San Francisco Public Library Hosts Transgender “Art Exhibit” Featuring Weapons Intended to Kill Feminists

Featured image: Display case of weapons at San Francisco Library

     by GenderTrender

If you thought the age of scold’s bridles and dunking pools designed to torture and kill disobedient women were a thing of the past, you would be wrong. The San Francisco Public Library unveiled an exhibit this week featuring blood stained t-shirts encouraging patrons to “punch” feminists, along with several installations of deadly weapons painted pink: baseball bats covered in barbed wire, axes, among others, all designed by men to kill feminist women.

More weapons to be used against women who harbor what the designers call “oppressive belief-sets” against males, defined in the accompanying literature as lesbians.

The male creators of the exhibit also included a helpful manifesto, blaming lesbians, feminists and other uppity women for causing more deaths (by “harassing” men with their dastardly opinions!) than all the actual real murders committed by violent men.

The display, launched mere days after the mass murder of women in Toronto by “incel” terrorist Alek Minassian and echoing his philosophy, was funded by the non-profit Friends of The San Francisco Public Library and created by The Degenderettes, led by Scout Tran Caffee, founder of Trans Dykes: the anti-lesbian Antifa.  The group specifically targets lesbians as “oppressors” of men -because they exclude males from their dating pools. The men in the group identify as transgender and consider themselves to be male lesbians.

Materials include riot shields inscribed with the slogan “Die Cis Scum.” Cis is a transgender community term, generally used as a slur, for non-transgender people.

From the exhibit manifesto:

“The Degenderettes are a humble and practical club, fighting for gender rights within human reach rather than with legislation and slogans. Their agit-prop artwork has come to permeate internet trans culture, national television, and headlines as far as Germany.”   (From the San Francisco Public Library website.)

Posted at the exhibition, MRA/incel complaints of “reverse sexism”: The fact that violence against feminists and lesbians is considered more likely to be perpetrated by males (as evidenced by all crime statistics worldwide throughout human history) is a conclusion that discriminates against men. Hmm. Never seen that one before. (sarcasm). Explicitly states that acknowledging male violence against women is “anti-transgender.”

Followed by bizarre claims that feminists “induce suicides” of men and threaten to kill them.

Posted at the exhibit. Part one.

Part two.


The largely heterosexual “heteroqueer” group’s claim that they created the slogan “Your Apathy Is Killing Us” in the wake of the Pulse Nightclub shooting is incorrect. It was created by gay male Reagan era AIDS activists who were fighting for their literal lives demanding medical treatment for a deadly epidemic.

The Degenderettes slogan “Die Cis Scum” was popularized in 2012 by transgender White Nationalist “Char The Butcher”.

Char The Butcher (Clinton James Crawford) 2012

The San Francisco Public Library has scheduled a panel discussion for the “artists” to discuss their exhibit on Saturday May 12, from 2:00-4:00pm at the LGBTQIA Center, Main Library, 100 Larkin St.

Panel participants:

Mya “I Punch TERFS” Byrne (Jeremiah Birnbaum)

Gender-conforming “NonBinary” and heterosexual but “queer identified” Wedding Photographer Tristan Crane

“Male butch dyke” Uriah Ezri Sayres Cantrell

“Consent culture” activist married to an alleged sexual predator Kitty Stryker

Scout Tran Caffee

with moderation by Mason Smith.

Following complaints and negative feedback on social media, on April 25th the San Francisco Public Library removed the T-shirt that called on patrons to punch feminists:

“Due to concerns raised by library patrons, we are altering the degenderettes antifa art exhibit at the Main Library to remove a shirt, a piece of artwork that could be interpreted as promoting violence, which is incompatible with our exhibitions policy.”

At the time this report was published, the weapons as well as the anti-feminist and homophobic materials remain.

6 thoughts on “San Francisco Public Library Hosts Transgender “Art Exhibit” Featuring Weapons Intended to Kill Feminists”

  1. First of all, I highly doubt that anyone in DGR considers Richard Spencer an ally. Second, why are you on the DGR page advocating violence against women? DGR adopts a radical feminist analysis.

  2. What a surprise. An anarchist, presumably male, who goes by a fake name and who calls for violence against females who say no to males. I guess we should thank this anarchist for manifesting precisely the woman-hating that is wrong with too much modern anarchism.

    1. Anarchist? Presumably male? Fake name? I have been involved with radical feminists since about 1968. My partner is a radical feminist film maker. What are you, a prophet and a detective? Why would you presume I hate women? I hate censors. I hate Nazis. I hate fascists.

      Whether you consider Spencer your ally, you are Spencer’s ally objectively in targeting transwomen, who are the most vulnerable members of society and who are now scapegoated precisely as Jews were scapegoated by Nazis and Muslims by fascists everywhere.

      You did not say no to males. You said no to the San Francisco Public Library. There’s a difference. Go back to a decent community college and study it.

      The idea that there is woman-hating in modern anarchism is just laughable. Ever hear of the women of Kurdistan fighting ISIS? Emma Goldman? Federica Montseny? Voltairine de Cleyre? Louise Michel? They are the heroines of anarchism, which is what it is when the latter five were alive and needs no modernizing.

      Derrick, stop pretending that access to the internet and a dose of testosterone makes you intelligent, articulate, aware, radical, or a feminist. You are none of the above. It’s Mother’s Day. What would your mom say?

      Advocating punching TERFs is not “advocating violence against women,” i.e. all women. It is not advocating violence against, say, Jean Seberg if she were alive. Look her up, or Frida Kahlo, about who my partner and I worked on the first American art film, lo, these decades ago, when you were still watching Star Wars or whatever.

      Antifa is not exclusively anarchist and violence is not exclusively aggressive or physical. Punching TERFs means defending transwomen against you and the alt-fems snd your guru Ryan Turd Anderson. Nothing else. Gender is violence even in the form of FUN WITH DICK AND JANE.

      TERF: Trumpy Eager Reviver of Fascism.

      Oh, and here’s something for you geniuses to ponder: I went on your page in response to your attack on a public institution, the San Francisco Public Library. I responded to your fascist aggression. I have that right just as you have the right to engage in bogus appropriation of green politics. Fake greens, fake feminists… I’m not fake. Name a place fore a nice polite public debate. I’ll be there. You can have cops on hand for your protection. You’re prison guards.

  3. You’re avoiding the direct question. It’s easy to see why. Tell me, are all the right-wing women who don’t buy into trans-ideology, and thus are “trans-exclusionary,” also the subjects of threatening public displays of weaponry?

  4. Constant threats of violence against women who don’t conform to the groupthink. That’s how you can tell transwomen are men.

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