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Image by International Rivers

Illegal dam threatens to flood Ngäbe territory; Panama planning forcible eviction

By Richard Arghiris / Intercontinental Cry Having fought tirelessly against the unlawful Barro Blanco hydroelectric dam, the indigenous Ngäbe communities on the banks of Panama’s Tabasará river are today threatened with forced eviction at the hands of Panama’s notoriously brutal security forces. The 29 MW dam, built by a Honduran-owned energy company, Genisa, received funding […]

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Indigenous-led resistance forces regional court to freeze Belo Monte dam project

By Latin American Herald Tribune Brazil’s first regional federal court suspended the environmental permit for the massive Belo Monte dam project in Amazonia and ordered an immediate halt to construction, Efe learned on Monday. Judge Antonio de Souza Prudente’s ruling came in response to a motion from federal prosecutors. Work on what would be the […]

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From International Rivers

International activists block Ilisu Dam construction site in Turkey

By Amazon Watch Today [May 21, 2013] representatives of dam-affected communities and organizations from South America, the Middle East, Europe, the US and Africa, including Brazilian indigenous leaders accompanied by Amazon Watch, blocked the entrance to the construction site of the Ilisu dam in southeast Turkey demanding an end to controversial development that would sink […]

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Image by Ruy Sposati / CIMI

200 indigenous people take control of key Belo Monte construction site

By Mongabay On Thursday roughly 200 indigenous people launched an occupation of a key construction site for the controversial Belo Monte dam in the Brazilian Amazon. The protestors, who represent communities that will be affected by the massive dam, are demanding immediate suspension of all work on hydroelectric projects on the Xingu, Tapajós and Teles […]

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Image by Reuters

Munduruku people prepare to go to war with Brazil over dam projects

By Jonathan Watts / The Guardian An Amazonian community has threatened to “go to war” with the Brazilian government after what they say is a military incursion into their land by dam builders. The Munduruku indigenous group in Para state say they have been betrayed by the authorities, who are pushing ahead with plans to […]

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Image by Sarawak Conservation Alliance for Natural Environment

Indigenous resistance forces Malaysia to scale back twelve dam megaproject

By Agence France-Presse A Malaysian state minister Friday said the government would not push ahead with building a dozen new dams on Borneo island, acknowledging they have caused outrage from local tribes and environmentalists. The proposals sparked fears that the dams would destroy pristine rainforests, endanger wildlife, and displace natives in Sarawak, a Malaysian state […]

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Image by Remi Benali/Corbis

Ethiopian military killing, repressing indigenous people threatened by megadam

By John Vidal / The Guardian Human rights abuses in Ethiopia’s Lower Omo valley are said to be rampant, with tribal leaders imprisoned, dozens of people killed and troops cracking down on dissent ahead of the building of a massive dam, which is forcing the relocation of some of the most remote tribes in Africa. […]

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Image by KNGY

China funding construction of 308 dams in 70 countries

By Jeremy Hance / Mongabay A new report by the NGO, International Rivers, takes an in-depth look at the role China is playing in building mega-dams worldwide. According to the report, Chinese companies are involved in 308 hydroelectric projects across 70 nations. While dams are often billed as “green energy,” they can have massive ecological […]

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Image by Arturo Cedillo

People’s Tribunal defending Mexican village from dams, femicide, labor abuses

By Daniela Pastrana / Inter Press Service “What do we stand to lose because of the dam? We will lose everything!” said Maria Abigail Agredani, a member of the committee for this indigenous community in the western Mexican state of Jalisco, reporting the damage that will be caused by the hydroelectric complex being built nearby. […]

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Belo Monte construction halts after protestors torch buildings at three construction sites

By Agence France-Presse Work on Brazil’s controversial $13 billion Belo Monte mega-dam ground to a halt Monday after protesters torched buildings at three dam construction sites over the weekend, the developer said. Saturday, “a group of 30 people set fire to prefab structures at the Pimental site. They went into the cafeteria, destroyed everything and […]

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