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From Derrick Jensen’s book Dreams:

“Frankly I’m starting to remind myself of some of the pacifists who’ve ‘communicated’ with me.  It always goes the same.  They tell me that ‘resistance is never possible, so when you say “organize and resist” what do you mean?  I’m already riding my bike and composting.  What do you want us to do?’  Then when … Continue reading From Derrick Jensen’s book Dreams:

Earth At Risk 2011: Arundhati Roy, Derrick Jensen & more

November 13th, 2011 | Berkeley, CA A rare occurrence of Arundhati Roy speaking in person in the United States. Derrick Jensen has been called “the philosopher-poet of the environmental movement.” During this day-long event, Derrick interviewed six people who each hold an impassioned critique of this culture and offered ideas on what can be done … Continue reading Earth At Risk 2011: Arundhati Roy, Derrick Jensen & more

We have nothing to lose.

“What if we fight back, but lose?” Derrick Jensen’s response is something like this. There are basically three possibilities. 1. Don’t fight back. Let the dominant culture keep going. 2. Fight back, and lose. 3. Fight back, and win. In possibility 1, the dominant culture keeps going, keeps destroying anything wild and free, and everything that gives us … Continue reading We have nothing to lose.

Deep Green Resistance Workshops

Before the Deep Green Resistance organization was the book. Before the book were workshops conducted by the eventual co-authors. The workshops haven’t been offered since 2011, but here’s an archive of what they involved: Deep Green Resistance Weekend Workshops with Derrick Jensen, Aric McBay and Lierre Keith We live in the most destructive culture to … Continue reading Deep Green Resistance Workshops