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Resilient, Life-Supporting Resistance Communities

Marilyn Linton / Deep Green Resistance Eugene Derrick Jensen interviewed Stella Strega Scoz, a DGR member in the Canary Islands, for the December 6th episode of Resistance Radio. Scoz heads the Integral Permaculture Academy, which takes a radical approach to permaculture practice and teaching. Balanced resistance movements have both the outward action and the inward … Continue reading Resilient, Life-Supporting Resistance Communities

Horizontal Hostility Conference

DGR members Stella and Jose, who live on the Canary Islands off the northwest coast of Africa, have created a virtual conference to address to the topic of horizontal hostility. The conference materials are available in: English Español To describe the conference, in their words: This online Conference about Horizontal Hostility is designed as a … Continue reading Horizontal Hostility Conference

Horizontal Hostility Conference – Max Wilbert

Members of Deep Green Resistance Canary Islands are creating a web conference on horizontal hostility, consisting of interviews with multiple speakers. “The aim of the conference is to raise consciousness about the mechanics of oppression and how its complex but predictable ways operate to keep us all neatly “in our place”, divide us & effectively … Continue reading Horizontal Hostility Conference – Max Wilbert

Food Freedom: an Integral Perspective

What do you get when you mix Deep Green Resistance EUMENA members, a focus on good food, concern for animals besides humans, and permaculture? Food Freedom! The talk explores: The food freedom of other species The food that most liberates our environment Food that liberates the human mind and body How not to be enslaved … Continue reading Food Freedom: an Integral Perspective

Horizontal Hostility Conference

From DGR members in Spain: We are preparing a Conference all about Horizontal Hostility (that could also be called Collective Stupidity) & how it operates so effectively as the greatest obstacle in re-designing the oppressive systems that are currently threatening Life on Earth. We will interview activists that will share their personal experiences of Horizontal Hostility & … Continue reading Horizontal Hostility Conference