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Julia Beck on Lesbian Feminism and Gender

This interview with radical lesbian feminist, activist, and writer Julia Beck includes her insights on being politically homeless, girl gangs, the resilience of women (particularly women who have de transitioned), and our need for mutual respect and solidarity and support. Our skill share for this episode is a reading of DGR’s Solidarity Guidelines. Music is … Continue reading Julia Beck on Lesbian Feminism and Gender

“Wild Mind” Program for Activists & Revolutionaries

This Wild Mind Intensive program is offered by the Animas Valley Institute to Deep Green Resistance organizers, allies, and supporters. It will be held near Portland, Oregon in the United States. “Wild Mind” Intensive for Activists & Revolutionaries Those who confront oppression and destruction often struggle with profound stress and disconnection. This intensive aims to … Continue reading “Wild Mind” Program for Activists & Revolutionaries

Introduction to Security Codes

This article introduces a basic guide of generally accepted “security codes” for movements which can be applied in a variety of direct action, protest, and event situations. More articles related to security can be accessed here. These include topics like physical security for events, operational security, geolocation and tracking and many more. By Max Wilbert … Continue reading Introduction to Security Codes

Global Extraction Film Festival

Film festival website: #FocusOnGlobalExtraction #GlobalExtractionAction The First Global Extraction Film Festival, streaming online from July 16-20, 2020, is FREE to the public worldwide. Curated by Esther Figueroa, environmental filmmaker based in Jamaica, in collaboration with Caribbean Creativity based in the Netherlands, GEFF 2020 is part of a movement to bring attention to both long … Continue reading Global Extraction Film Festival

Physical Security for Events / Actions

Vigilante, paramilitary, and state violence against resistance movements is on the rise. Around the world, regressive forces are violently resisting social movements for justice and sustainability, or using intimidation to create fear. Our movements must prepare for this. This post includes a training on how to protect protests, events, and locations from violent attacks and … Continue reading Physical Security for Events / Actions

Vince Emanuele—Veteran, Activist, and Organizer (Resistance Radio)

In this episode of resistance radio Derrick Jensen interviews Vince Emanuele about his experiences, values and activism. Vince Emanuele is a writer, activist, and combat veteran who currently lives in Michigan City, Indiana, where he and Sergio Kochergin run a community-cultural space called P.A.R.C. – Politics Art Roots Culture. In 2006, Vince refused a third … Continue reading Vince Emanuele—Veteran, Activist, and Organizer (Resistance Radio)

Basic Guide to Two-Way Radios

Communications are essential for effective action. The ability to coordinate a team of people depends on the ability to communicate instructions and intelligence quickly and accurately. Radios can be an excellent tools for protest, event, and location security (i.e., a defensive context) and for direct action (i.e., an offensive context). Modern communications over distance depend … Continue reading Basic Guide to Two-Way Radios

Interview: “Planet of the Humans” Director Jeff Gibbs

We speak with Jeff Gibbs, director of the new film “Planet of the Humans” (produced by Michael Moore) about why green energy won’t save the world, the need to focus on consumption, and how the environmental movement has gotten off track. Since this interview was recorded, the film was viewed more than 8 million times … Continue reading Interview: “Planet of the Humans” Director Jeff Gibbs

Derrick Jensen: The Politics of Violation (Part 2)

This excerpt is from Derrick Jensen’s unpublished book “The Politics of Violation.” It is part 2 in a series. Part 1 can be found here. The piece discusses the difference between what has been called lifestyle anarchism and social anarchism. The excerpt has been edited slightly for publication here. The book is in need of … Continue reading Derrick Jensen: The Politics of Violation (Part 2)

Questions and Answers

An upcoming episode of The Green Flame podcast will focus on answering listener questions. Do you have questions for us? Want us to break down an issue that is bothering you, or that you want clarification on? What are you wondering about Deep Green Resistance, our analysis, our work, or how to get involved? This … Continue reading Questions and Answers