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Strategy for a Burning World: Decisive Ecological Warfare

This episode of The Green Flame podcast looks at Decisive Ecological Warfare, the only revolutionary environmental strategy designed to dismantle the global industrial economy by any means necessary. Our show features a conversation with movement lawyer and poet Will Falk, and Deep Green Resistance co-author and philosopher Derrick Jensen. The conversation covers ecological collapse, resistance, … Continue reading Strategy for a Burning World: Decisive Ecological Warfare

Poetry: Positive Feedback & Tree Waltz

by Linh Nguyen Positive Feedback ever wonder why we destroy something so beautiful? that river where our blood runs beating in measured harmonies to life surrounding, singing in glory that forest of trails where we once walked joy escaping through quaking leaves, each footstep lighting stories, inspiring movies, music, and poetry that ocean of our … Continue reading Poetry: Positive Feedback & Tree Waltz

Earth At Risk 2014 Videos Available

Earth At Risk, sponsored by Fertile Ground Institute in November 2014, featured many of today’s most important activists and thinkers in environmentalism, anti-capitalism, anti-imperialism, anti-colonialism, radical feminism, and anti-racism. With keynote speakers Derrick Jensen, Alice Walker, Vandana Shiva, Chris Hedges, and Thomas Linzey; plus multiple panels, the event was full of insightful and inspiring discussions. … Continue reading Earth At Risk 2014 Videos Available

On the road to home from Standing Rock

Jennifer Murnan / Deep Green Resistance Colorado Thin Blue Line Flagged two times Curious? “The Line is what police officers protect, the barrier between anarchy and a civilized society, between order and chaos, between respect for decency and lawlessness.” Blue line Slap down Smack down Dogs dripping blood Mace Tear gas Pepper spray Pushing Violating … Continue reading On the road to home from Standing Rock

Why the Mountain

Why any mountain? Appalachian mountains, destroyed by mountaintop removal streams buried under rubble of valley fills… … who are we, humankind to remodel the flesh of this earth – – cutthroat surgeons sinfully rich reshaping mounds and curves… Tainting soil and groundwater toxic metals selenium sulphate magnesium degrading water quality of streams and rivers left … Continue reading Why the Mountain