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Deepen Your Ecological Perception

by Rebecca Wildbear The first time I was invited to speak to nature in my late twenties, I walked into the oak-hickory forest near the Blue Ridge Mountains, skeptical but eager. A former Outward Bound guide and a Wilderness Therapist, I loved nature and preferred being there to anywhere. I biked and backpacked, kayaked and … Continue reading Deepen Your Ecological Perception

An Open Letter to Climate Activists in the Northwoods…and Beyond

Aimee Cree Dunn / Counterpunch From a talk delivered November 1, 2019.  Northern Michigan University Sonderegger Symposium:  Anishinaabek: East, South, West, North.  Marquette, MI.  Featured image: American Progress by John Gast, ca. 1872. Overview I’m going to cut straight to the point:  averting climate change is not going stop the global collapse of the planet … Continue reading An Open Letter to Climate Activists in the Northwoods…and Beyond

Radical Feminism — “The Green Flame” Podcast 🔥

In this episode of The Green Flame podcast, we focus on radical feminism. We speak with Saba Malik and Lierre Keith, with Aimee and Kara in the UK, and with Renee Gerlich in Aotearoa (New Zealand). This episode features music from Beth Quist and poetry by Dominique Christina. Special thanks to Beth Quist and Elizabeth … Continue reading Radical Feminism — “The Green Flame” Podcast 🔥

Industrialism: Addressing Humanity’s Addiction

by Liam Campbell How bad is our current trajectory? Looking back through geologic history, there are a handful of examples of abrupt climate change and ecosystem collapse, periods when runaway feedback systems changed the planet so suddenly that biomes didn’t have time to adapt. These events were always accompanied by mass death. About 55 million … Continue reading Industrialism: Addressing Humanity’s Addiction

The Wisdom of the Toads

By Boris Forkel / Deep Green Resistance Germany I want to tell you a story. A story about permaculture, food chains, friendship, love and death. People are storytellers. We transport information through stories, or narratives, to use the more sophisticated term. Actually I wanted to go with my good friend Cengiz to a political event, … Continue reading The Wisdom of the Toads

Against Eco-Fascism, Against False Accusations

Over the last few days, a small gang of anarchists and social ecologists have been smearing Deep Green Resistance with accusations of “eco-fascism.” Normally, we like to ignore these ridiculous lies and the toxic people who make them. But for the sake of clarity, and because the issue of eco-fascism is an important one that … Continue reading Against Eco-Fascism, Against False Accusations

The Alarming Increase In Environmental Activist Murders

At least 4 environmental activists are murdered each week, these are only the reported and confirmed killings but even more likely disappear without being verified. Between 2002 and 2017, at minimum of 1,558 people have been murdered while attempting to protect land, water, and local wildlife — for a sense of scale, this represents about … Continue reading The Alarming Increase In Environmental Activist Murders