Upcoming: World Localization Day | Wild Mind Workshops

This post highlights two upcoming events that are not organized by Deep Green Resistance — World Localization Day (June 21st) and a Wild Mind workshop. We support these events as being in line with some of our core principles (anti-capitalist, pro-community, and ecologically embedded), in the spirit of solidarity rather than total ideological agreement. If you would like us to promote your event and reach a larger audience, please contact us.

World Localization Day — June 21st, 2020

A rolling online program of talks, interviews, music, short films and humor (total length: approximately 3 hours). Featured Noam Chomsky, Annie Lennox, Vandana Shiva, and others.

About World Localization Day

Failing supply lines have called into question the wisdom of depending, even for our most basic needs, on production the other side of the world — a dependence that undermines local communities everywhere and places intolerable stress on the environment.

At the same time, many people have come to appreciate the value of a slower-paced, less stressful life: one that offers more time for friends and family, for baking, for growing a garden.

And, of course, we are more aware than ever before of the importance of our physical health. From sad experience, we now understand that wellbeing is the ultimate priority.

Public opinion seems to have turned firmly against going back to “business as usual”. So where do we go instead? This event will argue that a new economic paradigm is required. It’s called localization.

What is Localization?

 Localization is about supporting local shops, local farms and farmers’ markets, local businesses. It’s about keeping money within the community. It’s about investing in the place where you live – financially, emotionally, practically. It’s about building on the resources of the area, both human and natural, and living within ecological limits.

For more information: www.worldlocalizationday.org

Organizing body: Local Futures (www.localfutures.org)

Wild Mind for Activists and Revolutionaries: Partnering with Earth & Dreams

Sept 26 -30 in Hood River, Oregon

Those who confront oppression and destruction often struggle with profound stress and disconnection. This intensive aims to help you access deeper wellsprings of strength through connection to wild mind. Imagine what it would be like if nature and dreams were your primary guides. Healthy, mature cultures emerge from the depths of our psyches and from the Earth’s imagination acting through us — through encounters on the land, dreams, and our visionary self.
For more information and to register, visit: https://animas.org/event-registration/?ee=364

Online Wild Mind for Activists

June 26 – 30, 10 -11:30 Mountain Time,  5-6pm MT (optional participation thru recording if you can’t make 1/2 of these times related to time zone).

While this virtual format is not the same as gathering in the wilds, it will offer practices to deepen wholeness, listen to your dreams, and converse with the land, on or near your home. There will be wandering on the land invitations between calls. It is helpful if you have wild land close by on which to wander; however, we can also offer suggestions if you are in a city or suburban setting. You will also receive a 30-minute soulcentric mentoring session.
The online immersion will be mostly scholarshipped. However, Animas is requesting a small donation to participate based on a sliding scale fee of any amount between $35 to $75 (If there’s anyone who wants to participate, but can’t afford that – particularly if you live in a country where that is a much larger amount than it is in the U.S. – contact Animas to make a request that they allow you to participate for an even smaller fee that works for you.)
Here’s the link to sign up for the On-line Wild Mind for Activists program: https://animas.org/pay-balance/. Just make a note in the description that you are signing up for this.
If you’d like, you can do both the wilderness intensive in September and the online immersion in June. The online immersion may help you prepare to have an even deeper experience in the field in September.

Featured image by Max Wilbert, used with permission.

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  1. On localization: DW reported recently that it takes 3000 gallons of water to produce one beef steak, vs. 85 gallons to produce an avocado. But the carbon footprint of an avocado imported from Chile is double the carbon footprint of a locally produced steak.

    And how’s this for “local”: Chickens are routinely grown and slaughtered in the U.S., flown to China to be filleted and packaged, and then flown back to the U.S. to be sold and eaten. Why? Because the round-trip flight costs significantly less than the difference between Chinese labor costs and the U.S. minimum wage.

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