Derrick Jensen: Live 10:30 AM Pacific, March 4, 2018, Eugene, Oregon

Derrick Jensen will be speaking at the Eugene Public Library on Sunday, March 4, from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. The talk is about the destruction of the planet, men’s violence against women, and the male violation imperative at the core of patriarchy.

Originally, Derrick was supposed to be the featured speaker at a reception hosted by the Western Environmental Law Center (WELC) during PIELC (Public Interest Environmental Law Conference). WELC received a single complaint from someone who threatened to gather a group of people to disrupt the event and the organization. In response to this single complaint, WELC deplatformed Derrick.

Some of us do not give in to threats and bullying. Some of us believe it is more important than ever to talk about what we are going to do to stop the destruction of the planet. Some of us believe it is more important than ever to talk about the patriarchal male violation imperative that is leading to this destruction. Thus this event.

To be clear, Derrick was deplatformed because he stands in solidarity with women. He refuses to believe that females, including those who have been sexually assaulted by males, should be forced–as in against their will–to share their most vulnerable spaces with males. He believes that females have the right to bathe, sleep, gather, and organize free from the presence of males.
For that he was deplatformed.

So if you believe we need to stop the destruction of the planet; if you believe that women have a right to discuss their oppression, their bodies, their reality, and their very existence; if you believe that free and open discourse is foundational to a functioning democracy; if you recognize that the Left has embraced McCarthyite tactics to its profound detriment; and if you refuse to give in to bullies, come to Eugene.

Here is the video of the event:

We will continue to fight, no matter how badly our speakers are treated.

4 thoughts on “Derrick Jensen: Live 10:30 AM Pacific, March 4, 2018, Eugene, Oregon”

  1. It’s so effing ridicilous.
    He barely even mention transgenderism, which this is all about.
    Don’t buy into it’s belief.. then you should be shunted aside.
    So effing ridiculous.
    What’s amusing is that if Derrick, from what I understood by reading his books, had gotten some kind of state of the world that he advocate for these people had been free to build their own communities in which transgenderism had been their epistemology if they had so wish and others had been able to create their communities again.
    But no everybody all around the plant has to believe in the same thing apparently.

    1. Could you try again? I don’t really get what you are trying to say, or why transgenderism, if that is a thing, is part of it?

      1. Jensen was deplatformed from his original venue because his analysis of patriarchy triggered some supporters of transgenderism. It was a very inappropriate response to his discussion on environmental exploitation.

  2. Too bad about the WELC event, Derrick, but your audience is still growing. I’ve been inspired and changed by DGR – and I’m sharing it with others. Keep up the good work.

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