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Wet’suwet’en Solidarity Actions #ShutDownCanada

By Max Wilbert Featured image: solidarity actions initiated by Deep Green Resistance in Eugene, Oregon shut down multiple Chase Bank locations in the area on February 13th. Photo: Max Wilbert. Solidarity actions in the wake of a Canadian government raid on an indigenous community resisting pipeline construction are paralyzing the Canadian economy, shutting down factories, … Continue reading Wet’suwet’en Solidarity Actions #ShutDownCanada

In The Event of My Demise

By Max Wilbert Anthropologist Stanley Diamond once wrote that “Civilization originates in conquest abroad and repression at home.” Empires and the elites that control them have, as Diamond notes, been repressing their opposition for thousands of years. At this point, they have turned suppression and violence into an art form. From blacklisting to blackmail, from … Continue reading In The Event of My Demise

Keepers Of The Flame

Featured image: Resistance. Acrylic on canvas. 2008. By Travis London. “With the successful devastation of the Washougal River watershed through intense logging and mineral extraction, there was only one thing left to do: install hydroelectric dams. In the early 1920s, construction of a third dam began down river from the outlet of Cougar Creek. The … Continue reading Keepers Of The Flame

We Provide Training For Resistance Groups

One of the biggest barriers to effective resistance today is that most people who want to resist don’t have the knowledge or skills. That’s why Deep Green Resistance offers trainings and workshops to aspiring organizers and revolutionaries. Our trainings are tailored to your needs and adapted to your specific situation. These trainings aim to move … Continue reading We Provide Training For Resistance Groups

The Moral Argument for Ecological Revolution

Written and photographed by Max Wilbert In 1941, as World War II thundered across half the planet, my grandfather was drafted into the United States military. Faced with the prospect of being sent overseas to kill other young men in World War II, his morality rebelled. He refused to join the military and applied for … Continue reading The Moral Argument for Ecological Revolution

The Legal System Will Not Save the Planet

By Max Wilbert As the world moves further into a state of climate crisis, it’s imperative that we study and critique the strategies being proposed to address greenhouse gas emissions, and develop our own strategies based on rigorous assessment of their effectiveness. Many of the strategies currently being pursued by the mainstream environmental movement hinge … Continue reading The Legal System Will Not Save the Planet

Love Letter to a Fierce Revolutionary Community

By Max Wilbert For the past 9 years, I have been part of a revolutionary social and ecological organization. In that time, I have made some of my best friends in the world. I have met some of the most incredible people I can imagine: true-hearted warriors with courage, conviction, and character. These comrades are … Continue reading Love Letter to a Fierce Revolutionary Community

The Aerosol Masking Effect and Industrial Collapse

Featured image: Linear clouds in this satellite photo show the path of large ships. Exhaust from the extremely polluting bunker fuel these ships burn acts as a nucleus for condensing water vapor, forming clouds. One container ship releases as much pollution as 50 million cars. Public domain photo. By Max Wilbert The Global Climate System … Continue reading The Aerosol Masking Effect and Industrial Collapse

Are Humans Inherently Destructive?

By Max Wilbert / Featured Image: San People in southern Africa making friction fire. Photo by Isewell, used under the CC BY-SA 2.5 license. Are humans inherently destructive? Are we, as a species, some sort of  cancer on the planet? Are we “destined” to destroy the planet because we are “too smart” and  “too successful”? … Continue reading Are Humans Inherently Destructive?