Tolerance Has Taken Over Feminism, And It Threatens To Destroy The Movement

Under patriarchy, women have been groomed into a perpetual state of tolerance; today, “tolerance” has been taken up by certain feminists, making it impossible to define a set of collective values or assert shared goals.

8 thoughts on “Tolerance Has Taken Over Feminism, And It Threatens To Destroy The Movement”

  1. Thank you, Deep Green Resistance (unlike the UK Greens Party), for being a consistent voice for a sex-based understanding of sexism and feminism. And for realizing the absurdity of even having to say “a sex-based understanding of sexism and feminism.”

  2. I’d prefer to use an expression such as radical feminist code of ethics rather than “morality”, but otherwise agree with the article. The problem with morality is that it’s mostly different in every nation and represents patriarchal values in every nation.
    So we should abandon the word “morality” for it represents patriarcho-religious values and will never benefit the females.
    Creating a feminist code of ethics would start a new path, instead of replicating the 5000 years old one.

  3. Women rising is our only hope for the world we prefer. There is enough for everyone and more. What are we fighting about?!

    Yet the men won’t give up the wheel until the front wheels are already off the cliff. Let’s see how it works out. Women are becoming visible and are being heard-finally.

  4. “. . .where hundreds of thousands of women were publicly tortured and killed for refusing to defer to the authority of the Church, ”

    It would be interesting to see some documentation/justification for that figure.

    1. We’d suggest commenting on the original publication on Feminist Current, we’re sure the author can furnish a reference.

      1. You’re posting it here, not them. I’d expect you to supply the documentation. It is your responsibility to back up claims with sources, not mine.

        1. We have confidence in our allies to get their facts straight, so if you’re curious about it, it’s your task to hunt it down, not ours. You can follow the link in the byline to the original article and contact the author if you want.

  5. I could take issue with a couple things here, but I’ll focus on the most problematic (bordering on offensive) part. Intersectional feminism is not about shaming cis women for their privilege or denying their oppression. It is about (in this instance) recognizing that transwomen are oppressed in specific, gender-coded ways that cis women are not, and cis women CAN perpetuate that oppression. The obverse is also true—cis women have a distinct legacy of embodied experience to express. But the reduction of transgender experience and ontology to a matter of a mere decision, or preference, echoes the transphobic/homophobic narratives of patriarchy.
    The YouTuber Contrapoints does some excellent content on this subject; I’d encourage anyone to check her out.

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