by Rapid Response Network

This day began as a commemoration of Chicago workers’ fight for the 8 hour work day and the right to organize.

In Haiti, workers are still battling for these essential rights.

  • Haitian garment workers receive the lowest wage in the western hemisphere – 350 Gourdes, or US $5.40.
  • Their wages are consumed just by the transportation costs of getting to and from work.
  • Most live in debt, and on the brink of hunger and homelessness.
  • Production quotas in factories are often set impossibly high. Factory owners and management do not respect the law, and often do not pay the minimum wage.
  • Union members and organizers are constantly harassed and arbitrarily fired for exercising their legal rights.

Batay Ouvriye (Workers Fight), is an independent workers’ movement in Haiti, with affiliated textile unions throughout Haiti – SOKOWA, SOVAGH & SOTA-BO.

For May Day, they are holding marches and activities across Haiti to bring attention to their fight.

  • They want  a decent wage that allows them to feed, clothe, house and educate themselves and their families.
  • They want safe working conditions, free of harassment.
  • They want the right to organize.

Help the Rapid Response Network Raise $1,300 to Support Haitian May Day!

Your contribution will be sent directly to Haiti to help pay for paper for:

  • Printing leaflets
  • Transportation costs for workers
  • Meals to feed workers at meetings
  • Costs of dealing with possible arrests.

* * We’d like to send these funds on Monday, April 30, just in time for May Day – May 1st.

All funds raised will be wired directly to Batay Ouvriye in Haiti.

Every dollar counts.
Every contribution has a direct impact in helping these workers fight for their rights.

Thank you so much for standing with them!

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