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Resistance Radio – Raven Gray – 12.27.15

Today we feature an interview with Raven Gray, a member of Deep Green Resistance and a visionary writer, educator and activist. A permaculture designer for over 15 years, she is a pioneer of the Transition Towns Movement. In 2007, she founded Transition US, a nonprofit that inspires the emergence of resilient communities that can thrive … Continue reading Resistance Radio – Raven Gray – 12.27.15

Raven Gray: Witnessing Extinction

By Raven Gray / Deep Green Resistance Dec 21st, 2014. I walk to Kehoe beach with my son. A winter storm is raging from the northwest, blurring the boundary of sky and sea. We have the place to ourselves. The tide is out, but the wind carries the waves up to the high tide line. … Continue reading Raven Gray: Witnessing Extinction

Are You Ready To Resist Roundup?

Deep Green Resistance member Raven Gray is actively writing for her new blog, Wild Awake, on subjects ranging from “reskilling” and permaculture to listening to the land and protecting it against industrial civilization. Her whole blog is worth following and exploring, but we wanted to especially highlight her recent piece about planned use of Roundup … Continue reading Are You Ready To Resist Roundup?