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Deep Green Resistance In Support of Robert Jensen

Deep Green Resistance condemns in the strongest possible terms the decision of Monkeywrench Books in Austin, Texas to cut ties with activist Robert Jensen. Robert has received a massive amount of criticism recently for his article “Some Basic Propositions About Sex, Gender and Patriarchy”, in which he makes public his support for women. That so many have been quick to turn on a seasoned activist for the crime of saying that females exist is not surprising; the women of DGR, like thousands of radical women throughout history, know all too well the threats, insults, denunciations, and other abuse that comes to those who question the genderist ideology and stand with women in the fight for liberation from male violence.

Deep Green Resistance would like to publicly thank Robert Jensen for his activism and offer our support in this trying time. In a world where so-called “radical” communities are blacklisting actually radical women at a breakneck pace – while pedophile rapists like Hakim Bey and misogynists like Bob Black are welcomed with open arms – Robert has been a uniquely positive exception to the Left’s legacy of woman-hating. His contributions to the discussion around radical opposition to pornography, prostitution, and other forms of violence are especially valuable. DGR would like to acknowledge Robert’s efforts as a model for male solidarity work and offer our full support. The men of DGR specifically would like to extend a thanks to Robert for his huge influence in many of their lives.

16 thoughts on “Deep Green Resistance In Support of Robert Jensen”

  1. I didn’t know that Robert, also, has been under attack. These attacks comes after anyone nowadays.
    One look at twitter and one clearly sees that there is a great deal of ‘anti-social activism’ going on in certain circles. Very, very sad.

  2. I just read Mr. Jensen’s article. It seems very reasonable to me. A very helpful analysis. Nothing inflammatory. I think that only someone who was hyper-vigilante and hyper-sensitive on this topic would object to this article.

  3. What reasonable human being can not have their heart drop over the repeated, unpunished rapes of children and women in India and their abduction and abandonment to to boko Haram in Africa; and a culture of misogony, bolstered by religion, of all things. How the hell can we worry about any misjustice other than one that rapes and then kills little girls; kills them BECAUSE they have been raped.; and abducts women because their education will elevate some of them above men? Since when does 1/2 of the population have to keep their mouths shut. Mr. Jensen…..YES!

    1. Barb, let’s not focus on misogyny in India and Africa when we live in Western countries where rape is an everyday occurrence. I find it weird that Westerners get so indignant about the violence in other countries while seeming to be unaware of the violence within their countries AND the violence their countries perpetrate continually upon Asian, African, and Latin American peoples.

  4. Jensen does good work and has for a long time. Who ACTUALLY cares anymore who the trans activists denounce? It’s gotten so absurd. They’re jumping the shark, and apparently loving it. But this is a bad sign for them. The more shrill and hysterical a movement becomes, that is a sign of it reaching crisis. It’s gotten so absurdly shrill, I think really that the tides are turning.

    1. It’s got absurd alright.
      They attack actual trans people who defends basic feminism. The label ‘truscum’ is becoming as frequently used against such people, as ‘terf’ is being hurled at actual women.

      Both of them serves the same purpose, to normalize and rationalize abuse, harassments and intimidation and threats of physical violence towards anyone they don’t like, while putting themselves on a pedestal to feel better than those others, those ‘lesser’ people.

  5. I find the trans issue a fascinating exposure of deep-seated misogyny on the part of liberals and some who might consider themselves to the left of liberal. I am specifically thinking of Democracy Now! (which covered the situation of the biological male in Connecticut who repeatedly attacked girls and women in facilities in which he was placed due to claiming he was “transgender”) and FAIR and individuals. These people are so worried about offending aggressive males who want to wear makeup and high heels, they think for not one minute about the women these men threaten, assault, and even kill. They obviously have no analysis of gender, no concept of females as a class which experiences violence on a daily basis, no radicalism whatsoever.

    If you want to test your friend who claims she or he is a radical, just bring up transgenderism!

    1. what did Democracy Now! say about it? I did’t see their coverage. They are good sometimes, but I’ve never seen them cover trans issues. Please tell me Amy Goodman hasn’t drank the gender kool aid.

      1. My understanding is that they covered the “Jane Doe” situation as though this unfortunate child was being persecuted, which is in line with the worst trans activists’ claims. I stopped listening to Democracy Now! when they seemed supportive of the “rebels” in Syria (if NATO is arming someone, you know they are repellent, and in this case they were arming ISIS), but read someone writing of DN’s coverage of “Jane.” I would assume Amy Goodman — not the brightest bulb in the pack — would definitely have drunk the gender Kool-Aid; I cannot picture her being critical of anything trans. So interesting how deep feminist analysis seems to be missing from so much of the “left.”

  6. Both sides of this argument are stupid. But the chicken and the egg… just stop. Everybody. Just stop. Don’t make abstractions of people. Judge people individually. Women aren’t victims of transgendered people. Women aren’t victimized THAT easy.

    1. What world do you live in? Are you aware of the domestic violence statistics, rape statistics, murder statistics? The whole point of class analysis is to overcome the notion that everything that happens is an individual problem (think cancer: just an individual problem, nothing to do with poisoning our environment, just a personal tragedy). You need to do a little reading — how about starting with the current post at Privilege Denying Tranny? A list of violent “transgendered” men.

  7. Bob Black is a misogynist? Where’s the evidence?

    It seems like the key issue here is freedom of association. Regardless of the reason, if somebody doesn’t want to associate with somebody else, that’s their right. Besides, this difference of opinion is not cause for division given the state of the planet. We need to be united right now, not divided over tiny differences of opinion about the nature of gender. To stop industrial capitalism at all costs: that is the only thing that matters.

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