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Sustaining a strategic feminist movement

This is the second part of a series.  Read the first part at Toward Strategic Feminist Action. By Tara Prema / Gender is War Developing an effective response to the worldwide crisis of male violence Strategic Feminism is a framework for collective action against patriarchal violence. The framework is based on acknowledging that the struggle … Continue reading Sustaining a strategic feminist movement

Gender and a Dying Planet

By Tara Prema / Gender Is War Recently we asked, “What the hell does gender have to do with fracking?” We weren’t being flippant – it’s a question that plagues many of us. The question came up because some leftists are blacklisting and threatening eco-feminists over gender identity politics. The question is whether women can … Continue reading Gender and a Dying Planet

Toward Strategic Feminist Action

Artwork by Summer-Rain Bentham, Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter PART ONE: First steps for an effective fight-back In the face of a worldwide crisis of male violence against women, radical feminists are preparing for a grassroots resurgence. This is the first in a series looking at effective strategies to take back women’s space and … Continue reading Toward Strategic Feminist Action

What the hell does gender identity have to do with fracking?

On the blacklisting of eco-feminists By Tara Prema / Gender Is War It’s a plot filled with anonymous denunciations, secret meetings, betrayal, dissidents, blacklists and infiltrators. For those just tuning in, this shitshow is the latest infighting on the left, where ideological purity and individual identity are all the rage – literally. Welcome to a … Continue reading What the hell does gender identity have to do with fracking?