Group Launches New Gender Critical Action Center

     by Gender Critical Action Center

A collective of people who are concerned about society’s growing obsession with “gender identity” ideology announced today that they are launching the Gender Critical Action Center (GCAC) – a weekly international call-to-action.

About the GCAC

The purpose of the GCAC is to organize collective activity to push back on growing efforts to redefine sex to mean “gender identity” in laws, schools and universities, private settings, events, language, crime reporting, incarceration, journalism, etc. The organizers of the GCAC maintain that human beings are sexually dimorphic mammals, that women are female, that men are male, and that there is a small percentage of the human population that are intersex.

“We believe that ‘gender identity’ ideology undermines free speech, denies biological reality, and when legislated into law violates the human rights of women and girls,” said one of the organizers, who wishes to remain anonymous due to fear of threats of violence and sabotaging of her livelihood. “’Gender identity’ is an amorphous ideology with no stable or coherent narrative. Changing laws to override biology with ‘gender identity,’ an idea that is hyper-individualistic and constantly morphs, cannot serve society and will only sow chaos,” she continued.

How To Get Involved

The GCAC is an effort to coordinate the shared concerns of parents, feminists, doctors, other professionals, and people across the political spectrum who are concerned about the dangers of this ideology. The organizers will evaluate the most important actions to be posted on a weekly basis. They will provide a description of the issue, a concise statement of action you can take, scripts, and contact information for targets. They are committed to making every action as easy as possible. Interested users can go to the page once per week, or sign up to receive weekly email notifications.

“’Gender identity’ ideology is not grounded in material reality,” said another one of the organizers, who also wishes to remain anonymous. “Insisting that ‘gender identity’ is innate and demanding that people use particular pronouns based on ‘gender identity’ constitutes thought policing. Human beings are sexually dimorphic mammals,” she continued. “This statement is neither conservative nor bigoted. It is simply an assertion that is grounded in material reality.”



13 thoughts on “Group Launches New Gender Critical Action Center”

  1. Hooray for these folks. This is good news to me. I’ve been thinking about this same issue/concept for a while but not able to articulate it coherently. Thanks you, whoever you are for taking this action.

  2. I am a sexuality educator who teaches that while most humans are born with either male genitalia or female genitalia, there are many more factors in determining a person’s sexual self. Chromosomes and hormones play a big part. The prevalence of intersex people (who are neither male nor female, both male and female, or something else) is about the same as the prevalence of redheads. Gender is not “ideology.” Gender is human, and the fact that it isn’t as neat and tidy as we once thought should not threaten feminists. Let’s make space for those who find themselves outside the “norms” of society instead of arousing fear and hatred for them. The anti-gender folks seem to adhere more to an ideology, and a fundamentalist one at that.

    1. Wow, you are completely confused about the difference between sex, gender, and sexuality. You’re an educator?

      1. My response was not intended to be a complete course. No, I am not confused. I am simply appalled that there is so much push-back to people who just want to be themselves.

        1. Yes, yes you are confused. You literally have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s more than wanting to “be themselves,” these students are suing school districts to have access to girl’s spaces, girl’s sports, etc. If gender is an identity then literally ANY boy can say they are female and it erases protections under Title IX…do you even know what Title IX is? Probably not, judging by your response. You should be no where near children in any sort of educational capacity.

    2. I’m an educator. You should be ashamed of yourself for pedaling your ignorance and misogyny onto children. Gender is a social construct based on stereotypes. Stop using intersex people to justify your genderism. Intersex people are NOT transgender people. You can’t even form a logical, cohesive, argument and you’re teaching children about biology and sexual health (i.e. science). Deplorable. Transgenderism is a men’s rights movement based on homophobia and misogyny under the guise of “progress.” Wake up, YOU are the fundamentalist, claiming that gender is a “feeling.” YOU are the one promoting a binary, the whole concept of “Trans” wouldn’t exist without out it (i.e. changing from one sex to another).

  3. For me, the point is that a person is still a man or woman, based on their birth genetalia. They may choose to love or have sex with a person of the same sex, or both sexes or no-one at all, but they are still a man or woman, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, etc. All the rest is just intellectual masturbation.

    1. But sometimes people do not feel that their true gender matches their genitalia. Or they may be born with genitalia associated with more than one gender. Or they might not feel they are either male or female. This can be difficult sometimes for cisgender people to understand, but I don’t see how it threatens or endangers anyone.

  4. This is from the website: “We believe that ‘gender identity’ ideology undermines free speech, denies biological reality, and when legislated into law violates the human rights of women and girls,” said one of the organizers, who wishes to remain anonymous due to fear of threats of violence and sabotaging of her livelihood.

    Also, doesn’t biology include hormones and chromosomes? Genitalia alone do not determine a person’s gender identity.

    1. Okay, wow. Sex is a biological reality. Women are oppressed as a sex class because they can give birth. By claiming that sex is a social construct, you are literally like a Flat Earther claiming the Earth is flat. Intersex, chromosomal disorders, etc. are exceptions and biological disorders, not “identities.” Gender dysphoria is a clinical mental health issue, like body dysmorphia. Would you tell an anorexic student they really are fat and they should keep starving themselves? No. You wouldn’t. So why would you tell a child that their disorder is real and feed into their delusions? Gender is the social construct use to differentiate men from women, based on sex stereotypes. Sex is not Gender. Dressing like a boy, binding one’s breasts, does not make a woman a man. Gender nonconforming students are not transgendered.

  5. Thank you for speaking the clear unequivocal and utterly undeniable truth. Women are very definitely already being harmed by this nonsensical and dangerous attack on their human rights. There’s no such thing as cis. You’re a woman if you were born female and made it to adulthood. The end.

    Thank you. On behalf of all women. Even the ones too terrorised or subservient to know they need to thank you.

    I never reply to hysterical misogynists or their handmaidens. Feel free to shriek fact free abuse in highly entitled male fashion. I”ll feel free not to notice.

  6. I had to look up cisgender. It’s evidently a description of men and women who are living their lives as prescribed by their biological gender, males as men and females as women. So, nothing wrong with that definition, “cis”, as far as I can see.

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