Editor’s Note: this piece comes from the Native Youth Movement, a cross-nation warrior society for indigenous youth on Turtle Island. We do not agree with every detail of this piece, but consider it a good primer on this topic and a look at how traditionally-minded indigenous people are approaching the internet, social media, pornography, and more. Featured image: Jared Rodriguez / Truthout, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Facebook (Fed-book): the ultimate tool for intelligence and distraction.

Indigenous People
Who are We?
We are the original people of our Lands. Some of us were born into our culture, some of us were not, some of us got taught a little, some of us got none, some of us were born in our homelands to Indian hands and greeted by the Sun, some of us where born in far away industrial war zones, slapped on the ass by a white man & put under neon lights.
So who are we now?
Although we come from different realities & have been taught different world views, deep inside we share common pre-invasion bloodlines, pre-invasion realities and pre-invasion minds.  At one time we all had the same world-view as humans–we are simply another animal species no more important than other Life forms. Life is a beautiful gift which we must not take for granted. Instead, we are to respect, care for and protect it. We are born with a basic task, the same as all Life: to continue it.
Today, we are those who have united and chosen Life over death, Land, Water and Air, over industrial waste. We have a Sacred Duty, to be Earths Army.
Our Vision?
Is to raise babies who are Independent of other humans and machines, knowing the land & water, how to sustain themselves with real skills, working with the Natural Law, Food Harvesting, Building, Healing, Protecting, Clothing, Making Fire, with good Leadership Qualities, Virtues and all the skills for living on the Land in various seasons and terrains.
Our Job. What do we want?
To Provide Life. Healthy Life! No More. No Less. We demand Healthy Life, not from other people, but from ourselves. It is our Duty as Indian Men and Women to look after ourselves and continue Life forever according to our Original Instructions.
How will we get what we want?
Building our skills, and living the Natural Law. Leaving the cities and reservations and building more villages in our Lands or join existing ones.
How did we arrive where we are?
Since the beginning, humans have had to fight off other humans attempting to invade lands and utilize the resources for their own human group.
Over 500 years ago a new kind of invasion took place in our Lands, one that had been existing over the seas for thousands of years–One that attempted to exterminate our people and way of life. These attempts continued to get advanced in their quest for resources and control. It was a War against Indigenous People. The War against the human proved unsuccessful. Many were exterminated, but many survived.
The industrial revolution changed the face of battle, from primary attacks on humans, to attacks focused on the earth that humans and all Life depend on for existence. War against humanity had expanded. Industry waged war against all Life forms.
To compliment industry, psychoanalysts used their study of human thinking to go deep into the thoughts and feelings of the survivors of Tribal people to empty the original thinking and replace it with a foreign way. Missions, Boarding & Residential schools would become the way for the white man to kill the thoughts, feeling and responsibilities of the Indigenous children by taking them away from their Lands and teachers and replacing their way of being with a white mind, and body that could now be used to contribute to the destruction of the earth. After generations, that form of forced brainwashing and fear through violence and sexual abuse was so successful they now use the public schools to continue to raise robots whose only purpose in life is to get a job contributing to the industrial machine and their own destruction in the process.
Resistance to pre-mature death is nothing new; it is a Natural Law of self-preservation. When something attacks you, you do all you can to make sure the attack is unsuccessful. Today is no different. World-wide attacks on humans and the Earth are resisted, so they must advance their methods of attack.
In comes the teck-no-logic ‘revolution’. Welcome the world of ‘social’ media, known better as advanced social monitoring.
This statement will focus on facebook, which we prefer to call by what it really is: fed-book– the world’s largest database of humans and their activities. For those who are completely part of the system the service provides insight even deeper into the colonized consumer human mind and how they can sell more products in order to expand control over them.
For those who know something is wrong and must change, fed-book serves to monitor their location, activities, friends, and psychology. From those reformist views of wanting a piece of the pie (money for our lands being exploited), and those revolutionaries who don’t want the money, but want to stop the exploitation and destruction of the land, fed-book is an intelligence tool. The greatest to date, with over 1.5 billion people (and growing) making their own profile to be monitored.
This writing will focus on why it is so great for intelligence and why we are so quick to fall for it. We will start by  looking at why we might be susceptible to social media, then the problems created by it–Physical Health, Social, Mental & Body aspects–then Movement Health. Finally, we will discuss what we are going to do from here on out to improve our current state.
Teck-No-Logic World & the Internet: The quest for more control
The Internet was created by the military, for military purposes, and it continues to be used for such. Business, military and governments, which are all intertwined, have always sought more efficient ways to monitor people & control them. Psychoanalysts are the leadership in this constant improvement of how to control people better so we can live & die in their vision and not in our true way of life. They are highly skilled, with the majority of our people uploading photos of themselves, shooing off smiling, stoic, innocent, noble savage, hard or duck lips faces Billions are contributing to self-made intelligence profiles.
Let’s look at why humans are so eager to show themselves to anybody and everybody who cares to look, even after proven detrimental consequences.
How to get us to be distracted
Sex, Food and Violence
Internal Trickster, Tricking Our-selves
Needs are: Air, Water, Food, Protection, Fire and depending on your region the ability to stay warm or cool. This is what we need to complete our job while living on Earth.
We are born from a seed like all other life, then die, and our body goes back into the earth and essence back into the universe. Extremely simple. So if humans are so smart why do we complicate things so much?
The trickster. The trickster exists in all facets of our life, not really to trick us, but to test us, & like all tests, once completed & passed you have a stronger understanding and knowledge of the subject you were tested on making you a better human being. Within all of us are internal tricksters, and they exist within our mind. Our job is to not let ourselves, trick ourselves.
Reward System and Energy Balance
Our Real Elders have taught us that our Brain is truly a Seed. All Life comes from a Seed. We literally are the same as all Life, full of Water, Vitamins, Minerals & Energy, compiled into another shape.
In our Brain we have a part called the Reward System. The job of the Reward System is to identify things that are pleasurable and good for us. When identified, dopamine’s are released in this portion of the brain, giving a temporary feeling of satisfaction & euphoria.
We also have another part of the brain which combines many structures and makes the Energy Balance System.  In a time before industrial production, refrigeration and internet  systems worked hand in hand & they complimented each other. When we encountered fresh sweet berries, fatty meat, or salty food, our reward system was triggered because we knew that we needed it for proper energy balance in our bodies.
The Earth provides naturally, the perfect amount of energy, through a process of growth and death, giving and taking, to keep the planet in balance and therefore helping us to continue orbiting in the universe how we are supposed to. On a smaller scale the Earth always provided all its animals, including humans the proper amount of energy, through food and water to keep us alive and strong.  No doubt if we looked into the minds of our ancestors they would not have found competing systems but one working unit. Some humans began to go through great efforts to change this naturally perfect system of internal cohesion and recognition between the Energy Balance and Reward System, and slowly began to only feed the Reward System.
Today we are still born hardwired to be healthy and strong life forms, but that is quickly disturbed and our brain separated by only getting offered physical and emotional things that benefit the Reward System and put us completely out of touch with Energy Balance.  At the root of the Reward System is the thought that it needs certain things to continue healthy Energy Balance.
Now, when we see sweet, salty and fatty foods our Reward System finds them hard to resist because they used to benefit our Energy Balance system & when used in moderation were what we really needed to live. For example, when people see someone of the opposite sex they are attracted, not because they crave the feeling of orgasm, but because the feeling of orgasm signals to the reward system something good is happening for energy balance; a new life is being made, which is essentially why we are all here–to help Life continue.
Today, everything is superficial and instead of having just the right amount to live in energy balance, we are forced to have too much. Excess things trick our Reward System into thinking we are doing what is right, but really we are nowhere near proper Energy Balance. Realizing we are out of balance can explain why there is more obesity, drug addicts, sex addicts, technology addicts, gambling addicts, gaming addicts, chemicals, pollution, pre-mature deaths, physical & sexual abuse, overall sickness, and more war and destruction than any time before us on the planet. It can also help explain why, today, humans are the weakest in the story of humanity. Never before have we been so physically, mentally & spiritually weak.
How can we improve that? As Hidatsa-Arirkara Michael Yellowbird says, “In order to successfully de-colonize our harmful & obstructive emotions, thoughts & behaviors we must understand this imbalance & have the courage to confront it.”
So let’s confront it.
Mental & Physical Health
Social Health
The want for social attention and recognition
White man wants us to think there is a need for social recognition, not on the same level as basic needs, but a need none the less. However, we did not think like that, and shouldn’t today. There was not a need for social recognition. A need is necessary for existence. Some may have wanted it, but social recognition is not necessary to live.
If we are equal to all creation then to call it a need is as silly as a plant needing recognition to do its job. A plant that grows from a sprout into a beautiful flower, whose petals fall off, then withers and dries, drops its babies (new seeds) into the ground to continue life, then falls and feeds the earth, eventually becoming another layer of the dirt, does not need other plants to tell it what a good job it is doing to continue and complete its job. Some plants may want it (doubt it though), but a need? I don’t think so.
The want for social recognition can only happen if a person has their basic needs met. Today, although extremely poorly, the majority of Native people think they get their needs met through government programs put in place to maintain control. Although all Native communities have a shorter life expectancy than non-native communities, some as low as 42 years old, basic day-to-day needs appear to be met, but aren’t sufficient. If they were we wouldn’t die so young. But the appearance exists, giving our people the time to begin and worry about social recognition & status in a false reality, & today, a virtual one.
A long time ago your social status had to do with your deeds, your actions and how beneficial they were to the larger group. The society you lived in would determine what actions would help you achieve social recognition.
For the white-man, the deeds of george washington won him great social recognition. His society wanted all Indians dead, he was good at massacring them, therefore granting him the highest social status in white amerikkka.
For Native People fighting to continue our way of life, the actions of Crazy Horse to defend Indigenous people against destruction and defend the Land made him a person of high social standing. So much so that many Indigenous people, even outside of the Lakota Nation, know this name. To be high status in our society was different than the white-man, it did not mean you were better than others, it meant you did great deeds, knew the story of your people since creation and had a vision of what needed to be done for the future.
Skills & Self-esteem
Today our people seek social status and recognition not because they are deserving of it, but because they have an empty void they are trying to fill; a void caused by the invasion of our lands, the murder of our people, the destruction of our resources, the systematic erasing of our knowledge of how to provide for ourselves, the rape of our woman & men, the molestation of our children, machismo and feminism, & the continued poisoning of our bodies and minds with substances & colonial mentality.
In order to escape these realities, people turn the want for recognition into false need, just like the drug addict who now thinks they ‘need’ a substance. It develops an addiction that can enter for numerous reasons all having to do with voids caused by oppression. This void cannot be filled with lots of compliments and fed-book friends, although it may feel like it. To add to the dysfunction is the fact that social recognition in a virtual reality that isn’t real. Social media is not a real life community; it is a virtual one– fake.
People have developed a low self-esteem because of inter-generational trauma. Thinking attention and social recognition can help boost our self-esteem, is a false feeling. Only skills can improve self-esteem.
Compliments and attention are a quick release of dopamine in the reward system, just like substances (drugs), it is like a hot air balloon, a false heat that will come down when hot air is gone and needs more to get you feeling good again. This leads humans to become extremely narcissistic, in other words, have extremely inflated ego’s & think they are so beautiful & great & the whole world should know this. Greatness based on what deeds? Beauty, according to whose standard? Those who are truly beautiful & great, do not think so themselves, cause as soon as they do, their beauty and greatness are gone.
Narcissism is the medical term that can explain why humans love fed-book so much. We can recognize that this is just another form & layer of colonization. Let’s look at it so we may confront and improve it.
Narcissist was a greek youth who fell in love with his own image and spent hours of the day staring at himself, developing a huge ego & becoming extremely selfish. He eventually died from not taking care of daily needs & just staring at himself, but to make the story sound good, they say he turned into a flower which today bears his name.
Since 2000, psychological tests designed to detect narcissism have been done across the country, and the scores of residents of the united states have continually increased. Psychologists have linked the increase to social media. This is one of the reasons for creating social media: to get people consumed with themselves so they cannot function as normal human beings, let alone be a threat in an organized resistance to the industrial world.
Signs of narcissism are:
  • Problems in sustaining satisfying relationships
  • Lack of empathy: The capacity to recognize emotions that are being experienced by another.
  • Problems distinguishing them self from others: others either exist to meet their needs or may as well not exist at all.
  • Hyper-sensitivity to any insults or imagined insults.
  • Feeling Shameful instead of remorseful or guilty.
  • Haughty Body Language: a physical posture which implies & puts out an air of superiority, seniority, hidden powers, mysteriousness, amused indifference, etc. The narcissist usually maintains sustained and piercing eye contact, also keeping space & posturing up.
  • Flattery towards people who admire and affirm them.
  • Detesting those who do not admire them.
  • Using other people without considering the cost of doing so. Usually the other is in a subservient position where resistance would be difficult or even impossible.
  • Pretending to be more important than they really are.
  • Bragging (Subtly but persistently) and exaggerating their achievements.
  • Claiming to be an “expert” at many things.
  • Inability to view the world from the perspective of other people.
  • Pathological lying, making false promises.
  • Lacks values; easily bored; often changes course.
  • Entitlement: Narcissists hold unreasonable expectations of favorable treatment and automatic compliance because they consider themselves special. Failure to comply is considered an attack on their superiority, and the perpetrator is considered a “controlling” or “difficult” person. Defiance of their will can trigger Narcissistic Rage.
  • Inability to engage emotionally with their children’s needs, often choosing their own wants over time with children.
  • Failure to accept responsibility for own actions.
Narcissistic Abuse
“At the core of a narcissist is a combination of entitlement and low self-esteem. Feelings of inadequacy are projected onto the victim. If the narcissistic person is feeling unattractive they will belittle their romantic partner’s appearance. If the narcissist makes an error, this error becomes their partners. Narcissists also engage in insidious, manipulative abuse by giving subtle hints and comments that result in the victim questioning their own behavior and thoughts. Any slight criticism of the narcissistic, whether actual or perceived, often triggers narcissistic rage and full blown annihilation from the narcissistic person.
The discard phase can be swift and occurs once the narcissistic supply is obtained elsewhere.
In romantic relationships, the narcissistic supply can be acquired by having affairs. The new partner is in the idealization phase and only witnesses the ideal self; thus once again the cycle of narcissistic abuse begins. Narcissists do not take responsibility for relationship difficulties and exhibit no feeling of remorse. Instead they believe themselves to be the victim in the relationship.” Wikipedia
Fed-book & all social media is helping to increase this selfish and egotistical behavior in our people, hitting us in the deepest root of who we are…the inner self. Bringing two dysfunctional people together will contribute to dysfunctional Nations. To be Strong again, we must confront these dysfunctions & stop feeding into them. We must change them.
Trying to find yourself through Social media
Personal realization is crucial in the development of a human. But is Fed-book really helping with it, or creating an illusion about it?
Having lots of fed-book friends may help you temporarily feel good about yourself, but a study called, ‘Are Close Friends the Enemy? Online Social Networks, Self-Esteem, and Self-Control’,  (by Keith Wilcox, a professor at Columbia University & Andrew Stephen, a professor at the University of Pittsburgh) shows that fed-book also makes you fat, broke, lazy and depressed. This ego boost has an ‘unintended psychological consequence.’ Fed-bookers relax their self-control making them more likely to make purchases and over eat junk food that they know is bad for them.
“Simply browsing Facebook makes people feel better about themselves and momentarily enhances their self-esteem,” Wilcox told Today.com. “It’s that enhanced self-esteem that ultimately lowers your self-control. The loss of self-control can result in self-indulgence. When you feel good, you can rationalize ordering dessert or buying something you don’t really need. ‘I feel good today,’ you tell yourself. ‘I deserve a treat.’ “
The results of the study found that Fed-book users had a higher body-mass index (BMI) (fat), were more prone to binge eating, carried more credit card debt and had lower credit scores. Fed-book use ‘is causing people to have reduced self-control in a variety of situations.’ They believe the ‘Facebook effect’ is subtle and develops over time and only gets worse the more a person is on it.No matter how many people like your self-moulding photos, or comment on your picture or post, it will not make you a better human being. You are not a good person because you appear to be attractive by cosmopolitan standards.
Social-Media has helped contribute to sexual dysfunction and is teaching another new generation that attraction is based on appearance.
Another recent study shows that social media makes the section of the brain connected with emotions grow, but not in healthy ways. It grows uncontrollable sensitivity, overly affected by what people think about, even if they do not even know the people and had no real life interactions with them.
Effects on marriages and romantic relationships
With the ability to be turned on at every corner of the web, social media is the leading cause of break-up and divorces today.
Emotional cheating is when you allow your thoughts (usually caused by viewing images), to drift from your real life partner and family, to somebody else you may or may not know as a real human being. Emotional cheating is still cheating, and often, more times than not leads to physical cheating, even if not with the person or people the emotional cheating started with.
It open’s a Pandora’s box into the human mind & the craving to satisfy the Reward System, not to create more life, but just to feel good, without any benefit on energy balance.  The person online doesn’t contain any of the imperfections as your real life human partner. A person may feel completely attached to this idea of meeting someone perfect for them, & their real life partner is made into an evil enemy in the mind of the cheater to justify this new found ‘love’ & ‘freedom’.
When emotional cheating turns physical, most, if not all, will soon realize there is no such thing as a perfect person. They don’t exist, sorry, in case you didn’t know, you are not perfect either.
Over one third of divorce filings in 2011 contained the word “Facebook,” or “social media” according to a report from a legal services firm, Divorce Online.
Lookin’ for Love on fed-book
Divorce and break-up rates due to fed-book and other social media sites are extreme, but what about ‘meeting’ someone and creating a relationship that is based on something as shallow as appearance and not real human interaction?
When Fed-book was invented so was crush-stalking.
It’s a quiet and seemingly innocent art that everybody does, so it must be ok, right?  The silent accumulation of massive amounts of information about a person whose appearance you like, quietly plotting how you will arrange to see them again, dropping-in on the events they announced they will be at, at the same time adding more mutual Fed-book friends, eventually sending them a friend request, then start liking what they like (even if you really don’t), start commenting how great & pretty they are, then ask for their phone number & eventually set up a face-to-face meeting. Before fed-book, you met someone who may interest you, maybe talk for a couple of minutes, not long enough to ask for a number, and it’s done. There is no ability to learn about their life, interests, hobbies, favorite music, who all their friends are, where they’ve travelled, & you damn sure wouldn’t be able to view their family photos. By looking at their pictures and videos you learn their different facial expressions, moods and share in their emotion at the time and place of the photo or video.
There would be no way that a person you just briefly met or just saw in the street would give you their personal journal & give you an open door into the inner most feelings of who they are. In so many ways it would be seen as high risk, for the heart & security, if a complete stranger had all that information. Now any & all who wish, can have access to all that information, without ever having to get to know the person in real life.
In Fed-book you can be whoever you want, only exposing the positive characteristics of yourself. As your virtual personality you don’t ever look tired with bags under your eyes, you don’t shit, you don’t fart, you don’t get sick, you don’t throw up or ever have diarrhea, your perfect, & your self-esteem is skyrocketing cause everyone ‘likes’ what you have to say & everybody ‘likes’ the photos of you. You are looking at that Photoshopped version of yourself — your favorite flattering photos, your witty comments,  your epiphanies that came to you on your recent vacation — all reinforcing the version of who you want to be, having a positive but very temporary effect on your self-esteem.
You get that ego lift because you self-select the information that is included in our Fed-book profiles and posts on your wall . That skyrocketing self-esteem goes up fast and strong, but it always has to come down, and when it does the landing is never smooth. But with quick glance at the most beautiful photos of yourself, you can get that hot air balloon back up and running. But soon it will be deflated yet again, often leading to a new but real medical term, “Facebook-Depression.”
Those enormous egos may have already taken over your bodies and minds, a temporary escape from reality, & if you have access through your phone it is one you can visit all the time, even more than living in real reality.
The ability to be constantly connected means that those fragile relationship beginnings can be fast-tracked: You’ve only hung out once, but you Fed-book Chat throughout the day and like each-others uploads at a crazy pace. It’s too much, too soon, and can be addictive. Constantly chatting means that you can get to know someone seemingly faster and can quickly turn into a phase where you spend hours talking about your childhoods, families, and futures.
Then, you get stuck with a false intimacy.
Fed-book does not just confuse people about how ‘great’ they are, but looking at ‘friends’ pages, posts and updates also negatively affects the views of yourself, because like you they put only their best up & it can make people feel depressed & sad thinking others have a better life than theirs. So now to improve your feelings you gotta out do them to make yourself feel sufficient. Constantly self-modeling & announcing the newest cool things you’ve done.
In other words, the computer or cell phone it is not a healthy place to look for Love.
Sexting and Virtual Sex
Real Life Sex must happen to create more Natives. Sex is not an act for the release of dopamine’s and daily expulsion of sacred energy. When two humans, a man and woman exchange their energy it is a sacred union of these two energies: Water & Fire, Earth and Sky, Sun & Moon, pure balance that can potentially lead to a larger responsibility, a new Life.
In our pre-invasion world it was seen very different than today, very Sacred; the most Sacred of our ceremonies, the one that is universal. By exploiting sexuality, we exploit our Essence as Life forms. By colonizing & changing our sexuality they colonize our first & oldest ceremony, so sacred every man & woman had their own and it was only viewed, attended & participated in by them, an internal union of duality.
It is now controlled by the perverted minds of the colonizer. If they control what arouses people and when, through imagery, they can make a person think about sex and control the oldest part of us.
The Hind Brain is older and Stronger than any other portion of the brain. We share it with all other backboned animals. It is associated with the 5 F’s: Fighting, Feeding, Fearing, Fleeing & Fornicating; The Hind Brain Defends Territories & their husbands or wives from others who may want them. Being aggressive to protect is an important job of the Hind Brain.
“Sexual Behavior is instinctive, responses are automatic & our emotions are more stimulated, negativity & anxiety flow easily.” – Michael Yellow Bird, For Indigenous Minds Only.
When Hind brain is in charge, accessing neural networks that are responsible for compassion, self-awareness & emotional intelligence is harder. The place where our deepest Love comes from can be quickly overridden by the Hind Brain. Today most People in the industrial world function in this mental state of the five F’s. A continued state of Narcissism. Self-Modeling & sexting are perfect examples of this portion of the brain not just in charge but controlled through imagery and violent sexual trauma.
In other words, they have sexualized our world as a way to control the oldest thought process of survival.
Sexting and Pornography are eroding whole generations from birth. While sex is thought of as a curse word in public & our communities, dysfunctional sexuality is a behind closed doors addiction that is available for the whole virtual world to see. In 2012 the Internet Watch Foundation found that an “estimated 88% of self-made explicit images are stolen from their original upload location and made available on other websites, in particular porn sites collecting sexual imagery of children and young people”. When the person who originally sexted the photo finds out everyone has access to it they can go into depression & there have been many cases of suicide.
Young children are even sexting & very few adults want to talk about how wrong & against Natural Law it is because they are doing it or have done it too. We must question what is going on, not just follow the crowd because the cool kid or prettiest girl is leading the way.
Indigenous views of sexuality must be revived as a Sacred teaching to our Young ones.
We did not stare at asses, which is really the upper portion of the legs where you shit comes out of.
“Titties” are the physical tissues where food exits for the new life to eat.
Muscles are what give us form, the clay on sticks.
Sexual organs are for the exiting of turbid fluid (piss) & for exchanging seed to egg to make Life.
This shit is not funny or giggly, it is real. We all have the same bodies, with fluids, organs, tissues & energy. Smartin’ up, this is not a joke, the future of Indigenous People are at stake. Body parts were not objects, just as the human they are part of, are not objects, they are sacred Life forms that must be treated good & engaged respectfully. Physical appearance is shallow. A person’s mind must be in good health to be healthy. Looks are temporary. This did not drive the reason you are with somebody & choose to make a new Life.
Not only does the enemy control our feelings and emotions through screens they get us to attempt to satisfy them with material objects. No matter who we are, now they seek to make all consumers of our own colonization and destruction of the Land.
Study, Experiment & Execute- The creation of the Consumer
Today’s industrial world uses the old roman philosophy of bread & circus for control. Entertainment (Circus) & Welfare (food).
Now they’ve mashed them together making everything circus, flashy entertainment that tells us what to buy, whether it’s food, jewelry, shoes, clothes, toys, games, music devices, phones, computers, household items or whatever they can to get us to continue this perpetual cycle of buying things. Humans are now in a constant state of wanting something else, always getting the itch to buy something else. It is yet another product of low self-esteem, always trying to fill a void, one that can only be filled with Land and Water & living by Natural Law.
Turning humans into buyers of things is called Consumerism. It is another advanced form of colonization. Psychoanalysts have learned they can control people through the selling of stuff. They study the oldest desires in the Hind Brain of individuals then try to fulfill them with products. There are always new products to fulfill those desires in a better way.
Public relations are utilized to control Life in every aspect: the constant sight & sound of bright flashy things, then wanting them & getting them.
The core of white civilization is Individualism, so study groups were set up over generations to find what appeals to the individual human mind & how they can make people Narcissistic, so companies can appeal to that desire & control through products.
In the 1980’s business stopped dividing people by social class and started classifying them by what their inner psychological wants were.
Those who wanted Security & Belonging are Mainstreamers.                If they sought Status & Esteem of Others they are Aspires.
If it is Control they seek they are Succeeders,
or if it is self-esteem they are Reformers.
They market products to fill the wants of these people.
Now through social media they mine all the information they can get about people & market to them directly for their individual wants and desires. It is called Data Mining, and is the newest tool used to help advance control through buying & debt.
Data Mining is used by corporations, police and intelligence.
Wikipedia says: “With this data, companies create customer profiles that contain customer demographics and online behavior. A recent strategy has been the purchase and production of ‘network analysis software’. This software is able to sort out through the influx of social networking data for any specific company.It is used to help companies improve their sales and profitability. Facebook has been especially important to marketing strategists. Facebook’s controversial ‘Social Ads’ program gives companies access to the millions of profiles in order to tailor their ads to a Facebook user’s own interests and hobbies. However, rather than sell actual user information, Facebook sells tracked ‘social actions’. That is, they track the websites a user uses outside of Facebook through a program called Facebook Beacon.”
That shit is crazy! Data mining is the next advancement of colonization
We were not born to be data mined consumers!
Are We Stronger Social Beings because of Fed-book?
Controlling our inner most feelings, when we are hungry, sexually aroused & scared due to violence, are at the root of control.  At one time these feelings would come naturally, when needed. When our body needs more energy, it tells us, and we eat or drink, when we are alone with our partners we are in an intimate space we get sexually aroused, when some form of confrontation or violence occurs we make the decision to fight or get out of the situation somehow if we can. These are not feelings that should be turned on and off by movies, internet, images, billboards or games. By controlling our emotions & feelings, we are like a puppet or a toy that can be turned on & off at the will of the enemy.
“We strengthen our brains neural circuits of fear, anger and helplessness when we engage in negativity, faulty thinking, feeling and behavior…
Our brain changes depends on how we train our minds to engage the world…
A Healthy well balanced mind and brain are essential to engage in proactive, creative & successful decolonization activities” – Michael Yellow Bird
So are we stronger and better human beings because of fed-book. Are we socially advanced? Do we live the good stress free life of our ancestors?
When you log on you may feel like it, but that is all it is, a feeling, not real Life. Get real. Get a Real Life and Real friends who you know and trust and won’t be attracted to you because of physical appearances, what you type & false virtual status.
What type of future Adults are we raising today?
Raising Warriors
Raising Addicts, Zombies & Disease Riddled Children?
Raising Addicts & Zombies
When phones first entered our communities, elders started to see the break down of personal interaction. People no longer talked to each other face-to-face, just over the phone. Visits and social gatherings became less frequent due to the ease of the phone. Now Internet has taken over, so instead of talking, people are typing and texting, another deeper level of social breakdown with absolutely no human interaction, just writing and reading through a screen.
We have been told we are more social than ever, learning how to speak a language of typed acronyms. Social implies interaction, not typed interaction, but physical interaction.
Children are the primary targets of it all. If children can be taught from a young age, you can control them as adults.
The majority of kids and teens spend about 75% of their awake time attached to some sort of screen.
What type of human is this going to be as an adult? What skill sets will that child learn? Will any of them be applicable if there was no electricity? Will any of these children be functional without electricity?
Addiction is the continued use of a substance or continuation of a behavior despite extremely negative consequences.
Not being able to function without electricity is an extremely negative consequence, a suicidal one. In the world of cyber war, whole Nations electrical systems can be turned over with the switch. On average approximately 7.5 hours per day are spent using some form of entertainment/electrical media. Most people think they need constant audio or visual stimulation.
Doctors have recently set general guidelines recommending that children under the age of two should not watch TV or any form of screen entertainment at all, because television “can negatively affect early brain development” & that children of all ages should not have a television in their bedroom. If it’s bad for child humans in cannot be good for adult ones either.
Where there are humans there are screens, screens have quickly replaced missionaries to colonize those who are uncivilized (not of the city).  It is a world-wide disease, one that people slave in jobs to get and give to their children.
Bright flashy loud T.V. & games is how they get children’s attention; Using our instinctive sensitivity to movement and sudden changes in vision or sound. The human naturally orientates itself to screens, it is proven almost from birth: infants, when lying on their backs on the floor, will crane their necks around 180 degrees to watch TV.
Through stylistic techniques, they activate this orienting response by increasing the rate of cuts, edits, zooms, criticism, sudden noises & camera changes in the same visual scene to increase the persons physiological excitement along with attention to the screen. The content of the program is irrelevant. Screen based entertainment is the flavor enhancer of the audio-visual world, providing unnatural levels of sensory stimulation.
Research from China and Mexico identified television exposure as an independent factor in obesity. Mexico’s health ministry has reported that obesity has risen by 170 per cent in a single decade, 12 per cent higher for each hour of television watched per day. Eating when watching TV is a main factor, humans continue to salivate unnaturally in response to more and more food when normally they would not. 75 per cent of meals are eaten in front of the television.
Other studies have shown that for every hour of television watched there were an increase in attention problems. The younger and more TV watched the more serious the attention disorders become.
The latest research on communication disorders suggests that early childhood television viewing may be an important trigger for autism (communication disorder), which is steadily increasing.
Children get less sleep than previous generations had & have a harder time getting into a deep sleep.  Passive exposure to TV creates sleeping difficulties in all age groups, from infants to adults.
A 25-year study, tracking children from birth has recently concluded that television viewing in childhood and adolescence is associated with poor educational achievement by 30 years of age. Early exposure to television has long-lasting bad consequences for educational achievement and later, the socio-economic status and well-being.
Not that we are promoting the white worlds view of educational and socio-economic status, but it goes to show that screens produce a dumbing effect on the population no matter what their goals are in Life.
Watching screens together, whether TV, Computers or cell phones, is a main pastime of families in the industrial world taking up more time than any other activity but sleep and even that is getting over powered by screen time.
Toys & Games
As Indigenous children we used to play with toys designed to help us learn coordination & the skill sets necessary in our world to Provide & Protect as adults. For example, little bows & arrows, hand-woven dolls to care for as if they were babies & many others that began to teach, from a young age, the jobs we would need to learn to be a beneficial member of our Community & Nation.
After colonization, we began playing with plastic & rubber toys which had very little significance to our way of Life & the Natural world. Now, kids are playing video games, learning how to be electrical killers & consumers, undoubtedly preparing them for a robotic world, whether in War or Purchase.
Recent estimates put the number of people playing video games worldwide at around 1.2 billion. This is mostly children & teens, not including the millions of adults sitting in front of slot machine screens, also known as adult gaming. These addictions are causing children & adults to ignore their own basic necessities of Life, such as Hygiene, Health & Humanity.
Dr. David Greenfield Director of the Center for internet and technology Addiction in Connecticut says people have died or killed others because their games were taken away.
“There are people who have died of deep vein thrombosis, starvation, repetitive motion injuries, heart attacks, malnourishment, and bowel restrictions because they refuse to go to the bathroom,” he said. At a Computer Addiction Services center in Richmond, bc, excessive gaming accounts for 80% of youth counsellor’s caseloads. Overuse of social networking and gaming also makes children more susceptible to depression and anxiety.
Globally, there have been deaths caused directly by exhaustion from playing games for excessive periods of time. Again it is the release of dopamine’s in the Reward System driving these cravings & addictions in Youth. Teck-no-logic addiction through screens is the most addictive thing on Earth and the materials used to make them are causing more diseases than any plague or pandemic know to Life.
Where do screen and computers come from & what are they made of?
Each screen and computer comes from somewhere. It is a compilation of materials that come from the Earth. These materials are acquired through mining.
Mining is when they blow holes into the Earth to access rocks below the surface that contain various metals they use for products. Mining has gone on for thousands of years. The industrial revolution enabled mining to reach a whole new level. Most products around the world are derived from mining, whether for metal or oil. In the process of separating the metal from rock they use toxic and hazardous chemicals, which leak into the ground & ground water.  The metals that are mined are hazardous themselves, they are in the ground for a reason & when exposed to the surface have terrible effects on all Life.
There are over 40 individual materials that make up most electrical products, and are all toxic chemicals ranging from hazardous flame retardants such as PVC &  brominated flame retardants (BFRs), including PBDEs (tri- to deca- brominated congeners), PBBs (tetra- to deca-brominated congeners), HBCD (hexabromocyclododecane) and TBBPA (tetrabromobisphenol A) to heavy metals like lead, tin, chromium, mercury, cadmium, tantalum, tin, tungsten, niobium, gold, copper, bauxite, steel, glass, crystalline silica, phosphorous & many more.
These chemicals are linked to birth defects, impaired learning and numerous other serious health problems.
After they stop working, and they all stop working at some point, they are discarded & become electronic waste, continuing poisoning & leeching poison into Life. Literally billions of electronic products are thrown away each year & billions more are produced to continue the never ending supply & demand. But the Earth only has a limited amount of these materials, leading to very serious discussions around mining other planets and even the Moon.
What do these hazardous & toxic materials do to our Bodies?
Physically, electricity is the greatest cause of sickness around the world and in the story of humanity. It is the greatest weapon for not only monitoring humans, it is the greatest weapon of sickness & disease ever known to the Earth. It is causing millions of pre-mature deaths and making whole generations dependent on a white medical system that has no concern with healing.
The use of electrical products by children is killing whole generations earlier than ever before, starting at the core of Life, the cellular structure.
“The body conducts electricity that enters it. When this happens, the body’s electrical processes are disturbed, & cell functioning is disrupted. The electricity in electrical wiring and appliances changes the atomic structure of the cell and breaks the bonds that exist in and between cells. This triggers changes in blood chemistry, induces free radicals, disrupts the cells ability to control  PH levels, enzyme activity, cell reproduction, synthesis, functioning and energy transfer. A healthy and permeable cell membrane wall is needed for effective communication and coordination of activity between cells, tissues, organs and nerves. When exposed, to EMFS, the protein in the cell membrane wall is weakened and the cells react as though threatened by an invader and elicits a state of emergency (fight or flight response) in the body. In this state of emergency, non-vital processes are delayed, and blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar levels increase.  The cell enters into a state of emergency. Besides impaired communication and coordination, the reduced membrane permeability also makes it difficult for nutrients to enter and for toxins to exit. As a consequence, the body does not benefit from nutrients and healing therapies as it should, When the cell is in a state of emergency, instead of producing water and carbon dioxide, the cell produces hydrogen peroxide and carbon monoxide. In short, the cell begins to ferment. The state of emergency behavior is passed on to each subsequent generation of cells.”- National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
VLF (Very Low Frequency) & ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) & EMF (Electric Magnetic Frequency) are emitted from all electronics. They cause what scientist call PEMR (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Radiation) which disturbs the balance of living cells. PEMR exist around all screens & continue shooting out of them even when turned off and unplugged. Magnetic Radiation travels through absolutely everything, walls, metals, flesh, screen filters…everything.
Magnetic Radiation creates electric smog which is everywhere, affecting all Life & doing irreversible harm to all, especially those who are around it all the time. Those who keep cellphones in their pockets, talk or text on them, watch TV or spend time on computers are the most affected.
Magnetic Radiation affects the whole body. The Pineal Gland is the organ most impaired by EMF exposure. This organ produces hormones and neurotransmitters that tune and regulate the hypothalamus, central nervous system, and immune system. EMF exposure suppresses the pineal gland activity leading to the reduction of two important chemical messengers: Melatonin and Serotonin. Both are involved in regulating numerous processes and functions in the body. Serotonin has enormous influence over many brain functions. Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant needed to keep the body healthy and strong.
Melatonin Deficiency can cause: insomnia; sleep disorders; endometriosis; fibroids; fibrocystic breasts; menstrual disturbances; prostate cancer; PMS; immune disturbances; cancer; high cholesterol; blood pressure abnormalities; depression; bipolar disorder; Alzheimer’s; autism; epilepsy; sudden infant death; diabetes; anxiety; heart arrhythmia; cataracts; and scoliosis.
Serotonin Deficiency can cause: insomnia; memory and learning disorders; mood disorders; eating disorders; depression; obesity; panic attacks; alcoholism; headaches; ADD; aggression; fibromyalgia; PMS; deficits schizophrenia and deficits in executive, fibromyalgia, schizophrenia, anxiety, memory and learning disorders, and impairments in functions that are collectively known as executive functions.
Our body has sixty trillion cells. Each cell is a tiny organism and can easily be damaged by the action of electromagnetic wave lengths which interfere with your body & reproductive abilities, menstrual cycles. For example, sperm & egg count are greatly affected by electrical products.
Obviously electrical products are not a good for health, but putting laptops, i-pads cellphones or any screen product on your lap is even worse. Some people do it daily, all day.
Watch out Narcissists, it’s not just what is inside that is affected, computers also cause wrinkles in the skin and premature aging. What about close to your head? It’s no coincidence cell phone are called cell phones, they affect the cells & when put close to the head all the time cause Cellular Death.
Cellular Death
Your cell phone emits and receives signals. There is an electromagnetic field around each cell phone, damaging memory, endocrine secretions, sexual abilities; gout & can cause dementia, depression, Parkinson’s disease & severe neurological diseases & tumors. Scientists admit there is a direct relationship between brain cancer and cell phone use. Brain cancer tumor risk has been steadily increasing over the last 10 years- particularly among the 20 -29 year olds.
What will it be like in the next 10 years with more & more children having i-pods & cell phones? Some scientists believe whole generation to come will be crazy in the head & brain tumors will be common in teenagers. Before you decide to allow your kids to have or even touch cell phones, look at the dangers involved.
Radiation in general & radiation from cell phones in particular penetrate much deeper into the tender skulls of kids than into adults. Tissues in their brains and limbs are still growing and their cells are rapidly dividing. Without a doubt it will decrease their life span. Once it penetrates your kids’ heads, it enters their brain and eyes at an absorption rate far greater than it does in adults. Up to 9 times higher. What does it mean for your kids? It means that their risks for cancer & mental sickness are far greater.
Cell phones for kids are death traps, ensuring them an unhealthy Life. They may seem normal only because we live in this time of worldwide radiation & really do not know what normal health is. Damage to the genetic material in kids’ growing cells can result in disruption of cellular functions, cell death, development of tumors, and damage to the immune functions and the nervous systems.
Many nations around the world have banned cell phone use to children. For Indigenous People, our children are everything & we should do the same. Also beware of all electronics near babies & children. Most baby monitors use digital wireless technology that produce more powerful EMF’s than living near a cell phone tower.
When EMF exposure is reduced, healing energies flow freely & the body begins to heal itself & get stronger. The nervous system & acupuncture meridians are unblocked. Our Natural flow begins again, the pineal gland increases production of hormones & chemicals that control & effect mental, emotional & physical functioning. Clarity, concentration, understanding and calmness set in. There is control of impulses & increased Energy.
Social Media: A scary place of Strangers, Predators & Perverts
Besides the effects on the body itself, children are at the greatest risk from social networking. Social Media is the perfect place for predators to hide.
Would you send your young children into the middle of a populated prison yard unattended? Or a busy city full of every kind of weirdo known to man-kind? Knowing full well that perverts & predators are lurking all around just waiting to find prey to abuse? Hell No. So why would you allow them to have any social media accounts? This is essentially what parents are allowing by allowing their children to make accounts online. Just because “everybody is doing it,” it has become normalized, much like the gas chambers & smallpox blankets humans are blindly following with no thought of what it is they are doing. It is absolutely crazy! Protect your babies by keeping them off social media & away from sickos.
Building a Society of Cyborgs
Many walk around constantly looking at a screen like zombies, having no situational awareness & knowledge of what is happening around them. Go anywhere with large human populations, whether on the street, a city bus or shopping mall & you will observe the majority of everyone constantly looking down at their cell phones, or as we prefer to call them, little poisonous electrical boxes. But why look down all the time? Why not just have it as a part of your body? That makes more sense, right?
Cyborgs may sound sci-fi, but they are actually real & gaining in popularity.
Cyborg, short for “cybernetic organism” is a being with both organic and artificial parts. They are currently making cyborgs for all sectors of industrial society, humans that are not full humans, full of electrical chips with the ability to stay constantly connected to the internet.  Some cyborgs have their eyeglasses implanted into their head with screens on in their glasses so they can always see their social media sites. Even better, some have fake eyes with cameras & screens built into them.
Cyborgs are a part of the movement to replace humans with robots. Militaries are at the most advanced stages of robotics, some planning to have up to 1/3 of military vehicles unmanned within the next few years.
Constant cell phone & social media updating may seem innocent enough but it is normalizing the constant presence of technology which is leading to the normalcy of cyborgs & all robotics, or TI (Teck-No-Logic Intelligence).
Movement Health
“The most important thing was security. What you knew you held in your heart.” – Companaero Raul, EZLN Warrior
“Everything was for security.”
“Above all we had to be discreet about things.”-  Commandante Abraham, EZLN Warrior
“In the first place, we learned Security measures without Security you can’t do anything”…
“As the work grew, we had even more security”
“…We always put security first” – Companero Gerardo, EZLN Warrior
“He was also very strict about security…” – Capitan Lucio, EZLN Warrior, speaking about subcommandante Pedro
“They were told how to be careful because everything was underground” – Major Moises, EZLN Warrior
Security Effects of fed-book
Making Gathering Intelligence Easy & More Efficient
Social media is an intelligence operation, which has completely changed the jobs of intelligence groups. Before social media, spies had to put much more effort into gathering information about those they want information from, and it would take an extensive amount of time to put complete profiles together on targets.
Today, everybody gives them all the personal and group information they need on their own, and all the intelligence community has to do is monitor and organize the information. Social Media use, combined with cell-phone conversations and text are enabling oppressive regimes around the world to monitor people more than ever, maintaining & gaining more control in every way.
Everything you do on social media stays on social media, regardless of your security settings, or if you can still see it or not. Whatever you post is somewhere, forever. There is no such thing as deleting your account– all info can be recovered at any time.
With over 2 billion people (and growing daily) on some sort of social media site it is the best known surveillance technology that has ever existed. For an intelligence organization, the most difficult & time consuming job is the collection and organization of data. With social media people make their own intelligence profile and update it constantly, sometimes multiple times a day.
Social media makes us think that record keeping and documentation of our lives & locations is normal. We have begun to normalize surveillance and even make excuses why it is ok.
People give government and business access to information that they would never have the time or resources to get on their own. There is no controversy about surveillance because the targets of it are not only the ones producing the information they are also distributing it.
Fed-books privacy policy states: “We may share your info in response to a legal request if we have a good faith belief that the law requires us to do so…we may also share information when we have a good faith belief it is necessary to: detect, prevent and address fraud and other illegal activity…” What the hell is a “good faith belief”?
Fed-book gives a trail of information on people from physiological wants and valuable information about the reading, listening, viewing & buying habits & attractions of its users.
In 2006, Newsweek reported that myspace had nearly 800 agencies and a 24-7 law enforcement team helping surf the site and monitor its users, their activities, and locations. In 2 years of launching the site it was contributing to 150 investigations a month. “Under Justice Department guidelines anything posted is fair game,” according to myspace vice president Jason Feffer. And that was years ago. myspace was shut down and made way for dozens of social media sites, and ever improving law enforcement monitoring and investigations.
The US Department of Justice uses social media to, “Reveal personal communications, establish motives & personal relationships, provide location information, prove & disprove alibis, and establish crime or criminal enterprises.” In the same Justice Department, documents say their purpose is to go undercover on fed-book and other social media sites to “communicate with suspects/targets, gain access to non-public info & map social relationships/networks.”
A department of Homeland Security memo states, “Narcissistic tendencies in many people fuels a need to have a large group of friends link to their page and many of these people accept ‘cyber friends’ that they do not even know… Once a user posts online they create a public record & timeline of their activities.”
Every year (since 2009) law enforcement has a gathering called SMILE-Social Media Internet & Law Enforcement. The gathering is held to “emphasize the relationship between Law enforcement, social activist and traditional media.” They also teach & share techniques regarding “maintaining public order & mass surveillance in an open source world”.
Infiltration into movements depends on believability of the informant. With social media you just have to type the right words your targets want to hear, post pics & videos they will like. They can just simply like the posts of their targets & gain enough trust to start engaging targets in typed conversations and if they really want to get close, soon enough they can get a phone number from target and start to have phone conversations, which can lead to face to face meetings. Profiles & posts offer law enforcement all the information they would ever need to pose a recruit or real member of the targeted organization.
The number of social media sites & users give the impression that there are too many people to keep track of. In reality, law enforcement is becoming better than ever at dealing with massive amounts of information. The NYPD (New York Pig Department) said they plan to “mine social media sites like facebook, twitter, myspace, linked in, in order to find criminals bragging about a crime they’ve committed or planning to commit.” Data mining is not just limited to policing. The CIA follows up to 5 million tweets a day. Analysts then cross-reference the data with other available intelligence and create reports for the white house.
Connecticut attorney general, Richard Blumenthal says, “The illusion of privacy is simply self-delusion on the part of young people.” Fed-book uses facial recognition software that automatically identifies people in photos. Opting out does not keep them from gathering data and recognizing your face- it just keeps people from tagging you. A person does not even need to be a Fed-book user to be identified.
There are over 90 billion (and counting) photos that fed-book hosts have access to, which they can then give to anybody they have “a good faith belief” should have it.
The US Army states that one of the ‘key tasks of counterinsurgency are to understand how members of a targeted population interact with each other’. The FBI can now instantly compile thorough dossiers/profiles (a collection of documents about a particular person, event, or subject.) on u.s. citizens tying together surveillance outside a drug store, credit card transactions, cell-phone call records, texts, emails, airplane travel info  & web-search information.
Communications, along with public data like Facebook profiles, GPS location information, tax data, and other commercial data, were used to create “sophisticated graphs of some american’ social connections that can identify their associates, their locations at certain times, their traveling companions, and other personal information,” said The New York Times. 
In addition to phone records and email logs, the National Security Agency (NSA) uses Facebook and other social media profiles to create maps of social connections. A policy change in November 2010 gave the NSA the ‘legal’ right to chain together info on targets, and discover & track connections from all other intelligence services. Julian Asange, founder of whistleblower wiki-leaks says, “Everyone should understand that when they add their friends to Facebook, they are doing free work for United States intelligence agencies, and building this database for them,”
Find ‘Em, Fix ‘Em, Flank ’em, Fuck ’em is a common military term used when engaging an enemy.
With social media we lead to our own demise.
We get found every time we log in, and you’re always found if you stay logged in. Your location is always picked up.
We are fixed, because they know our attention is on a screen in specific location.
We can get flanked at any time we are in a virtual world because we never see them coming.
We get fucked whenever they want, or better yet they let us fuck ourselves by giving us an open line to incriminate ourselves by thinking we have some form of freedom.
Building your house on the sand.
Organizing through fed-book-the illusion of being organized.
“People in the movement are falling for that shit?”
-Wolverine, Secwepemc Warrior, response when told about Fed-book.
Being involved in any Movement or Organization you must have strong ties. Connections & trust is of the utmost importance. Fed-book & social media in general promotes weak ties, the weakest possible, so weak that people accept support from anybody who types the right words; they could be cops, intelligence analysts, rapists, molesters, crazies or just everyday pieces of shit.
Some people promote that the social movement is more organized than ever before, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth.
There has never been a time in our story that we have been so un-organized.
Making connections around the world at the click of a friend confirmation is so fake it’s a bad joke. You do not know them, they are not your friend, ally or supporter, you cannot confirm or deny anything substantial about the people you connect with on social media, only thing that you know for sure is that you don’t really know them, or even really know if it is the person whose pictures you are looking at. Some think they can learn about the supposed person they are friending by checking out their photos, friends & posts, but learning about anybody through a screen is impossible.
Virtual reality is just that, it is virtually real, but it isn’t really real. Our Movement for the Liberation of our Lands and People is Real, not virtual, so we cannot claim to be part of this Movement through a virtual reality, it’s fake, a figment of imagination. Let’s get real.
Are you Fed-book Down or Really Down? The rise of the Internet Warrior
“There is no excuse for weakness.” – Sakej, Mik’Mak Warrior
Narcissism not only plagues the average fed-book user but it is what contributes to the continuing exposing & monitoring of so-called ‘movement’ members & organizers. Many think they are so beautiful, but the only real beauty is for Intelligence & police, through social media they make themselves a beautifully easy target for monitoring & surveillance.
Being a celebrity & well-known is promoted by society, even in Indigenous Movements that are supposed to be fighting for Land & Water. There are constantly people who are seeking to be fed-book famous, using the fight for the Land as a way to get attention to try to boost that low self-esteem. There is now an enormous amount of people, who are ‘down’ with the cause online, but they’re real Life actions & lifestyle is everything but down; just another unhealthy consumer contributing daily to the destruction of the Earth.
Celebrities are not Leaders. Leaders lead humans through example & influence. We must revive our real teachings & do away with pre-madonna celebrities craving attention who have no real life skills. Posting & posing are not skills, sorry.
A Lakota War Leader constantly reminds his Warriors that “the most important time to be a Warrior is when nobody is looking.” Fed-book is the opposite. People just play Warrior when they think people are looking. That’s all they are doing, playing. But this game is real Life & real Struggle involving real Life consequences too.
Educating people about current situations is great, but there are far better, more secure & less self-incriminating ways than social media to do it. In the current teck-no-logic world many may have forgotten how to really organize with humans, or for the younger ones they were most likely never taught.
Internet defenders often bring up the Zapatistas as a ‘great’ example of how effective the internet can be. To a certain extent, they are right. But, the Zapatistas spent 10 years organizing secretly, meeting with real humans, building a Movement from the ground up, and never informing intelligence services or the world about their organizing or their plans. They did not exist in the virtual world until they chose to & they did not choose to until they had a strong enough force to take over 7 cities & 650 ranches all while maintaining their home bases & villages. They did not organize their Movement through internet & damn sure not through social media (monitoring) if they did we would have never heard of them cause they wouldn’t exist anymore– they would have never even been able to get started.
“…The fact that people see social media as a tool for social change is more a triumph of marketing than the result of some digital revolution. Social media is a powerful tool for the very institutions that we are at war with, the people that seek to exploit & oppress us. Embracing it has resulted in our willing participation in a process of surveillance that we should be actively resisting”
-Evan Tucker, ‘Who needs the NSA when we have facebook’ Life During Wartime: Resisting Counter Insurgency
Reactionary Mentality vs. Pro-Active Thinking
We have been strategically raised to only address symptoms and not causes. To look at the pain & not the source of the pain. When we have a skin rash, we get a topical cream to put over it, never stopping to ask, what caused the rash, if we have a cough, we get something to sooth the cough, not addressing what caused the cough. When have no more food we go to a store. Before industrialization we were pro-active, we would go & harvest more food while we still had food, so we would never risk having none. They need our mind to react to situations & conditions they’ve created & not proactively work on fixing them.
Campaigning & protesting are reactionary actions. This is a mind-state promoted by the system, being a reactionary. We must get out of the campaign mentality. Protesting & freedom of speech are legal for a reason, because they produce no genuine change to the destruction of Mother Earth. While some campaigns may be successful in stalling some projects or achieving some legal legislation in colonial governments, no campaign has ever stopped this beast from swallowing the Earth, Water, Air & Universe. Even if they stop for a while, you can guarantee they will be back at some point to get the resources.
Social Media campaigns are a perfect way to keep those who could be potential in the building of a real Movement distracted with Narcissistic Celebrity views of getting known by ‘fighting’ the corporate world. They are in fact not really fighting but becoming another hindrance to real substantial Movement that led the Zapatistas to have a Land Base with clean Water to operate & Live from.
This industrial world does not limit their mind to single projects–industrial projects are a small part of how they keep this society functioning. The systems thinking & vision are very large; ours must be as well. The more we get caught into a campaign to campaign, or event to event mentality, the less we are thinking about the big picture, which may include stopping these projects, but cannot be limited to it. Projects and campaigns to stop them are the symptoms that arises out of industrialization. It’s not the cause. In an organized movement if we want real change we must address the root cause of the problem, a false man-made way of life based on mining, oil, electricity & greed.
Now people are virtually protesting, letting off steam through comments & posts, having even less effect than previous generations, thinking the Movement is in the latest image and movie. Instead of being on the Land protecting the Earth, many are concerned with getting the newest camera & computer to help get their word out. Everybody is a producer & photographer in the digital age. Technology has become a great excuse for in-action & building a real Movement with actual humans.
In order to fight industry, first we must not need industry, or else it’s called suicide. To fight mining we cannot live mining. To fight oil, we must not live oil. To fight industry, we must not need industry. How can we not need industry? By replacing it with Indigenous ways of living. They replaced our ways with white ones & they do not work. Now we will replace white ones with ours again.
Time & Energy is all we have while on Earth, we must spend it wisely, every breath that we spend on fedbook, twitter or linked-In, is one we cannot get back. It is wasted time. We must use our time being productive for the real world we live in & the one we want to create. Use your time to learn how to provide for yourself in every part of living, this is the biggest fight of all, this is the Movement, being a Real Indigenous Person.
Whatever english term you prefer, Indigenous, Indian, Native or Original these are just english words to describe those who still live on the Land without Industry. If you do not live this way, you are not really Indigenous. Right?  All humans were people of the Land at one time, even in europe. Can europeans claim Indigenous Identity because they’re ancestors used to live with the Land? Is Indigenous just having ancestors that lived with the land? That would mean the world was Indigenous, right?
But the world is not. To use the term Indigenous you must recognize your Responsibilities to continue Life with Natural Law & Live by them. Does that mean a white hippy in north amerikkka can say they are Indigenous? We’re not saying that. But what we are saying is that we cannot just continue to be consumers & slave to the white-man’s possessions. We must recognize our Duties & work hard to fulfill them. Fed-book makes Life seem easier, less work. But is less work good? Does it make you Stronger? Does it make you a better Human?
As Bruce Lee says, “Do not pray for an easy Life, pray for the Strength to endure a difficult one”
Where do we go from here without Social Media?
“…if we’re going to be revolutionaries we have to be revolutionary to the last, because if one doesn’t accept the full consequences or abandons the people, it’s no good…
If you say you have to Struggle, you have to go through till the end.” –Major Moises, Zapatista Warrior
So what can we learn from all of this? Well for one thing, social media is not advancing us in our daily lives to be better humans, it is not helping our families become better families, it is not helping our bodies become stronger & it is not helping our Movements for Land & Water. So what should we do about it? We can start by unplugging.
Deactivate your social media accounts. Take it as a loss while you still can.
Malcolm X says it best: “Once you change your philosophy you change your thought pattern, once you change your thought pattern you change your attitude, once you change your attitude it changes your behavior pattern & then you go into some action.”
Before neuroscience recognized the brains ability to change according to thoughts & experiences we have, Malcolm knew it through his own experience. Today they call it Neuro-plasticity. Knowing our brain has the ability to change its destructive thoughts, feelings, memories & narcissistic behaviors is the first step to getting strong real Life people. Only real Indigenous Men & Woman will make real change for the future. No change or strength lies in the virtual world, just confusion, weakness & disease.
We must not hold other humans up as the standard we strive to be like. Things are not ok because ‘respected’ people do them. We must think critically, examine what is going on around you, question it & if need be, change it. As long has we’re breathing it’s never too late.
Remember Tecumseh was just a Man & Lozen was just a Woman, with the same Organs & Bodily Fluids, Tissues & Energy as all of us. What made them different? First it was their Mind, how they thought & then their training. Because they thought different, they acted different, they trained hard to survive and Live in a Strong way. We too have the same potential to be like them, not just the same potential, but we have a Sacred Duty to be like them, they must be our standard, we must all be like Crazy Horse & Geronimo.
Next time you feel that temptation of weakness creeping in just ask yourself what would Tecumseh & Geronimo do? What would they think of social media & making our own intelligence profile for the enemies of the Earth?
A Movement is comprised of many individuals who in order to be successful must have a common vision and a plan on how to make that vision come to fruition. If our vision is re-building our Indigenous Nations, then we must have strong families to do this. When a man and a women make babies they have now knowingly or unknowingly engaged in a Sacred responsibility to care for these new lives, to guide them & protect them to the best of their ability regardless of the consequence. No matter what prior dreams and thoughts a person had as an individual with no children, the primary job now is to feed, cloth, protect and keep those new lives warm in cold and cool in hot. The child needs teaching & knowledge of the Land & Universe to be Strong, not screen time. We must Raise Warriors not addicts.
Get your mind out of screens. Come back to reality. If you were never in it, come & join us.
Real Warriors don’t sext, text, message, post, like, friend, comment, poke or any of the other slave talk in social media, they don’t were skinny jeans or self-model, they live and die according to Natural Law and walk the Lands in every part of the World.
Take Courage, be humble, this fight did not start with us & will not end with us, it is a Generational Struggle, our Duty is to continue Natural Law by Any Means Necessary. Love Life. It is Beautiful.
Remember our Warrior Virtues:
We will Continue Forever! Raise Warriors! Don’t Talk About it, Be About it!
Earths Army Unite!
From the Mountains of the Northwest Western Hemisphere
Native Youth Movement-Society of Warriors