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Against an Uncritical Embrace of Gender

By Rachel / Deep Green Resistance Eugene The following is a response to an open letter written by Bonnie Mann to Lierre Keith. Hello Professor Mann, You wrote an open letter recently to my friend and fellow activist Lierre Keith. You don’t know me, and I don’t know you, but as your letter discusses issues … Continue reading Against an Uncritical Embrace of Gender

Kim D.: The Violence of Gender

By Kim D. This article was originally published by The Left Side of Feminism, and is republished here with permission from the author. Recent reports out of Greece reveal a campaign of terror being waged against the trans community. [1] The horror of this campaign is a prime teaching moment for the actual dangers posed … Continue reading Kim D.: The Violence of Gender

Protect Women, Feminism, and Free Speech

Call for Support! Protect Women, Feminism, and Free Speech The past few days have seen a massive smear campaign against radical feminists such as Rachel and Lexy Garza of Deep Green Resistance. This smear campaign was launched in the aftermath of an attack on Deep Green Resistance members (one of whom was Lexy). When feminists, … Continue reading Protect Women, Feminism, and Free Speech

Incidents This Weekend

Three incidents occurred at the “Law and Disorder Conference” in Portland May 11 and 12 concerning Deep Green Resistance and transgender/queer activists. A lot of lies have been told about these incidents. We need to tell the facts of what physically happened. Two women were tabling, handing out DGR literature and selling books. A group … Continue reading Incidents This Weekend

Delilah Campbell: Who Owns Gender?

For a couple of weeks in early 2013, it seemed as if you couldn’t open a newspaper, or your Facebook newsfeed, without encountering some new contribution to a war of words that pitted transgender activists and their supporters against allegedly ‘transphobic’ feminists.

It had started when the columnist Suzanne Moore wrote a piece that included a passing reference to ‘Brazilian transsexuals’. ... Continue reading →