Submissions to the DGR News Service

As an independent website, DGR News Service covers a wide range of contemporary issues from a variety of left and ecological perspectives, with a special emphasis on ecology, feminism, anti-racism, indigenous issues, revolutionary strategy, imperialism, and civilization. We have a major emphasis on resistance, so please attempt to tie all submissions to that central theme.

Prospective contributors are encouraged to read our website for a sense of content and style. While we are committed to publishing intellectually rigorous writing, we strongly prefer articles in lively, jargon-free prose, aimed at the educated general reader, that do not assume specialized knowledge.

What We Publish

Poetry, news, opinion, and multimedia.

Style Guidelines

Online writing isn’t the same as print or academic writing. Most online  readers scan or speed-read. They have short attention spans Reading from a screen is not as comfortable as reading print, and we are accustomed to ingesting many news stories, videos, essays, and images a day. This may not be a good thing, but it is a reality.

  1. Break up long paragraphs and use sub-sections.
  2. Don’t use big words unnecessarily.
  3. Keep sentences and paragraphs short.
  4. Back up statements and claims with facts and evidence. Double check your facts.
  5. Use hyperlinks for citations. If possible, please include links to related pieces in the DGR News Service or on other DGR sites.
  6. Show, don’t tell. Describe, don’t preach.
  7. Italicize names of books, films, etc.
  8. Use active instead of passive voice.
  9. Periods and commas go inside quotations.
  10. We prefer use of the Oxford comma.
  11. Please always provide us with your full name and an up-to-date bio (one or two lines max). Include links to your social media accounts (Twitter) and websites or blogs if you’d like us to link to them.


If you have an image of your own (i.e. a photograph you own the copyright to) you’d like us to use for the story, that’s great!

Please do not send us images to use that you do not own the copyright to. Or you can include a creative commons image in your submission. Be sure to also a link to the source.

How to Submit

  • Length: 500-4000 words. Longer pieces are acceptable, but may be split into multiple parts. Serial content is welcome.
  • Format: We prefer .rtf format rather than .docx or .odt. Use the “save as” menu option to save as .rtf.
  • Submit:

We do not unpublish published pieces unless there is a serious legal issue. If you change your mind about what you have written later down the line, that is unfortunate, but please be aware that we will not unpublish your work.

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