Deep Green Resistance Offers Support to Oglala Lakota and Owe Aku

Deep Green Resistance is dedicated to the fight against industrial civilization and its legacy of racism, patriarchy, and colonialism. For this reason, DGR would like to publicly state its support for the Oglala Lakota in their current fight against the genocidal mining operations of the Cameco Corporation.

Cameco is currently attempting to expand its already illegal resource extraction campaign despite undeniable evidence that their abuse of the Earth is leading to increased rates of cancer, diabetes, and other life-threatening illnesses among the Lakota people.

The only acceptable action on the part of the Cameco Corporation is immediate cessation of any and all mining activities in the ancestral home of the Lakota people; anything else will be met with resistance, and DGR will lend whatever support it can to those on the front lines.

The indigenous peoples of this land have always been at the forefront of the struggle against the dominant culture’s ecocidal violence, and DGR would like to offer its support and encouragement to Debra White Plume, the Lakota activist group Owe Aku, and all other indigenous women and men fighting for the future of the planet. The time for resistance is long past, and we are thankful every day that the Earth has warriors like the Oglala Lakota fighting in its defense.

For more information, please visit Owe Aku International at

6 thoughts on “Deep Green Resistance Offers Support to Oglala Lakota and Owe Aku”

  1. Thank you DGR, for taking the initiative to help improve settler activists’ solidarity with your Indigneous Solidarity Guidelines.

  2. Hey DGR, i donated 100$ day before yesterday and i would love if you gave it directly to Oglala Lakota for organic plantbased foods or whatever is needed. ONE LOVE

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