1st letter from political prisoner Jessica Reznicek

Free Jessica Reznicek

BREAKING: As Joe Biden talks of being a climate leader at #COP26 in Glasgow we received our first letter & update from #JessicaReznicek for the people. Jessica is a climate / water protector political prisoner in the U.S. who was labeled a terrorist just months ago by the US government for her nonviolent action against #DAPL. She asked we share this with all of you!

By Jessica Reznicek


Hello Dear Friends!

I am reaching back out to you to express gratitude for your love and support. These are without doubt difficult times, but your kindness helps to soften the blow. The human spirit certainly is resilient and with your prayers and friendship I am able to overcome obstacles much more gratefully.

A few updates in my world: Through the help of many supporters I am excited to say I have sent out my admissions form to the University of Colorado and in January plan to be enrolled in B.S. Sociology program.

I’ve been approved to volunteer at snow shoveling this coming winter. I’m so happy to very soon be getting outdoors more!

In 2 weeks I’ll be completing a tutoring program and will soon be tutoring my fellow inmates in GED classes, creative writing, empowering women courses and more. Great opportunity for me given so many obstacles.

I am making progress in being accepted into the PAWS program. I am currently being recommended to fill a position that will be opening in January. The new puppies will be arriving at the end of December.

As for hobbie I’m drawing a lot and learning to play the piano. Super peace-giving pastimes.

Anyway, I love you all. I truly do. I am human, so it would be dishonest to not share the other side of things. I’m battling depression and at times still in shock about where I am and for how long I’ll be here. One day at a time! Thank you again for your prayers and love, Peace, Jessica Reznicek”


Please continue to share Jessica’s story as her appeal & petition move forward!


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3 thoughts on “1st letter from political prisoner Jessica Reznicek”

  1. She was convicted on an enhanced charge of seeking to intimidate the government?

    Is this a joke? It reminds me of something I heard on an NFL radio broadcast last night, where a player was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct. His offense? Staring at the players on the opposing team’s bench!

    Dirty looks are illegal now, and trying to prevent water pollution is domestic terrorism. I need a reality check!

  2. While I fully support Jessica Reznicek’s actions, strongly oppose industrial society, and strongly oppose terrorism laws, especially when applied to environmental actions, one can only reasonably presume that Reznicek knew full well that she would be imprisoned for her work on the pipeline by making it public. I always took the view that monkeywrenching should be done clandestinely. I realize that Reznicek is a member of some Catholic group, so maybe she sees herself as a martyr. The friends with whom I discussed this situation at the time of Reznicek’s and Ruby Montoya’s arrests were all dumbfounded that she and Montoya would announce their monkeywrenching activities publicly.

    To be clear, I signed the petition and would like to see Reznicek released from prison immediately. But tactically and strategically, I don’t at all agree with doing things like this in public, it just results in one’s life being ruined by wasting away in prison. Just think what other good work Reznicek could do if she were free.

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