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Sacred Water Tour 2015: Stop the Water Grab!

Stealing Water From the Desert? We Say No! Join us this Memorial Day weekend for a tour of sacred lands threatened by unsustainable “development”. We will spend three days visiting the communities to be affected by the water grab, learning about the project and the threatened sacred lands and waters, and camping in some of … Continue reading Sacred Water Tour 2015: Stop the Water Grab!

Restoring Sanity, Part 4: Anxiety and Civilization

Editor’s Note: The first three installments of the Restoring Sanity series are An Inhuman System, Mental Illness As A Social Construct, and Medicating. By Susan Hyatt and Michael Carter, Deep Green Resistance If you don’t want any more anxiety, get rid of all your intelligence and your creativity which would be a very dull life … Continue reading Restoring Sanity, Part 4: Anxiety and Civilization

DIY Resistance: I love you, Dad

Many thanks to San Diego Free Press, who first published this article By Will Falk, Deep Green Resistance “Your mother and I are worried about you,” my dad said looking down into the beer his hands cradled on a wood table in the Morris Inn at the University of Notre Dame. We came to Notre … Continue reading DIY Resistance: I love you, Dad

Historic Images of Seattle

Seattle has a long history of social struggle and revolutionary politics that spans many decades. The indigenous people resisted European colonization in several wars in the 1800’s, including the Puget Sound War. Labor struggles have been a huge part of the history of this city, as have been immigration issues, especially in Chinese, Japanese, and … Continue reading Historic Images of Seattle

Adon Apamea: Dubai and the Fantasies of Civilization

By Adon Apamea / Deep Green Resistance Middle East & North Africa Dubai is an interesting city. A thriving futuristic metropolis in the heart of the desert considered to be the crown jewel of modernity with indoor ski resorts, gulf courses, fully computerized metros, giant air-conditioned shopping malls, and the tallest skyscrapers in the world. … Continue reading Adon Apamea: Dubai and the Fantasies of Civilization

Ekümenopolis: City Without Limits

Ekümenopolis: City Without Limits is a feature documentary that tells the story of Istanbul and other Mega-Cities on a neo-liberal course to destruction. The film takes a look at the city on a macro level and through the eyes of experts, going from the tops of mushrooming skyscrapers to the depths of the railway tunnel under … Continue reading Ekümenopolis: City Without Limits

Industrial Civilization is Incompatible with Life

By Rachel / Deep Green Resistance Florida Industrial civilization is systematically destroying everything on the planet that life requires in order to exist.  Since civilization demands infinitely increasing resources on a finite planet, its eventual end is unavoidable.  It follows that the faster it can be brought down, the more likely it is that any … Continue reading Industrial Civilization is Incompatible with Life

Video: India’s Coal Rush

By Al Jazeera India is hungry for energy. Over 173 power plants, all of them coal-fired, will be built to power the nation’s high-tech industries and booming cities. This is accelerating an ongoing “coal rush” which has put our dirtiest fossil fuel at the heart of India’s breakneck growth, and could soon make a single … Continue reading Video: India’s Coal Rush