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Material Support for Grassroots Long-Term Eco-Feminist Organizing

The Women’s Caucus of Deep Green Resistance is fundraising to provide a stipend to a point person who will head up feminist organizing within and on-behalf of DGR. The women of Deep Green Resistance are hard at work fighting pipelines, protecting forests, defending prairie dogs and buffalo, creating alternative media, supporting camps like Standing Rock, … Continue reading Material Support for Grassroots Long-Term Eco-Feminist Organizing

Counting Dead Women 2016

by Karen Ingala Smith In 2016, at least 117 UK women killed by men, or where a man is the principal suspect. 117 women in 365 days is one woman dead every 3.1 days. 7 January 2016: Katrina O’Hara, 44, was stabbed to death by her ex-partner, Stuart Thomas, 49. 13 January 2016: Georgina Symonds, … Continue reading Counting Dead Women 2016

When a Man Kills a Woman

Across everything that divides societies, we share in common that men’s violence against women is normalised, tolerated, justified - and hidden in plain sight. Since 25 November last year, at least 118 women and girls in the UK aged over 13 have been killed by men, or a man has been the primary suspect. An average of one woman dead at the hands of a man every 3 days. ... Continue reading →

The Multiple Abuses of Reina Maraz

Quechua Bolivian woman unfairly sentenced to life in Argentina      by Sian Cowman / Intercontinental Cry   Reina Maraz Bejarano was the last person in the courtroom to understand that she had just been sentenced to life imprisonment for allegedly murdering her husband. Maraz is from an indigenous community in Bolivia. Like many women in … Continue reading The Multiple Abuses of Reina Maraz

The War Against Women and Girls in the UK

Deep Green Resistance UK Preface Many men have asked me why Deep Green Resistance is a radical feminist organisation. “Doesn’t it distract you from your main goal?” they ask, as though the fight against ecocide is unconnected to the fight against patriarchy and its cult of toxic masculinity, which dominates most women in the same … Continue reading The War Against Women and Girls in the UK

Decolonizing My Brown Body

By Terese Mailhot / Indian Country Today Media Network My auntie says there’s a direct connection between violence against the earth and violence against Indigenous women. I think of my own brown body when she says this, and how it was damaged in childhood and adolescence. My memories feel stolen like the land, stripped like the languages, … Continue reading Decolonizing My Brown Body

Sustaining a strategic feminist movement

This is the second part of a series.  Read the first part at Toward Strategic Feminist Action. By Tara Prema / Gender is War Developing an effective response to the worldwide crisis of male violence Strategic Feminism is a framework for collective action against patriarchal violence. The framework is based on acknowledging that the struggle … Continue reading Sustaining a strategic feminist movement

Motorized access advocates “Bureau of Renegades” arrested for assault

By Rudy Herndon, Moab Sun News Randall Gaines and Misty McKee were fast asleep early one morning last month when the sound of “obnoxious banging” outside their Wingate Avenue home jolted them awake and out of bed. Before the couple could even get from their bedroom into the hallway to find out what was happening, … Continue reading Motorized access advocates “Bureau of Renegades” arrested for assault

Lierre Keith: The Girls and the Grasses

Captured in a test tube, blood may look like a static liquid, but it’s alive, as animate and intelligent as the rest of you. It also makes up a great deal of you: of your 50 trillion cells, one-quarter are red blood cells. Two million are born every second. On their way to maturation, red … Continue reading Lierre Keith: The Girls and the Grasses

Gender, Patriarchy, and All That Jazz

Like many Americans, I have been paying attention to the current marketing of gender, the unquestionable system that tells us what constitutes male vs. female in our capitalist patriarchy. With morbid fascination, I am witnessing our culture move away from the old women’s liberation values that told young people they could participate in any activity they enjoyed, wear any clothing they liked, play with whatever toys they wanted, and think any thoughts they thought without these behaviors and beliefs being labeled male or female by forces then known as sexism. Not only have the categories of “boy’s toys” and “girl’s toys” returned with a vengeful backlash, now children and the rest of us are being told that an affinity for “girl’s toys” and dresses and make-up actually defines the true essence of girlhood. ... Continue reading →