Global Warming Roundup: Weather Whiplash

     by Robert Doublin / Deep Green Resistance

For the first time in the history of the human species AND our genus Homo, we have at least two months averaging over 410 ppmv CO2. Within two years, three at the most, the average for the entire year will be over 410. Then 415. Then 420. We need to stop this now to prevent hell on Earth.

Another Climate Milestone Falls at Mauna Loa Observatory 

Weather Whiplash. The new abnormal: Weather Whiplash: After Cold Spring, Tropical Cyclone Targets Midwest

What is happening to life in the Arctic as the sea ice melts away: There’s Way Too Little Ice Around Svalbard Right Now and  What Melting Ice Means for Arctic Night

Excellent article on how disastrous for ocean life coral bleaching is: Chasing Coral Shows The Tangible, Devastating Effects Of Our Warming Planet

Frankly, all the evidence needed to prove our case that industrial civilization needs to be brought down. We are suffocating and poisoning both ourselves and (just as importantly) the rest of life on this planet: Analysis: How much ‘carbon budget’ is left to limit global warming to 1.5C?

Excellent video clearly refuting several myths about the current Global Warming crisis spewed by the Deniers. Good lesson in developing critical thinking skills: Top 10 Climate Change Myths

Rarely does another El Nino develop so soon after the last one. Does not help we had a weak La Nina that rapidly petered out.

Warm water creeps into otherwise-calm Central Pacific

While the Lower 48 is only about 5-6% of the Earth’s surface, it’s the weather whiplash that is amazing. Other areas had warmer than average temperatures this May.

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