Against Imperialist War

Following the U.S. assassination of prominent Iranian General Qassem Soleimani last Friday, Iran has launched a missile strike against U.S. military bases in Iraq.

It is unclear what will happen from here, but there is a possibility of escalation and the potential of a major war. This would be a disaster for the people of Iran and Iraq, for the ecology of the region and of the entire planet, and likely for the United States as well.

There are two hallmarks of modern warfare: civilian deaths, and ecological devastation. Between sanctions, the Gulf War, and the 2003 invasion and occupation, the U.S. government is responsible for more than 2 million Iraqi civilian deaths. Falluja is a toxic nightmare of depleted uranium and birth defects, and the emissions from U.S. wars are a major contributor to global warming. This is not to mention the torture and other war crimes.

A war in Iran would only create untold suffering and instability, as we have seen from the fallout of the U.S. invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Iran is no saint, either. Those who lionize Iran simply for standing up to U.S. power forget the lessons of the past. Most modern wars are not fought between good and evil, but between two different varieties of evil. This is the trajectory of civilizations. They are expansionist, aggressive powers that must fight to maintain their position. Iran is no more a force for good than was Saddam Hussein. Deep Green Resistance stands against all imperialism, whether the aggressor is the United States or China or Iran, and whether the weapon is cyber warfare, proxy conflicts, sanctions, international “aid,” or Predator drones.

So how do we resist a war such as this?

We are a radical environmental organization that advocates for dismantling the global industrial economy by any means necessary. We believe the Deep Green Resistance strategy provides a viable way to oppose imperialism by making modern industrialized warfare impossible. We do not aim to simply stop this war. We aim to stop all modern warfare, including the oldest war of them all: the war against the planet.

Civilian casualties in Iraq, Afghanistan, and September 11th, by James Buckley. Used under CC BY-NC 2.0. Image is from 2010, so figures are more heavily skewed towards civilian deaths by now.

Featured image: Kuwaiti oil wells on fire during the first Gulf War. Public domain photo.

4 thoughts on “Against Imperialist War”

  1. War should be strictly limited to fighting on designated battlefields with pre-industrial weapons. Still not something I’d support, but I wouldn’t bother opposing it either. Industrial weapons, like industrial society and industrial living, are war against the Earth. And to make matters worse industrial weapons kill more civilians than military fighters.

  2. I continue to question the premise that homo sapiens can be described as “intelligent life,” when, for 70 years, we have tolerated governments whose notions of “national security” rest on the development and maintenance of nucleat arsenals that would end all life on Earth, if used.

    Nor are the key figures in the insane policies of government persons we would ordinarily describe as “madmen.” In terms of apparent kindness and civility, two of the nicest men I have ever met were Edward Teller (a leading developer and proponent of the hydrogen bomb), and a former coworker named Kurt, who had been Heinrich Himmler’s personal secretary, on the train that ran between the Nazi death camps. If such people come across as sane and civil, how does civilization presume to define “insanity”?

    One of the saddest and yet proudest images I have ever seen was a photograph of indigenous tribesmen in South America, shooting arrows at a helicopter hovering over them.

    As Malcolm X said, “by any means necessary.”

  3. @Mark E Behrend
    There are many types of “intelligence.” Just because a person is intellectually intelligent doesn’t mean that they’re wise, have common sense, intuitive, empathetic, etc. As Woody Allen put it, intellectuals prove that one can be brilliant and still not have a clue about what’s going on. For this reason, terms like “smart,” “stupid,” and “intelligent” have little or no useful meaning.

    As a whole, humans are very intellectually intelligent, but aside from hunter-gatherers and maybe a few Buddhist monks, are very foolish and out of touch with their intuition and the natural world. That’s the root of all these problems, even more fundamental that the use of agriculture and its resulting overpopulation and civilizations. Life on Earth would be much better off if humans were less intellectually intelligent, but instead were wise and empathetic.

  4. “Climate change” is likely to be the next common enemy to be weaponized to justify imperialism, like “Muslim terrorists” have been in the past. This happened already in Bolivia. There’s no reason why it can’t happen again. Anti-imperialist environmentalists need to stay VERY alert.

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