South East coast of New South Wales, and Joanna Pinkiewicz, a women’s rights activist and environmental activist, based in Tasmania. We discuss the Australian bush fires, the role of fire in the landscape, indigenous land management … Continue reading Bushfires and Disaster Capitalism in Australia — The Green Flame Podcast

U.S. Court Rejects “Our Children’s Trust” Youth Climate Lawsuit

🌏🔥 I'm glad anytime youth speak out and organize, but the U.S. Court rejection of the #YouthvGov #JulianavUS climate lawsuit is predictable. Courts can be an important defensive battleground, but are fundamentally colonial + corporate institutions. — Max Wilbert (@MaxWilbert) January 19, 2020 via Common Dreams: “In a ruling taken as a devastating blow for … Continue reading U.S. Court Rejects “Our Children’s Trust” Youth Climate Lawsuit

Rights for Lake Erie? Why Corporate Rights and Preemption Must Go

by Sean Butler and Will Falk / Featured image: an aerial photograph showing harmful algae blooms in Lake Erie in August of 2017. These are believed to be caused by the effluent runoff from factory farms in the watershed. Public domain photo by NOAA. Rights of nature advocates often repeat the words, “The structure of … Continue reading Rights for Lake Erie? Why Corporate Rights and Preemption Must Go

Civilization on the March

A series of headlines from around the world, compiled by Max Wilbert and Mark Behrend. Featured image by Max Wilbert. 2019 Was the 2nd Hottest Year on Record Global average temperature reached the 2nd highest annual level ever recorded, according to preliminary data for 2019. While the data is not yet finalized, it’s almost certain … Continue reading Civilization on the March

Thinking Outside the Grid

Editor’s note: we do not agree with every point in this essay, but it’s a worthwhile read and basic introduction to degrowth. For more on this topic, we recommend Derrick Jensen’s essay,  Forget Shorter Showers. by Steven Gorelick Originally published on Local Futures’ Economics of Happiness Blog. Thirty years ago, a friend of mine published a … Continue reading Thinking Outside the Grid

Talinis Ultramarathon Met With Protest

Editors note: this piece comes from allies in the Arkipelago (decolonized term for the Philippines) who are engaged in ecological struggles and wish to highlight the detrimental effects of mass culture in outdoor recreation. By Aidalyn IAmMoutara This is what happened during the #TalinisUltramarathon this morning, October 6. Protesters blocked the entrance of Apolong trail … Continue reading Talinis Ultramarathon Met With Protest

1.7 Million Acres in Nevada Open for Fracking

Written and photographed by Justin McAffee On a warm late-summer day, an old friend and I drove down some 50 miles of gravel road through a remote part of Nevada’s Tule Desert. We spotted a flock of golden eagles, and one even landed on a nearby Joshua Tree. The moment was magical. Yet the moment … Continue reading 1.7 Million Acres in Nevada Open for Fracking

Forget Climate Change

by Joey Moncarz Let’s forget about climate change, because it’s a distraction. Of course it’s real, it’s devastating and it will wipe out most life on the planet, but let’s move on. The reason we can move on is that we really shouldn’t really need climate change to get us off our asses and do … Continue reading Forget Climate Change