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Patterns of Civilization Collapse

An unsustainable way of life is bound to end in collapse. Numerous civilizations and empires have met the same end. In this piece, Kara Huntermoon discusses patterns of civilization collapse. For further reading, check out John Michael Greer on the onset of collapse, Jared Diamond’s book “Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed,” the … Continue reading Patterns of Civilization Collapse

The Collapse of American Empire

Whether by war, famine, resource depletion, socioeconomic failure, or destruction of the natural environment, all empires eventually crumble. What will happen when the collapse of the American empire culminates? By Max Wilbert History is a graveyard of civilizations: the Western Chou, the Mayan, the Harappan, the Mesopotamian, the Olmec, the Chacoans, the Hohokam, the Mississippian, … Continue reading The Collapse of American Empire

Anthropogenic Climate Disruption and The End of Ice

This excerpt comes from the Introduction to Dahr Jamail‘s book, The End of Ice. Dahr Jamail is an award winning journalist and author who is a full-time staff reporter for Truthout.org. His work is currently focusing on Anthropogenic Climate Disruption. Featured image: a rapidly melting glacier on Tahoma (Mt. Rainier), by Max Wilbert. By Dahr … Continue reading Anthropogenic Climate Disruption and The End of Ice

The Poorest Are Being Sacrificed: Coronavirus in the Philippines

The Philippines is poor because of a 500-year legacy of colonization. Today, the Philippines is in a neocolonial situation: it is an economic colony. Poverty kills millions per year. And now, in the midst of coronavirus, government violence, corruption, incompetence, and indifference to the poor is exposed more starkly than ever. This piece begins with … Continue reading The Poorest Are Being Sacrificed: Coronavirus in the Philippines

Civilization – Myth and Reality

By Boris Wu / Deep Green Resistance Germany Deep Green Resistance stands for the resistance against the culture of empire, aka civilization. For many people this may sound very new, strange and, understandably enough, frightening; most people associate something positive with the term “civilization”. As a person born into this culture it is not easy … Continue reading Civilization – Myth and Reality

How to Survive Climate Collapse (part 1)

Image credit: Truthout / Lance Page by Liam Campbell “Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.” ― Carl Sagan David Spratt, research director of the Breakthrough National Centre for Climate Restoration in Australia, recently warned us that “no political, social, or military system can cope” with the outcomes of climate collapse. The consequences are … Continue reading How to Survive Climate Collapse (part 1)

Morality, Collapse, and Revolution

In this series of videos, DGR cadre Will Falk and Max Wilbert discuss the moral issues surrounding the Deep Green Resistance strategy, which calls for dismantling the global industrial economy by any means necessary, as rapidly as possible. This strategy is known as Decisive Ecological Warfare, or DEW. You can learn more about DEW here: … Continue reading Morality, Collapse, and Revolution

Indigenous Children are Dying at the U.S./Mexico Border

Editors Note: the international refugee crisis is driven by war, imperialism, and destruction of the planet. In other words, it is driven by civilization, or “the culture of empire.” DGR is opposed to empire and we see the refugee crisis as a humanitarian emergency. We believe that the best way to fight this crisis is … Continue reading Indigenous Children are Dying at the U.S./Mexico Border

An ancient boon is now a modern disaster

By Elisabeth Robson / Art for Culture Change The catastrophic flooding across the midwest isn’t getting much coverage on the coasts, but it is a multibillion $ disaster for multiple states and indigenous nations. Over a million wells may be contaminated. Farmers will lose their farms. The top soil is washing away. The cattle losses … Continue reading An ancient boon is now a modern disaster