In this episode of the Green Flame Lierre Keith Speaks on Biden Executive Order

In this timely episode of the Green Flame Jennifer Murnan interviews Lierre Keith regarding a new development in the war on women. That development is Biden’s executive order on “gender identity” signed the day of his inauguration, and it will eviscerate Women’s Rights.

Lierre Keith is the founder of the Women’s Liberation Front, WoLF founder and board member, a radical feminist for over 40 years and is the author of 6 books.

Here’s an excerpt from today’s episode:


…so what Biden has done, has said, taking this Bostock decision instead of sex, we’re now going to have gender identity so every place in the law that was protecting women as a group, as a class based on our biology, now they’re going to instead look at that through the eyes of “gender identity” and they can’t define gender identity, it’s not in this executive order, there’s literally no definition. The few states that have tried to have definitions, I mean, in New Jersey it’s like “gender identity is a gender related identity” and I’m not making that up, it’s completely circular and this is because it’s complete nonsense. I know we all keep using the emperor’s new clothes as our big metaphor but I don’t have a better one, it’s just complete nonsense, it means nothing. Yeah, “a circle is a thing we call a circle,” great! Does not tell you what a circle is! And the most ridiculous thing is that we all know what a man is and what a woman is, this isn’t actually up for debate. We have been a sexually dimorphic 500 million years on this planet, we’ve had sexual reproduction, there’s just men and there’s women, this is actually not very complicated, they have made it complicated, it is not complicated, we all know who can bear the babies and who doesn’t. For the whole history of patriarchy, they’ve never had a problem figuring out who the women were: was going to be sold as a child bride, was going to have her genitals mutilated, was gonna have her feet pound, wasn’t allowed to vote, I mean, in 1976 when my mother divorced my father she couldn’t get a credit card in her name, she couldn’t get a bank account, didn’t happen to my father! We all know who that happened to and why we have a feminist movement. Anyway, so Bostock has now come to fruition, we saw this in the ruling, anybody can read it all, this information is public and that’s what they said, that gender identity was essentially a discreet group of people and they deserve protection and we’re just going to go with it, again, never defined it because it’s not definable, it’s simply an internal feeling and it has nothing to do with physical reality. So this executive order, the federal anti-discrimination statutes that cover sex discrimination, now have to provide the same, let’s say, they’re going to prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity, this involves all the Federal Civil Rights offices across the country which are now going to have to enforce this. This is where you used to go if you felt like there was workplace discrimination or something that was one of the legal remedies that you had, so women aren’t going to have that remedy anymore, men will.

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