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A Modern Eco-Sabotage Manifesto

By Max Wilbert The woman places an arrow on her bow, draws to her cheek, and fires. The arrow arcs over a high-voltage electrical transmission line, carrying a non-conductive rope. She jogs to her arrow, and begins to reel in the rope. As she pulls it over the lines, a conductive cable is revealed to … Continue reading A Modern Eco-Sabotage Manifesto

The Legal System Will Not Save the Planet

DGR member and lawyer Will Falk explains why the legal and regulatory system is structurally incapable of defending the natural world from threats, because it was never designed to do this. His conclusion is that communities must organize around revolutionary, ecological principles to defend the land themselves. We cannot rely on government to do it … Continue reading The Legal System Will Not Save the Planet

Living Underground

“Living underground requires a seismic psychological shift. One has to plan every action, however small and seemingly insignificant. Nothing is innocent. Everything is questioned. You cannot be yourself; you must fully inhabit whatever role you have assumed… The key to being underground is to be invisible. Just as there is a way to walk in … Continue reading Living Underground

Sankara on the Oppression of Women

“Woman’s fate is bound up with that of the exploited male. This is a fact. However, this solidarity, arising from the exploitation that both men and women suffer and that binds them together historically, must not cause us to lose sight of the specific reality of the woman’s situation. The conditions of her life are … Continue reading Sankara on the Oppression of Women

Desalination and the SNWA Water Grab

It should be clear by now that the SNWA water grab is a vampire project. Just when you think it is dead, it comes back again. As long as Las Vegas and southern Nevada are focused on increased growth and unsustainable development, they will need more water. The expansionist urge of the developers has no … Continue reading Desalination and the SNWA Water Grab

Nearly 80% of Oregon in Severe Drought

In November, we reported on the fact that more than 50% of the state of Oregon was in “severe,” “extreme,” or “exceptional” drought. This story has barely been mentioned in statewide media. For the past month, data has been unavailable as the website was offline during the government shutdown. Now that the site is … Continue reading Nearly 80% of Oregon in Severe Drought

DGR Eugene hosts Robert Jensen

Last week, a member of DGR Eugene brought author and radical activist Robert Jensen (no relation to Derrick Jensen) to town to give a talk titled “Patriarchy: Left, Right, and Center.” Video of the talk can be found here. The audio isn’t great, but improves partway through the talk. It is listenable throughout. In his … Continue reading DGR Eugene hosts Robert Jensen

Update on Unist’ot’en Camp (Thursday AM)

Today the Coastal Gaslink company will be negotiating with the Wet’suwet’en traditional leadership. They may potentially allow workers past the barrier at Unist’ot’en Camp to conduct “pre-construction” activities. However, the compliance with the temporary injunction is not a surrender on the part of the Wet’suwet’en. It was a tactical maneuver to gain advantage in the … Continue reading Update on Unist’ot’en Camp (Thursday AM)

Over 50% of Oregon in Severe Drought… in November

The US drought monitor (most recently updated November 13th) shows that 51.9% of Oregon’s land mass is in “severe drought,” with 34.3% in “extreme drought” characterized by major crop/pasture losses, and widespread water shortages or restrictions. This news comes as California battles extreme November wildfires. Eugene had 15 inches of rain less than normal during … Continue reading Over 50% of Oregon in Severe Drought… in November

Upcoming DGR Training in Southern Colorado

Join Deep Green Resistance and North Fork Valley Community Rights Advocates as we provide education and training in resistance and direct action. This training will take place in the North Fork Valley of southern Colorado from August 10-12th. More info and signup: — — Typical subjects covered include: Grand strategy Campaign strategy Non-violent direct … Continue reading Upcoming DGR Training in Southern Colorado