Global Warming Roundup: Worse Than It Seems

     by Anonymous

It is without reasonable doubt that Anthropogenic Global Warming has firmly taken hold to such an extent that I honestly can’t decide what is scarier: that we are still only in the beginning stages of it (sort of you-ain’t-seen-nothin’-yet on steroids) or we have already crossed over into the middle stages of it. Neither are the slightest bit comforting.

Normalizing Extinction

Delving Further into Uncharted Territory: Arctic Sea Ice Greatly Weakened at Start of Spring 2018
Global sea ice records broken (yet again)

Talk about unprecedented

Current deforestation pace will intensify global warming, study alerts

Earth Observatory: Low Sea Ice Amid Arctic Warming

Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Graph of the Day: 2018 Sea Ice Max

Weather will be the wild card during the upcoming melt season. We have recently seen three different ways melting can be set up. Will one of them come back or will a fourth way manifest? 2018 now has the lowest wintertime Arctic sea ice max on record.

A good example of the silly bs any climate realist has to wade through in getting this crisis taken seriously: The “Now they Call it Climate Change” Crock. Again.

One of the best videos ever made (and short 10 minutes) discussing a common ploy not just by climate change deniers but conspiracy theorists in general. They count on their readers not taking the time to check even a few of the list of articles or experts they claim in huge dramatic headlines agree with them. Notice how in this example just reading the FIRST PARAGRAPH shows the article cited claims the opposite of what the propagandist BREATHLESSLY trumpets.

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