Green Flame: Chaos in Washington D.C.

This episode, recorded January 7th 2021 is a round table discussion of the January 6th protest and riots in Washington D.C.  in the U.S. Capitol.  The hosts for this episode are Max Wilbert and Jennifer Murnan. They are joined by Saba Malik and Will Falk.

The discussion starts with Will outlining his work and allegiance to the natural world, and includes the needs for anti-civilization and a strong biophilic analysis. Saba is clear that the dominant US culture was founded upon kidnapping and genocide.  Max describes the destruction of the systems of life support on Earth (soils, waters) and the current unrest is a sign of the collapse of empire. Jennifer describes the insanity of the recent events and asserts that people are literally going mad. Saba relates the earth as an organism in crisis because she is being killed and the behaviour of some people demonstrates the crisis and insanity.

Max, Will, Saba and Jennifer are clear that preparation, community building, and self-defense is needed as we see more economic and environmental collapse.

Max Wilbert is a writer, organizer, and wilderness guide. A third-generation dissident, he came of age in a family of anti-war and undoing racism activists in post-WTO Seattle. He is the editor-in-chief of the Deep Green Resistance News Service.

Jennifer Murnan is a US based feminist activist and environmental campaigner. Jennifer is involved in projects focused on growing and supporting gynocentric communities, and is co – host of The Green Flame podcast.

Will Falk is a member of Deep Green Resistance, he is a writer, lawyer, and environmental activist.

Saba Malik is a mother of two and has been a feminist and anti-racist activist for most of her adult life.

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About The Green Flame

The Green Flame is a Deep Green Resistance podcast offering revolutionary analysis, skill sharing, and inspiration for the movement to save the planet by any means necessary. Our hosts are Max Wilbert and Jennifer Murnan.

2 thoughts on “Green Flame: Chaos in Washington D.C.”

  1. The sociopaths ruling this world brought the chaos upon themselves.
    Did Trump use this to his benefit, sure, but like the established media and politicians to try and aim that he is the sole cause of this is as dishonest as one can get.

    There were BLM people side by side with alt right winged people in this group. There were pride flags waving as I saw myself as well as the southern state flag waving.

    What we saw happening in USA was an early stage of a regular people revolting against the status quo.
    And for once they aimed up the hierarchy rather than just hitting sideways out in the streets like it usually ends up.

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