Indigenous People Confront 350 and Sierra Club

On October 12th, 2020, Indigenous People’s Day, a group of indigenous people and allies gathered in Illahee (Portland, Oregon) to confront the Sierra Club and for their corporate ties and advocacy of false solutions as outlined in the film Planet of the Humans.

These groups were informed that they had breached trust with the grassroots environmental movement and local indigenous people, and had betrayed their own stated goals.

Sierra Club was informed that their promotion of “green investments” in massive multinational corporations via their “sustainable investing funds” represent a fundamental opposition to life on the planet. was informed that even their name and stated goal, 350 parts per million of carbon dioxide, is incompatible with life for the small island nations. As the Association of Small Island States write in their 2009 briefing as part of the Copenhagen climate conference, “350 ppm is a death sentence. . . . The safe level of CO2 for SIDS (Small Island Developing States) is around 260 parts per million. . . . CO2 buildup must be reversed, not allowed to increase or even be stabilized at 350 ppm, which would amount to a death sentence for coral reefs, small island developing states, and billions of people living along low lying coastlines.”

Both of these groups have and continue to advocate for false solutions, including “green” technology, “green” investments, and other greenwashing schemes. Both groups failed to sign the Universal Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth created at the 2010 Cochabamba World People’s Conference on Climate Change, despite the opportunity to do so.

On October 12th, 2020, both groups were informed that they are no longer welcome, and were asked to cease operations in Oregon and across Turtle Island in favor of true grassroots resistance.

3 thoughts on “Indigenous People Confront 350 and Sierra Club”

  1. I suspect that neither Green organisation gives a damn what indigenous people think about them. Having a lucrative career matters far more to corporate Greens. If those indigenous people were wealthy, that would impress them.

  2. My understanding is that 280 ppm was the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere before industrial society started emitting it. Is that wrong? Or is the Association of Small Island States taking logging into consideration due to the removal of trees that remove CO2?

    BTW, I’ve been saying all along that is the wrong name, it should be No Compromise in Defense of Mother Earth! Industrial society must be ended ASAP by whatever means necessary, it’s war against the Earth.

  3. Correct, Jeff. Antarctic ice cores show carbon content of the atmosphere was in the 230-280 range for 100,000 years before the Industrial Revolution. 350 was picked as the “better than nothing” limit compatible with life above sea level.

    In related news, Nicaraguan beef is being sold in the US under “product of US” labels, because the sides of beef are cut up and packaged here. And the corrupt, repressive, quasi-“socialist” Ortega government is rewarding the cattle industry for its achievements — which include the forced expulsion of Natives from land that is theirs by law, followed by deforestation and cattle ranching. The report (DW News, 10/20) added that red meat is linked to colo-rectal cancer.

    Also, the people of Tibet are being forced off the ancestral lands of traditional herders and subsistence farmers in Tibet, sent to Chinese “re-education” camps to learn industrial skills, which leave them no choice but to urbanize and work in sweatshops. Up to 20% of the indigenous population has been “re-educated” in recent weeks.

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