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Suspension Of Farm Laws In India

This news article describes the impact of corrupt legislation on ordinary working people. The organised protests and solidarity of the public with farmers is an excellent example of how coordinated resistance can enable change. Editor’s note: DGR strongly opposes the three new farm laws that have inspired the farmer’s protests in India. However, we do … Continue reading Suspension Of Farm Laws In India

Green Revolution: A Misnomer

By Salonika The Green Revolution is a misnomer: it sounds like a radical environmental movement when it’s the exact opposite of that. It is a movement led by corporations (including the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation) to further reinforce the class-based heierarchy, while spreading an ecocidal practice across the world. The Green Revolution has … Continue reading Green Revolution: A Misnomer

The Problem

The Problem by Lierre Keith From the introduction to the book Deep Green Resistance: Strategy to Save the Planet. “You cannot live a political life, you cannot live a moral life if you’re not willing to open your eyes and see the world more clearly. See some of the injustice that’s going on. Try to … Continue reading The Problem

Uncontacted Tribes’ Territories Burning As Amazon Fires Spread

Communal house of uncontacted Indians inside the Uru Eu Wau Wau territory, photographed in 2005. © Rogério Vargas Motta/IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources). Survival International / October 14, 2020 The survival of several uncontacted tribes is now at risk after fires were set inside their territories. Activists have described this year’s … Continue reading Uncontacted Tribes’ Territories Burning As Amazon Fires Spread

Irrigation Is Dewatering Rivers

All around the world, irrigation for agriculture is taking massive amounts of water from rivers, in many cases leaving them almost or entirely dry. This article comes from central Oregon, where 90% of human water use is for agriculture. Low Flows Due to Irrigation Destroying Deschutes River by George Wuerthner / The Wildlife News The … Continue reading Irrigation Is Dewatering Rivers

Amazon Forest Gardeners

This article offers the reader clear evidence that human beings where domesticating crops 10,000 years ago.  Amazonia’s people domesticated crops on ‘forest islands’ 10,000 years ago: Study By Liz Kimbrough/ Early Amazon human inhabitants domesticated and grew crops more than 10,000 years ago, making the region one of the world’s earliest centers of plant domestication … Continue reading Amazon Forest Gardeners

Amazon Deforestation At Highest Rate on Record

Deforestation rate climbs higher as Amazon moves into the burning season by Rhett Butler / 10 July 2020 Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon climbed higher for the fifteenth straight month, reaching levels not seen since the mid-2000s, according to data released today by Brazil’s national space research institute INPE. INPE’s satellite-based deforestation alert system … Continue reading Amazon Deforestation At Highest Rate on Record

What is Permaculture and How Is It Relevant?

In this video, Boris Forkel explores five different forms of human society: agriculture, horticulture, pastoralism, hunter-gatherer, and industrial culture. By Boris Forkel In this lecture, we will cover a wide range of 10,000 years of agricultural history. Starting with the initial question “how old is human culture” we argue that humans have been living in … Continue reading What is Permaculture and How Is It Relevant?

Coronavirus is a “Disease of Civilization”

Editor’s note: This article, first published at Marx21, dives into the origin and epidemiology of the CoViD-19 virus with a socialist biologist. While it does not represent an official Deep Green Resistance perspective, it does include valuable factual information—including the essential analysis that CoViD is a “disease of civilization.” For further reading on this topic, … Continue reading Coronavirus is a “Disease of Civilization”

Rights for Lake Erie? Why Corporate Rights and Preemption Must Go

by Sean Butler and Will Falk / Featured image: an aerial photograph showing harmful algae blooms in Lake Erie in August of 2017. These are believed to be caused by the effluent runoff from factory farms in the watershed. Public domain photo by NOAA. Rights of nature advocates often repeat the words, “The structure of … Continue reading Rights for Lake Erie? Why Corporate Rights and Preemption Must Go